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15 August 2012

The next revolution: CO2 plus renewable energy can serve as a feedstock for fuels, chemicals and plastics

Chemical industry and solar industry are partners to develop artificial leaves to produce sustainable carbon without using biomass

2 August 2012

NCKU working to expand commercial applications of microalgae

New technology with micro-algae allows the production of biodiesel, reduction of CO2 levels of industry and firming of the skin

Nova explores polymers with CO2 feedstock

Dr. Fabrizio Sibilla talks about CO2 as raw material and the use of ecological

30 Juli 2012

Panasonic Develops Highly Efficient Artificial Photosynthesis System Generating Organic Materials from Carbon Dioxide and Water

System's efficiency in comparable level to real plants used in the biomass energy source

16 Juli 2012

CO2 as a Carbon Source?

Homogeneous catalysis: ruthenium phosphine complex hydrogenates carbon dioxide to methanol

12 Juli 2012

Carbon Recycling International (CRI): Aus Gas mach Sprit

Neues Verfahren soll bis zu bis zu 85 Prozent Beimischung an Ethanol oder Methanol erlauben

10 Juli 2012

Oakbio Makes Bioplastic at Cement Plant using CO2 from Flue Gas and Electricity

Milestone for cement industry and renewable products

9 Juli 2012

Special Report: EU wants carbon labels to do what they say on the tin

Consumer and environmental groups have criticised current carbon labelling practices for being misleading, confusing

4 Juli 2012

TOP Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Polymers and Fuels

A challenge for sustainable chemistry

TOP CO2-Recycling zu Polymeren und Kraftstoffen

Eine Herausforderung für eine nachhaltige Chemie

13 Juni 2012

Grünes Benzin aus Kohlenstoffdioxid

Freiburger Forschungsteam entwickelt Verfahren zur nachhaltigen Nutzung von CO2

11 Juni 2012

Kohlendioxid Polymere

Neuer Kunststoffverbund als Alternative zum Massenkunststoff ABS?

1 Juni 2012

Opening of CO2 to Methanol plant at Svartsengi geothermal plant

The world's first commercial scale plant will produced about 5 million liters per year

The Roda Group Announces Two New Cleantech Investments

mOasis in Mountain View, California and Inventys Thermal Technologies in Burnaby, British Columbia

Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Chemicals and Polymers

10th - 11th October 2012, Haus der Technik, Essen (Germany)