14 März 2006

Cocovida Phils Corp. Launches Website to Sell Virgin Coconut Oil in Europe

Cocovida, which produces premium quality virgin coconut oil and associated products, has decided, that given the incredible growth in the market for health foods and nutritional supplements, it is the correct time to offer its products to the European public.

Mel Learmouth, the company’s CEO, explained the decision. ” With regard to the expansion of the company, we had several options open to us. We could have gone into the malls in the Philippines, or set up distributors in the US. However the virgin coconut oil market in the UK and Europe is virtually untapped. We wanted to be in at the start of something special. So we decided on the European option. Although there are companies importing virgin coconut oil into the UK and Europe, it is mostly poor quality, heated oil. We believe that our production process, ANH (Absolute No Heat), produces oil of a much higher quality.”

As well as the oil, the UK website will be offering, virgin coconut oil based soaps, massage oils and body lotions. Cocovida is hoping to add regularly to their product range. Mrs. Learmouth added, ” We have taken a lot of time over this venture and spent a lot of money. It is always a risk for a small Philippine company to try and take on the big boys. However, we have complete confidence in our products and are therefore offering the European public the chance to sample virgin coconut oil, in its natural state.”

Cocovida is a founder member of the cold-process, ANH (Absolutely No Heat), group of companies, that are lobbying for virgin coconut oil to be produced in the most natural way, without the use of any heat whatsoever. Cold-processed oils retain all their natural nutrients and antioxidants.

Mel Learmouth
73 Mabolo St., Mapayapa Village 1,
Barangay Pasong Tamo,
Quezon City, Philippines, 1107

Nigel Atterbury
No1, Building 47 Marlborough Road
Royal Arsenal, London
SE18 6RU
United Kingdom
0870 321 8948

More information on Cocovida can be found on the new UK website www.cocovida.co.uk or www.cocovida.com.ph.

Source: soyatech.com March 13, 2006.

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