23 Mai 2006

Earthcycle Packaging Gains BPI Approval

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) announced today its approval of Earthcycle Packaging’s products. These products are derived from palm fiber – an annually renewable agricultural biomass. The BPI’s certification demonstrates that Earthcycle’s products meet the specifications in ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868 and will biodegrade swiftly and safely during municipal or commercial composting.

“Earthcycle Packaging provides a cradle-to-cradle, or earth-to-earth in this case, packaging solution,” stated Shannon Boase, president of Earthcycle. “Our products are made from palm fiber, an agricultural biomass that used to be considered a waste product and incinerated or landfilled. Now it is made into packaging that, after displaying and protecting products, returns to earth when composted.”

Not only do Earthcycle products reduce the ecological footprint of the packaging by closing the loop and returning to earth, they reduce the environmental impacts associated with the disposal of the former waste product.

Increasing interest in diverting and composting food scraps is driving interest and use in compostable products. “Residential and commercial food scrap programs are growing in communities from San Francisco, CA to Prince Edward Island, Canada,” stated Steve Mojo, BPI Executive Director.

By replacing ordinary plastic items with compostable products, such as those by Earthcycle, these programs are able to cost effectively divert and compost large parts of the waste stream, by simplifying separation and by helping composters improve product quality and reducing processing costs. “As the BPI list grows, it will be easier to implement diversion programs, especially for supermarkets, sporting events and festivals,” added Mojo.

For a complete list of BPI approved products, visit www.bpiworld.org/BPI-Public/Approved.html.

Earthcycle offers earth-friendly packaging for fresh food, food service and garden products as well as providing custom solutions for clients. Earthcycle’s packaging is made from an annually renewable resource – palm fiber. Before the introduction of Earthcycle products, this agricultural biomass was a waste, discarded when the palm fruit is harvested throughout the year for its oil. Previously, the palm fruit husk was incinerated or landfilled. Now it is turned into Earthcycle Packaging, reducing not only the waste stream but the negative impacts of the burning and landfilling.

The non-GMO palm fiber is molded to create FDA certified Food Grade packaging. Vancouver-based Earthcycle Packaging is a privately held company, established by experienced entrepreneur Shannon Boase. Ms. Boase was introduced to palm fiber packaging while managing a technology commercialization fund for the Malaysian government.

BPI is a multi-stakeholder group, involving people and organizations that produce, use or recover biodegradable plastic products. It promotes the growth of biodegradable plastics through education, use of scientifically-based standards and cooperative efforts with organizations in Europe and Asia.

Source: eMediaWire May 23, 2006.

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