6 Mai 2015

FrieslandCampina and Elopak are setting the standard with new bio-based milk carton

Most sustainable beverage carton ever on Dutch market

FrieslandCampina plans to introduce a new bio-based beverage carton over the next 1.5 years, starting with fresh milk and buttermilk from Campina in June 2015. For the production of the cap and the coating certified organic waste material is purchased. The paper in the carton was already renewable and this innovation makes it the most sustainable beverage carton ever. The CO2 footprint of this bio-based milk carton is 20% lower than the current carton. This is a scoop on the Dutch market.

87F1A414D0064865AF42205A41F9EA57This afternoon Berndt Kodden, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Netherlands, handed the first bio-based milk carton to Jacqueline Cramer, Professor of Sustainable Innovation Utrecht University and Ambassador Circular Economy Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“In recent years our beverage cartons has undergone a sustainable evolution. Now we proudly present a new milestone: a bio-based milk carton in which we invest in the transition to renewable raw materials “, says Berndt Kodden. Cramer: “The introduction of this bio-based carton fits perfectly within the movement to a circular economy, where the raw material of the carton  is completely renewable. This step can work as a flywheel because the technology is accessible to everyone.”

The latest innovation in sustainable packaging

The bio-based polyethylene is made of certified organic residue. A conscious choice of FrieslandCampina and Elopak as this creates a useful application for waste streams. This corresponds to the CSR policy of FrieslandCampina in which achieving efficient and sustainable production chains is one of the pillars.

Accelerate transition in the market

As market leaders in beverage cartons for milk products FrieslandCampina and Elopak feel responsible for continuously environmental innovations. With this innovation, they want to set the standard in the market and let the share of bio-based polyethylene in cartons grow significantly. “Elopak is pleased to introduce the bio-based carton together with FrieslandCampina to the Dutch market. We hope that this introduction will lead to an increase in demand for ISCC PLUS* certified bio-based cartons,” said Bert Lohuis, Market Area Director Western Europe Elopak.

*ISCC stands for International Sustainability and Carbon Certification System. A  global certification scheme for biomass and biofuels. ISCC PLUS covers all kinds of biomass products across the value chain.

Source: FrieslandCampina, press release, 2015-04-30.


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