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26 Juli 2018

Renewable Carbon for Fuels and Chemicals

New political framework will support Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU), technologies ready, investments expected

Erneuerbarer Kohlenstoff für Kraftstoffe und Chemikalien

Neue politische Rahmenbedingungen werden Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) unterstützen, Technologien bereit, Investitionen erwartet

Power-to-Methane wird noch effizienter: Electrochaea entwickelt mikrobielle Zelle zur einstufigen Elektrosynthese

Finanzielle Förderung erhält das Projekt durch das Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM) des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie

23 Juli 2018

Econic Technologies appoints new Head of Process Development

Chemical engineer David Walker will take on responsibility for Econic’s process development programmes and Customer Demonstration Facility

20 Juli 2018

An FAQ on 45Q: What federal carbon storage tax credit means for Midwest

Great Plains Institute’s Brad Crabtree recently spoke to the Energy News Network about how 45Q could be a catalyst for reducing carbon emissions in the Midwest

19 Juli 2018

ArcelorMittal and LanzaTech break ground on €150million project to revolutionise blast furnace carbon emissions capture

Pioneering new installation which will convert carbon-containing gas from its blast furnaces into bioethanol

Use of CO2-based polyols offers more than just environmental benefits

Econic Technologies' most recent innovation allowing amounts of waste CO2 to be incorporated into a polyol

17 Juli 2018

EU and Industry Counting on Sustainable Chemistry

CO2 is replacing petroleum as a source for carbon in a joint effort to make the chemical industry more sustainable

9 Juli 2018

New world record for direct solar water-splitting efficiency

Tandem solar cell of III-V semiconductors with a catalyst of rhodium nanoparticles and a crystalline titanium dioxide coating

Neuer Weltrekord bei der direkten solaren Wasserspaltung

Tandem-Solarzelle aus III-V-Halbleitern mit Rhodium-Nanopartikeln und kristallinem Titandioxid

From emissions to a valuable feedstock for plastic precursors

The new project BioCOnversion unites multidisciplinary expertise from academia and industry in a cross-border consortium to make CO-containing process gases available for the production of added-value chemicals

28 Juni 2018

Closing the Carbon Cycle by Electrochemical Reduction: Upgrading Carbon Dioxide to Engine Fuels

The findings elaborate a new catalytic approach that target the suppression of unwanted C2, rather than just C1, products

21 Juni 2018

New membrane reactors supply “green” raw materials for chemical industry

Significant increase in methanol yield from 20 to 60% to gain, when upscaling to industrial plants

Neue Membranreaktoren liefern “grüne” Grundstoffe für die chemische Industrie

Deutliche Steigerung der Methanolausbeute von 20 auf 60% zu erwarten, wenn man auf industrielle Anlagen hochskaliert

20 Juni 2018

BASF invests in carbon recycling company LanzaTech

LanzaTech’s patented technology is now being deployed at commercial scale in the steel industry

BASF investiert in LanzaTech, ein Unternehmen mit einer Technologie für Kohlenstoff-Recycling

Patentgeschützte Technologie von LanzaTech wird derzeit im kommerziellen Maßstab in der Stahlindustrie eingesetzt

BASF invests in LanzaTech, ArcelorMittal’s underway on advanced fuels, Syngenta breaks 3B gallon mark, Leaf gets an accelerator: partnership frenzy in the bioeconomy

Robust technologies must find effective routes to market through robust partnership — the days of vertically-integrated companies that can “do it all” appear to be over

19 Juni 2018

LanzaTech and Shougang Group towards a carbon-smart economy in China

Companies announced successful start-up of the world’s first commercial facility converting industrial emissions to sustainable ethanol

18 Juni 2018

“Electricity as a resource”: Green energy for sustainable chemistry

Will chemicals come from the plug sockets in future?

“Strom als Rohstoff” für eine nachhaltige Chemie

Kommen Chemikalien bald aus der Steckdose?

Carbon utilization bill could create value for CO2 emissions

The Carbon Utilization Act, would allow new carbon utilization technologies, such as carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) and biogas production

14 Juni 2018

Climate Change Breakthrough: Large-scale capture of atmospheric CO shown to be feasible and affordable

Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology demonstrate for the first time a scalable and cost-effective solution for removing CO₂ from the atmosphere

Solar fuels come nearer: Direct-from-air CO2 capture cost drops below $100/ton threshold

Carbon Engineering’s David Keith explained to the Digest

8 Juni 2018

Ingenza embarks on collaborative project to recycle CO2

Scottish JV aims to reduce the waste carbon dioxide generated by industrial biotech manufacturing applications

4 Juni 2018

nova Session on technology of the future: Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)

10:00 - 16:00 h, 18 September 2018, Airport Cologne/Bonn

28 Mai 2018

Methanisierungsanlage in Falkenhagen wird eröffnet – wichtiger Schritt für eine erfolgreiche Energiewende

