11 September 2012

EU proposal would limit use of crop-based biofuels

Major shift in Europe's biofuel policy also include promise to end all public subsidies for crop-based biofuels after the current legislation

The new rules, which will need the approval of EU governments and lawmakers, represent a major shift in Europe’s much-criticised biofuel policy and a tacit admission by policymakers that the EU’s 2020 biofuel target was flawed from the outset.

The plans also include a promise to end all public subsidies for crop-based biofuels after the current legislation expires in 2020, effectively ensuring the decline of a European sector now estimated to be worth €17 billion a year.

… Full Text: www.euractiv.com/climate-environment/eu-legislation-limit-use-crop-ba-news-514714

Tags: subsidies, emissions savings, food shortages, rapeseed, wheat, EU’s 10% target, biodiesel blow, ILUC-theory, biofuel technologies, ethanol

Source: EuroActiv, 2012-09-11.


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