1 Oktober 2012

Individual protein complex generates electric currents: Solar cell consisting of a single molecule

Researchers develop a measurement system to contact individual molecules in strong fields of optical

An team of scientists, led by Joachim Reichert, Johannes Barth, and Alexander Holleitner (Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Clusters of Excellence MAP and NIM), and Itai Carmeli (Tel Aviv University) developed a method to measure photocurrents of a single functionalized photosynthetic protein system.

The scientists could demonstrate that such a system can be integrated and selectively addressed in artificial photovoltaic device architectures while retaining their biomolecular functional properties. The proteins represent light-driven, highly efficient single-molecule electron pumps that can act as current generators in nanoscale electric circuits.

… Full Text: http://www.innovations-report.de/html/berichte/physik_astronomie/individual_protein_complex_generates_electric_203115.html

Tags: photosystem-I, chlorophyll protein complex , chloroplasts, cyanobacteria, optoelectronic, protein

Source: Innovations Report, 2012-10-01.


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