5 Juni 2013

Dirk Carrez: The BRIDGE to a biobased economy in the EU

BRIDGE - a proposed "Biobased Industries Public-Private Partnership"

In a post-petroleum society, biorefineries – along with the farmers and foresters who source raw materials – are at the heart of the economy. No matter how you define it, the concept remains the same: converting raw materials into useful products for society. Instead of fossil fuels, the biobased economy employs renewable resources and wastes to produce a series of products useful to society: biofuels, bioenergy, biochemicals, bioplastics and other biomaterials.

The potential social, economic and environmental benefits of this model are substantial across Europe. Farmers and foresters would play a pivotal role in enabling the biobased economy’s goals of delivering locally-sourced and produced materials, chemicals, fuels, food and feed.

… Full text: www.eurobiotechnews.eu/people/editorial/2012/dirk-carrez.html

Tags: research agenda, PPP, Public-Private Partnership, European Commission, sustainable growth

Source: European Biotechnology News, 2013-05-28.


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