30 Juni 2015

GreeNest – innovative egg packaging made with grass fibers

Huhtamaki’s molded fiber business has introduced an egg packaging that is made with grass fibers

The world’s first packaging consisting of 50 % grass fibers is one of Huhtamaki’s steps towards more sustainable production and raw material use. Both aspects are at the core of Huhtamaki’s approach to environmental responsibility.

Huhtamaki’s standard molded fiber products are also environmentally friendly since they are produced of recycled paper. GreeNest, however, goes a step further in resource-efficiency. Using a mixture of grass fibers and recycled paper helps to save 60% water in production and reduce greenhouse gasses by 10%. In addition, less paper is needed for the production because part of it is replaced with grass fiber.

GreeNest packaging provides the same protection as other Huhtamaki’s egg packaging and is fully recyclable. Yet, fascinating detail for the customer is that grass fibers are partly visible on the surface and can be felt by touching.

Years of research and development preceded the launch of the new grass based packaging. “We are proud that the first grass packaging is now in stores,” says Dick Huizinga, Business Development Director at Huhtamaki’s Molded Fiber site in the Netherlands.

At present, eggs packed in GreeNest grass fiber packaging can be found in retail stores in the Netherlands and Germany.

How is grass obtained for GreeNest? Find out more about the innovation by watching a video clip.

Source: Huhtamaki, press release, 2015-05-28.


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