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6 August 2014

Seidenblatt betreibt Photosynthese

Student baut lebendes Blatt aus Seide und Chloroplasten nach, das Sauerstoff produziert

Nanostructured metal-oxide catalyst efficiently converts CO2 to methanol

Highly reactive sites at interface of two nanoscale components could help overcome hurdle of using CO2 as a starting point in producing useful products

25 Juli 2014

Construction starts on world’s largest Post-Combustion Carbon Capture project

NRG Energy and JX Nippon jointly retrofitting coal-fired power plant to capture 90 percent of the plant's carbon emissions

23 Juli 2014

TOP Invitation – Bio-business workshop on CO2-based chemicals

BIO-TIC partners seek input from key stakeholders from the European industry

Can CO2 be a green chemical? Yes, when derived from biofuels and other sources

Thinking of carbon dioxide as a green chemical? What about the effects on the environment and economy?

18 Juli 2014

CO2 Solutions and Neumann Systems Group achieve breakthrough Carbon Capture results

Pilot project now to take place this year

Solar fuels: How close, how real?

Could a liquid fuel technology emerge that connects solar PV to the efficiency of electric engines — but, this time with long driving range and near-instant refueling instead of laborious recharging?

14 Juli 2014

Dr. Derek Lovley joins LanzaTech’s Science Advisory Board

Microbial electrosynthesis founder to extend Innovative Carbon Capture and Reuse Platform

7 Juli 2014

Joule’s quest for fuels from CO2, sunlight and water

Can it really be done? A Tony Stark-like quest for fuels and chemicals secreted by a microbe that lives on a diet of CO2, water and sunlight?

4 Juli 2014

Umstrittenes Kältemittel – Umweltministerium unterstützt Pläne für CO2-Klimaanlagen

Deutsche Autohersteller sträuben sich gegen den von der EU verordneten Einsatz einer umstrittenen Chemikalie. Als Kühlmittel für Klimaanlagen setzen sie auf Kohlendioxid. Das Umweltministerium schlägt sich auf die Seite der Industrie - und stellt Forderungen an Brüssel

Rosige Zeiten für künstliche Blätter

Die technische Fotosynthese zur Energiegewinnung rückt näher: Wissenschaftlern gelingt es immer besser, Brennstoff aus Licht zu produzieren

Solar energy: Springtime for the artificial leaf

Researchers make headway in turning photons into fuel

1 Juli 2014

TOP CO2 economy is on the move

Amazing dynamics and speed of development in CO2 utilization

30 Juni 2014

Carbon to Cash with CarbonOrO’s Carbon Capture Technology

CarbonOrO introduced a unique process innovation in the carbon capture industry enabling CO2 capture from gasses at significant cost and energy reductions

26 Juni 2014

Ethane vs methane, carbon storage vs carbon use: which are the bad trades?

Are the modern orthodoxies leading us in the wrong direction?

25 Juni 2014

Erneutes Highlight der Niedersächsischen Landesinitiative Energiespeicher und –systeme: Workshop „Power-to-Gas / Methanisierung“ in Werlte

Fachexperten diskutierten über die Umwandlung von Strom in gasförmige Energieträger und deren Speicherung

23 Juni 2014

CO2 Solutions partners with Neumann Systems for pilot demonstration of carbon capture process

Joint carbon capture pilot will capture approximately 10 tonnes per day of carbon dioxide

13 Juni 2014

CO2 Solutions Announces U.S. Patent Allowance

Company comments on patent portfolio in context of proposed U.S. EPA regulations

10 Juni 2014

EPA outlines 30% cut in power-gen CO2 by 2030: what’s the role for carbon capture and use, algae?

EPA comes down hard on CO2, with proposed rule calling for deep emission cuts, but opts for highly-flexible, state-by-state approach

6 Juni 2014

Transforming hydrogen into liquid fuel using atmospheric CO2

EPFL scientists have completed their solution for transforming hydrogen gas into a less flammable liquid fuel that can be safely stored and transported

5 Juni 2014

A-Gas launches ‘even greener’ carbon dioxide, derived from sugar beet

Refrigerant, branded ‘eCO2’, offers sustainable sourcing and lower moisture content than current offerings, distributor claims

4 Juni 2014

EPA’s CO2 reduction proposal could be positive for biomass energy

Clean Power Plan to provide each state with flexibility in meeting its specific goal

3 Juni 2014

Dell Introduces New Packaging Takes Greenhouse Gases Out of the Air and Builds PCs Reusing Plastic from Recycled Electronics

Newlight Technologies’ carbon-negative AirCarbon material is more sustainable and cost effective than traditional oil-based plastics

