9 Mai 2006

France: Pure Vegetable Oil Fuel – “No Breakdown”

Ten trucks after 6 months of experimentation

The Community of Townships of the Villeneuvois (CCV), in the Lot-et-Garonne, has been experimenting for six months on the use of pure vegetable sunflower oil (HVP) as fuel, on ten trucks used for the service garbage collection, according to a mixture diesel (70%) and HVP (30%).

On April 13th, the CCV presented the balance of these 6 months experimentation carried out on 6 motors pressed fuel injection direct turbo (former generation) and 4 fuel injection direct to common rail (new generation” common rail”).

According to the CCV, neither have breakdowns to the use of HVP been recorded, nor any mechanical problem, nor deterioration of the motors. The CCV indicates that the analyses of the exhaust gases show: a decrease of the rates of nitrogen monoxide, of carbon dioxide, of carbonaceous hydrogens, as well as a satisfactory opacimetry.

The analyses of motor oils show on the other hand “a complete combustion of fuel used, no wear nor considerable pollution, a steady and regular behaviour of the vehicles with: a reduction of the contamination indication, less particles, less metallic presence (Iron), a reduction of the viscosity (better motor lubrication)”.

Source: oleoline.com vom 2005-05-04.

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