Europäisches Forschungsprojekt STORE&GO tritt in die nächste Phase ein

Methanation plant in Falkenhagen opens – important step for a successful energy transition

European research project STORE&GO enters next phase

17 Mai 2018

Effizientere künstliche Photosynthese: Recyclebares System wandelt Sonnenenergie in Wasserstoff um

Sonnige Nachrichten aus Frankreich: Forscher haben einen Weg gefunden, um preiswertere, weniger toxische und recycelbare Lichtsensoren zur Wasserstoffherstellung zu nutzen

16 Mai 2018

Manufacturing Goes Carbon Negative

A growing number of innovative companies is capturing CO2 and using it to create materials and products for human consumption

8 Mai 2018

To Meet Emission Reductions Objectives in Transport, Sustainable Renewable Fuels are an Important Part of the Solution

Methanol Institute appeals to the negotiating parties to recognise the importance of all sustainable renewable fuels in reducing emissions in transportation

3 Mai 2018

Algae as a viable alternative to food, animal feed and care products

IDEA project to optimise the algae value chain to become a viable, economically relevant industry

27 April 2018

Kohlendioxid als Rohstoff

Diese chemische Reaktion könnte es eines Tages erlauben, das klimaschädliche Gas sinnvoll zu nutzen

23 April 2018

TOP Covestro’s manifesto for a sustainable, clean economy

Keeping carbon alive: How Covestro is pushing its supply chain to make more from CO2

The $20 Million Carbon XPRIZE: The 10 Finalists, revealed

As next steps, top 10 teams will have 2 years of access to an integrated test center

18 April 2018

Biotechnologies: EnobraQ is gaining momentum!

Company opens up capital, confirms 2nd round of fundraising

Can we turn pollution into products?

Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies can turn CO2 into a resource, says Dr. Issam Dairanieh, CEO, Global CO2 Initiative

16 April 2018

Solar Foods Oy gets two-million euros in startup funding for producing food out of air

Method is based on the research projects of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Lappeenranta University of Technology

XPrize’s Marcius Extavour on how we can turn our CO2 problem into something useful

The US$20 million contest asks competitors to develop technologies that can capture CO2 emissions from operational power plants and convert them into valuable products

10 April 2018

New type of reactor for biological methanation successfully tested as a flexible energy storage

Trickle-bed reactor of the BTU Cottbus methanisiert either carbon dioxide or raw biogas being boosted with hydrogen - methane formation rate, high product quality, low energy consumption

Neuer Reaktortyp für biologische Methanisierung erfolgreich als flexibler Energiespeicher erprobt

Rieselbettreaktor der BTU Cottbus methanisiert wahlweise Kohlendioxid oder Roh-Biogas mit Wasserstoff – Hohe Produktqualität, geringer Energiebedarf, Methanbildungsrate gesteigert

6 April 2018

Klimakiller CO2 soll zum Super-Rohstoff werden

Die Industrie will Kohlendioxid recyceln. Die Vision: CO2 soll Rohöl als neuen Super-Rohstoff ablösen. Deutsche Firmen sind vorn dabei

28 März 2018

CO2 use is slowly picking up speed

First semi-commercial facilities, technical advances, but political support still unclear

CO2-Nutzung nimmt langsam Fahrt auf

Erste semi-kommerzielle Anlagen, technische Fortschritte, aber politische Unterstützung noch offen

19 März 2018

Neuer Mechanismus zur CO2-Entfernung: Climeworks wird erstmals von Kunden beauftragt, CO2 dauerhaft aus der Atmosphäre zu entfernen

Mit dieser Lösung können Climeworks-Kunden ihre unvermeidbaren Emissionen rückgängig machen, um CO2-Neutralität zu erreichen

Climeworks contracts mark first time a company is commissioned to permanently remove CO2 directly from atmosphere

Customers can now reverse the effect of unavoidable emissions and achieve carbon neutrality

16 März 2018

ADVANCEFUEL – Die ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Plattform

ADVANCEFUEL Projekt untersucht flüssige, erneuerbare Kraftstoffe aus lignocellulosehaltiger Biomasse sowie erneuerbarem H2 und CO2

15 März 2018

Komplettanlage made in Germany: Gesamtwirkungsgrad von 95 Prozent

Anlagen von H-Tec Systems werden auf der Energy Storage in Düsseldorf präsentiert

9 März 2018

Energiewende braucht PowerFuels

Statement von dena-Chef Andreas Kuhlmann zur Agora-Studie „Die zukünftigen Kosten strombasierter synthetischer Brennstoffe“

Engineering Clostridia: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to n-Butanol Production from Biomass and CO2

Cooperational project to directly utilize cellulose and fix CO2 for n-butanol production from lignocellulosic biomass

8 März 2018

TOP Unique trend report on carbon dioxide (CO2) as a chemical feedstock for a wide range of polymers

German nova-Institute presents technologies, polymers, developers and producers in this growing sector with high economic and sustainability potential