2 Juni 2014

Capturing CO2 from power plants with lime

Separation only costs 15 euros per tonne

30 Mai 2014

Regeneratives Methan vermindert Feinstaub-Belastung und CO2-Ausstoß deutlich

ZSW-Technologie P2G® für saubere Mobilität in deutschen Städten

26 Mai 2014

Patent erteilt: Anlage und Verfahren zur ökologischen Erzeugung und Speicherung von Strom

GFZ entwickelt Erweiterung der „Power-to-Gas-to-Power“-Technologie bei geschlossenem Kohlendioxidkreislauf

Asheville entrepreneur aims to harness cyanobacteria’s photosynthetic prowess

Researchers working with Phytonix to produce marketable quantities of industrial chemicals and fuels from microorganism

Green Chemistry Award 2014 Winner

Honored: Professor Michael York of Green Chemistry at the University of York

22 Mai 2014

BIO World Congress focusing: New Uses for CO2

Panelists on the forefront of using CO2 for the conversion of valuable fuels and chemicals

20 Mai 2014

Newlight Technologies sprints ahead

Big Telecom player becoming one of the first to use AirCarbon, a new carbon-negative PHA made from greenhouse gas

19 Mai 2014

TOP Using CO2: EUR 15 million for new production line

Bayer MaterialScience plans further investment in the Dream Production project at its Dormagen site

16 Mai 2014

TOP Bayer MaterialScience investiert in „Dream Production“

Zwei Projekte stärken den Standort Dormagen: Neue Produktionsstraße verwertet Kohlendioxid / NRW-Organisation rückt in die Mitte der Niederrheinwerke

15 Mai 2014

INVISTA and LanzaTech to collaborate on development of gas-fermentation process technology

Companies aim for waste-CO2-to-chemicals in new pact

14 Mai 2014

Biosprit-Herstellung: Neues Verfahren soll Ertrag versechsfachen

Nach ZSW-Vorstellungen soll Biomasse künftig in Kohlenmonoxid umgewandelt werden

Billige Chemie dank CO2

Liquid Lights neues Prototypsystem entwickelt aus Kohlendioxid Ethylenglykol

7 Mai 2014

UC San Diego: Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage

Compounds could be manufactured using combustion synthesis

5 Mai 2014

TOP Sunlight to jet fuel: European collaboration SOLAR-JET for the first time demonstrates the entire production path of “solar” kerosene

Entire production chain for renewable kerosene obtained directly from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide

TOP Flugzeugtreibstoff aus Sonnenenergie

Im Rahmen des EU-Projekts Solarjet haben Wissenschaftler zum ersten Mal die gesamte Produktionskette von flüssigem Treibstoff aus Wasser und CO2 mit Hilfe von Sonnenenergie experimentell nachgewiesen - Kernstück des Projekts ist ein an der ETH Zürich entwickelter Solarreaktor

25 April 2014

Refrigeration could cool down the cost of carbon capture and storage

SINTEF: "Cold CO2 capture turned out to be one of the most promising technologies."

24 April 2014

Oakbio and OSU Awarded $500,000 Grant to Develop System for production of Butanol and Plastics from CO2

Oakbio reveals ongoing n-Butanol and biofuels program in public announcement of their grant award for "Conversion of industrial CO2 emissions into biofuels and chemicals"

14 April 2014

Stanford scientists discover a novel way to make ethanol without corn or other plants

Stanford scientists have created a copper-based catalyst that produces large quantities of ethanol from carbon monoxide gas at room temperature

9 April 2014

Klimakiller als Klimaretter

Überschüssiger Strom verwandelt Kohlendioxid in Erdgas

27 März 2014

Power-to-Gas: Kein Allheilmittel für den Klimaschutz

Umwandlungsverluste machen großangelegte Nutzung ineffizient und teuer

20 März 2014

Plastics made from algae cultivated by industrial CO2

European Commission financed project to produce different products for the chemical industry

11 März 2014

CO2 aus Kraftwerken mit Kalk abtrennen

Abscheiden kostet nur 15 Euro pro Tonne

10 März 2014

Liquid Light Unveils Cost-advantaged Catalytic Process to Make Chemicals From CO2

Process performance validated for key components; now scaling up

The race to capture, use and monetize waste CO2

Reduce carbon? Rid the world of excess CO2? Not so fast, buster.

27 Februar 2014

CO2 als Rohstoff

US-Startup nutzt Klimagas zur Plastikherstellung

25 Februar 2014

Waste not, want not

York scientists plot green route to polymer production

21 Februar 2014

Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle

In a recent early online edition of Nature Chemistry, ASU scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf