29 Januar 2015

eSUN launches new bronze PLA 3D printing filament

New materials characteristics: no smelling when printing, environmentally friendly and recyclable

eSUN, the innovative 3D printing filament manufacturer founded in 2002 in China,  announced the newest addition to its portfolio of specialty filaments.

The new filament, says the company, offers both the color and the metallic appeal of bronze, and is especially suited for applications, such as in art and sculptural forms.
eSUN points out that, as PLA, it easy to use and environmentally friendly. “Bronze PLA is biodegradable, too, and we are sure it is non toxic,” said an R&D engineer at the company. He added that an additional advantage was the absence of any odor when printing.

wImageWith the Chinese New Year – the most important Chinese festival – coming soon, the eSUN team has printed, appropriately enough, a bronze figurine of a goat called “San Yang Kai Tai”, as this year is the Year of the Goat. The test result shows the unique strengths of this filament: the excellent metallic bronze appearance and low processing temperature, good liquidity and easy processability.
According to eSUN, the main characteristics of the new filament are:

(1)No smelling when printing, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
(2)Low material shrinkage rate, less part warping and curling.
(3)Outstanding toughness and Young’s modulus.
(4)Low processing temperature, good liquidity and easily processable
(5)Excellent metallic bronze filament.

Product Description

Print temperature: 190~210℃
Plate temperature: Using blue textured paper tape without heated or high temperature resistance transparent tape with 60℃
Printing speed: 30~60mm/s
Moving speed: 70~150mm/s

eSun also produces a special, unique cleaning filament designed to unclog and remove residual material inside the printer after printing. The filament may be used for regular maintenance of the 3D printer’s extruder.

Source: Bioplastics Magazine, 2015-01-23.


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