29 August 2013

First Carbon, Second Harvest

How an integrated biorefinery uses carbon can greatly affect its carbon life cycle, and profitability - Here’s why, and how

So, your integrated biorefinery project is coming along great. Then comes the carbon lifecyle analysis – the horde of critics shouting about “indirect land use change” – somehow, your project, which you think reduces carbon emission, is criticized as a polluter.

It’s a common tale. Especially if you’ve been looking at palm oil or corn – or anywhere near a forested area.

… Full text: www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/08/29/first-carbon-second-harvest/

Tags: biobased applications, biomass, energy, fuel, carbon debt, carbon budget, organic acids, carbon-neutral, biobased materials, sustainability

Source: BiofuelsDigest, 2013-08-29.

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