16 September 2015

Enhanced barrier properties

Fraunhofer ISC's bioORMOCER® layers increase barrier properties of films, opening new market opportunities for biobased packaging

The Fraunhofer ISC in Würzburg, Germany, developed a new class of biobased and biodegradable materials called bioORMOCER®s, which offer enhanced barrier properties for biobased packaging materials by providing better protection against oxygen and water vapour, and hence allow for the development of innovative, safe, and more sustainable packaging solutions.

Upgrading commercial biopolymer films, for example, with bioORMOCER® layers increases the barrier properties of the films and opens up new market opportunities for biobased packaging, particularly in food packaging. bioORMOCER® materials feature high optical qualities, antimicrobial properties, and are biodegradable. Combined with inorganic thin layers, the packaging systems can generate effective synergies that result in excellent barriers, which exceed the barrier properties of each individual layer.
For more information, please contact Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab (sabine.amberg-schwab@isc.fraunhofer.de) at Fraunhofer ISC.

Source: European Bioplastics Bulletin 04/2015, 2015-08-25.


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