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2 März 2017

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea is awarded patent on super single-celled organisms for biomethane production

Energy storage by microorganisms

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea erhält Patent auf Super-Einzeller für Biomethanproduktion

Energie speichern durch Mikroorganismen

1 März 2017

Nanoparticles of rare metal and light convert carbon dioxide into fuel

Newly discovered chemical reaction could use natural sunlight to reduce growing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and lead to the development of alternative energies

27 Februar 2017

Repsol starts pilot-scale production CO2-based polycarbonate polyol

Repsol has opened a pilot plant at its Puertollano, Spain site for the production of sustainable polycarbonate polyols

23 Februar 2017

Politics threatens state-of-the-art carbon capture plant in Spain

Exact reasons for the plant’s near-abandonment are unclear, fact is that the environment is not high in the [PP] agenda

20 Februar 2017

Reverse Combustion and its prospects

There are more than a dozen technologies somewhere in development with a dizzying array of acronyms

13 Februar 2017

Covestro tackling carbon-fiber-reinforced PC, PU from CO2

Global materials firm Covestro AG is making progress with two new projects

Coca-Cola Plantbottle: Could Liquid Light’s technology be the answer to Coca-Cola’s 2020 PlantBottle aspirations?

If Liquid Light’s cost claims are achievable with its technology for bio-MEG, it could signify a major breakthrough in the production of PET from sustainable sources

10 Februar 2017

The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Lygos’ technical approach

Malonic acid from biobased source

7 Februar 2017

Jilin Boda New Materials: Werk für CO2-basierte Kunststoffe in Planung

Ausbau der Kapazitäten für CO2-basierte Kunststoffe und Nanomaterialien auf jeweils bis zu 300.000 Tonnen im Jahr geplant

1 Februar 2017

Canadian scientists turn carbon-dioxide emissions into useful products

Here’s a look at some of the Canadian semifinalists of the the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize

A Discussion With Avantium’s CFO Regarding Its Acquisition of Liquid Light

Acquisition of Liquid Light’s assets giving Avantium another CO2 technology to strengthen its own CO2 conversion group

31 Januar 2017

Chinese firm builds CO2-based plastics capacity

CO2-plastics project using rare-earth catalyst to produce a compound of CO2-based plastics to manufacturing biodegradable film

30 Januar 2017

Asco: Kohlendioxid aus Rauchgas rückgewinnen

Eigenständig aus Quellen mit niedrigem Reinheitsgrad schöpfen

26 Januar 2017

Boosting Ethanol’s Value via CO2 use: The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to White Dog Labs

The process can boost acetone production by 60%, all by its onesey, and half the CO2

23 Januar 2017

Research identifies potential of CO2 reuse in Flanders

With carbon capture and utilisation (CCU), the carbon cycle is closed and CO2 is no longer a waste stream

20 Januar 2017

From waste CO2 to everyday products: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Liquid Light technology

Former CEO Kyle Teamey gave this overview of the technology at ABLC

19 Januar 2017

KnipBio closes Series B round for its Single Cell Protein:

What’s SCP and why is it becoming the hottest development target around?

18 Januar 2017

India’s double first in climate battle

World's first £3m industrial plant to capture CO2 emissions and using it to make valuable chemicals

17 Januar 2017

The AirCarbon methane-to-plastics technology: The Digest’s 20-16 Multi-Slide Guide to Newlight Technologies

Company using greenhouse gas-to-plastic bioconversion technology to produce plastics from air and methane

16 Januar 2017

TOP Avantium Acquires Liquid Light

Unrivaled electro-catalysis technology to convert CO2 to sustainable chemicals

Let’s Get it On: Avantium acquires Liquid Light

Acquisition aims to commercialize new process technologies using CO2 as feedstock to produce sustainable chemicals and materials

13 Januar 2017

Researchers Learn How a Bacterium Reduces CO2 in Biofuel Production

Findings identified a new metabolic route previously unknown to the scientific community

12 Januar 2017

Rice scientists, colleagues use doped graphene quantum dots to reduce carbon dioxide to fuel

Carbon dots dash toward ‘green’ recycling role

11 Januar 2017

TOP Artificial leaf as mini-factory for medicine

Eindhoven University researchers presented scenario where leaves are able to collect enough sunlight to produce chemical products

DTU Researchers Make Molecular Movies of Photocatalysis About to Happen

New findings provide a key step towards a general understanding of the dynamics involved in artificial photosynthesis

10 Januar 2017

Finding the next generation of carbon – “flue gases become feedstock”

