11 August 2015

TOP Experts from nova-Institute introduced:

This month Dr. Christin Liptow, LCA expert

Dr. Christin Liptow

Dr. Christin Liptow

Having worked at nova-Institute since last November, Dr. Christin Liptow now leads nova’s LCA flagship project OekoStoff, whose aim is:

  1. to provide guidance to LCA experts, industry and policy on how to approach the methodological challenges related to the life cycle assessment of biomass for material use and
  2. to support the further growth of the bio-based economy.

Please see for more details: http://www.nova-institut.de/bio/index.php?tpl=project&id=1022&proj=&lng=de&red=projectlist

Moreover, she works in several other Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) projects, including the EU projects:

Dr. Liptow’s background and expertise

Having an engineering background (Bioproduct Technology and Process Engineering and Energy Technology), Dr. Liptow received her doctoral degree from Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg, Sweden). The focus of her thesis was on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of biomass-based chemical building blocks. Particularly she investigated the production of sugarcane and wood based ethylene produced via emerging fermentation and gasification routes.

General tasks at nova-Institute: Based on her experience in the area of Life Cycle Assessment, Dr. Liptow is working in the area of Life Cycle and Sustainability Assessments for emerging bio-based products.

Dr. Christin Liptow, +49 (0)2233-48-1462, christin.liptow@nova-institut.de

Selected publications

  • “Life cycle assessment of biomass-based ethylene production in Sweden – is gasification or fermentation the environmentally preferable route?” (2015). International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20 (5): 632-644: Liptow, C.; Tillman, A.-M. & M. Janssen.
  • „A comparative life cycle assessment study of polyethylene based on sugarcane and crude oil“. Journal of Industrial Ecology 16 (3):420-435 (2013); C. Liptow C, A-M. Tillman.
  • „Ethylene based on woody biomass—what are environmental key issues of a possible future Swedish production on industrial scale“. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18 (5):1071- 1081 (2013); C. Liptow, A-M. Tillman, M. Janssen, O. Wallberg, GA Taylor GA.


Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 2015-08-11.


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