New half a million Euro EU project 'CarbonNext' to be running for two years

9 Januar 2017

TOP New venture selects Cargill’s Tennessee site to produce Calysta FeedKind Protein

Site will house one of the largest gas fermentation facilities to produce sustainable fish feed ingredient

Konferenz der Kohlendioxid-Verwerter

Nachlese: Auf einer Konferenz in Köln ging es um innovative Verfahren der CO2-Nutzung

16 Dezember 2016

Covestro startet Auslieferung von erstem Produkt auf CO2-Basis: Debüt für Kohlendioxid als Rohstoff

Klimagas in Schaumstoff-Komponente für Matratzen

Covestro begins delivery of first CO2-based product: Debut of carbon dioxide as raw material

Climate gas in foam component for mattresses

14 Dezember 2016

TOP SynBio reinvents Photosynthesis with artificial CO2-fixing Pathway

Team leader of CETCH project, Tobias Erb, succeeded in isolating a very efficient CO2-fixing enzyme

13 Dezember 2016

TOP Did you know that carbon dioxide can be used as raw material for plastics?

5th Conference on CO2 with record attendance

9 Dezember 2016

Viessmann Gruppenunternehmen MicrobEnergy erhält Sonderpreis der Deutschen Gaswirtschaft

Biologische Methanisierung liefert hochwertiges Methan, das direkt ohne Nachreinigung ins Erdgasnetz eingespeist werden kann

7 Dezember 2016

TOP Future of CO2-based Product Technology Unveiled at COP22

Report Outlines Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity

6 Dezember 2016

Umweltbundesamt: Autoklimaanlagen mit klimaschonendem Kältemittel CO2

Erste Fahrzeuge mit CO2-Klimaanlagen seit Oktober im Handel

TU-Forscher wollen mit grüner Elektrochemie Ethylen aus klimaschädlichem CO2 erzeugen – Start eines neuen Verbundprojekts

Beteiligung von Großunternehmen soll schnelle Umsetzung in die industrielle Anwendung ermöglichen

5 Dezember 2016

“We are trying to develop CO2 as a source of carbon”

Tobias Erb discusses a synthetic metabolic pathway that fixes carbon dioxide and synthetic biology

„Wir wollen CO2 als Kohlenstoffquelle erschließen“

Ein Gespräch mit Tobias Erb über einen künstlichen Stoffwechselweg, der Kohlendioxid bindet, und die Synthetische Biologie

30 November 2016

5th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

One week left to register

28 November 2016

Using synthetic photosynthesis to combat climate change

A synthetic biological metabolic pathway fixes CO2 more efficiently than plants

25 November 2016

South Korea: Scientists find way to turn waste gas into biofuel

Chemical engineer Jae Sung Lee said the research will offer a "new opportunity for recycling CO2 into valuable fuels and chemicals."

23 November 2016

Mit künstlicher Fotosynthese gegen den Klimawandel

Ein synthetischer biologischer Stoffwechselweg bindet CO2 effizienter, als Pflanzen das schaffen

21 November 2016

TOP Petition for rCCU integration in the RED presented to European Commission today

More than 86 renowned companies and leading universities have already signed

15 November 2016

TOP Saudi Aramco acquires Novomer’s polyol business and associated technologies, enhancing its downstream expansion strategy

Acquisition enables development of new technological growth areas in line with Saudi Vision 2030 objectives of economic diversification and job creation

14 November 2016

TOP Power-to-Liquid: Pilot Operation of First Compact Plant

First Compact Plant Worldwide for Synthetic Fuels from Solar Energy and Carbon Dioxide extracted from Air to Start in Finland

TOP Power-to-Liquid: Erste Kompaktanlage im Pilotbetrieb

Weltweit erste Kompaktanlage für synthetischen Kraftstoff aus Sonnenenergie und dem Kohlenstoffdioxid der Luft startet Praxistest in Finnland

11 November 2016

Why should you attend the leading event on CO2 utilization?

5th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

8 November 2016

Mikroben fertigen Bioplastik aus Rauchgas und Strom

BioElectroPlast: Neuer Biokatalysator nutzt Kohlendioxid als Rohstoff sowie regenerative Energien zur ressourcenschonenden und kostengünstigen mikrobiellen Elektrosynthese

3 November 2016

Premiere: Power-to-Gas-Anlage bietet Regelenergie im lokalen Stromnetz

Hochmoderne Anlage am Mainhafen wandelt überschüssigen Strom in erneuerbaren Wasserstoff um