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24 Februar 2015

The path to artificial photosynthesis

HZB researchers describe efficient manganese catalyst capable of converting light to chemical energy

20 Februar 2015

Bio-on and Eridania Sadam: Agreement for developing and producing a molecule for green chemical industry

Joint venture aims to convert by-products of the sugar industry into environmentally sustainable levulinic acid

18 Februar 2015

Frankfurter Strom zu Gas-Anlage übertrifft Erwartungen

Bundesweit erste Anlage wandelt Strom in Wasserstoff zur Gasnetzeinspeisung um

11 Februar 2015

Bayer MaterialScience auf der UTECH 2015: In Lebenszyklen denken

Einladung zur gemeinsamen Entwicklung nachhaltiger Lösungen mit Polyurethanen

Bayer MaterialScience at UTECH 2015: Thinking in Life Cycles

Invitation to join in developing sustainable solutions with polyurethanes

9 Februar 2015

Cyanobacterium found in algae collection holds promise for biotech applications

Scientists have re-discovered a fast-growing bacterial strain first described in 1955

3 Februar 2015

Algenol successfully launches algae fuels demonstration project in India

Energy giant Reliance Industries Ltd., co-locate Algenol platform near Jamnagar refinery

26 Januar 2015

Deutsches Exportgut Ökostromspeicher – ETOGAS errichtet erste Power-to-Gas-Anlage der Schweiz

Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil nimmt Demonstrationsanlage in Betrieb

14 Januar 2015

Hightech-Asphalt wird zum Super-Filter für Gase

Kohlenstoffdioxid wird gespeichert und Methangas durchgelassen

Cheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon capture

Rice University chemists’ product aims to enhance natural gas production at sea

13 Januar 2015

STEAG joins international ‘Power to Fuel’ project

New storage project at STEAG’s Lünen power plant

STEAG Partner im internationalen Projekt ‚Power-to-Fuel‘

Power-to-X – Speicherlösungen für die Energiewende

12 Januar 2015

TOP Leading experts on the potential of Carbon Capture and Utilization

Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers now available

TOP Führende Experten über das Potenzial von Carbon Capture and Utilization

Präsentationen der dritten Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers jetzt verfügbar

Flexible Methan-Produktion aus Strom und Biomasse

KIT und DVGW setzen Pilotanlage DemoSNG zunächst in Schweden ein

9 Januar 2015

Interest to join the Horizon2020 call ISIB-06-2015: Converting CO2 into chemicals

The nova-Institute is looking forward to develop a joint proposal conference on innovative techniques using CO2

7 Januar 2015

Electricity and enzymes turn carbon dioxide into alcohol biofuel

Austrian researcher trying to reduce CO2 electrochemically generating more complex alcohol molecules

20 Dezember 2014

Synthetic Photosynthesis — Turning Carbon Dioxide into Raw Materials

Researchers at Siemens are developing a system that uses surplus energy from renewable sources to convert carbon dioxide into carbon compounds for industry

Künstliche Photosynthese – aus Kohlendioxid Rohstoffe gewinnen

Siemens-Wissenschaftler entwickeln eine Anlage, die mit Hilfe überschüssiger regenerativer Energie das Treibhausgas Kohlendioxid in für die Industrie wertvolle andere Kohlenstoffverbindungen umwandelt

18 Dezember 2014

Phytonix turns photosynthetic bacteria into tiny chemical factories

Startup Phytonix plans to use its technology to produce the chemical butanol

17 Dezember 2014

TOP Strategic support for CCU-Research in Germany

Presentation available for free

TOP Gezielte Förderung der CCU-Forschung in Deutschland

Präsentation frei verfügbar

16 Dezember 2014

Wasser statt Erdöl – Energieversorgung der Zukunft?

Ein erster Demoreaktor der TU Berlin zeigt, wie mit Sonnenlicht erfolgreich Wasserstoff hergestellt werden kann

12 Dezember 2014

Efficient catalytic system for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to hydrocarbons

Researchers from Japan and China introduced new, particularly efficient photocatalytic system in the journal Angewandte Chemie

CO2 recycling from biofuels and allied chemicals and energy projects

Today's challenges are locations and production sites as well as physical state of the CO2 with respect to process utilizing

9 Dezember 2014

TOP First pilot and demonstration plants for CO2-based fuels and polymers in use

Commercial production closer than expected

TOP Erste Pilot- und Demonstrationsanlagen für CO2-basierte Kraftstoffe und Polymere in Betrieb

Industrielle Produktion näher als erwartet

CO2 recycling from biofuels and allied chemicals and energy projects

Special to The Digest: By Sam A. Rushing – Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd.

CO2-Forschung von Bayer mit neuen Erfolgen

Immer weniger Erdöl bei der Kunststoff-Produktion nötig

8 Dezember 2014

Bald Brennstoffe aus Kohlendioxid?

Effektives Katalysatorsystem für die photokatalytische Reduktion von CO2 zu Kohlenwasserstoffen

4 Dezember 2014

Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit im Fokus von Bayer MaterialScience: Forschungsstark in die Eigenständigkeit

Umfassender Nachhaltigkeits-Ansatz - Neue Lösungen für Autoproduktion, Windkraft, Ressourcenschonung - Kunststoffe aus CO2 herstellen

MaterialScience focuses on innovation and sustainability – With powerful research to independence

Comprehensive sustainability approach - New solutions for automotive production, wind power, conservation of resources - Producing plastics from CO2

28 November 2014

CO2 Solutions unveils new carbon capture enzyme

CO2 Solutions develops  a new high-performance carbonic anhydrase enzyme, named 1T1

27 November 2014

Carbon utilization recognized in new climate bill

Last week U.S. Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) introduced legislation proposing an economy-wide carbon fee

21 November 2014

TOP Sunfire präsentiert Power-to-liquids

PtL-Anlage wird Wasser und CO2 mithilfe von regenerativ erzeugtem Strom in hochreine, alternative Kraftstoffe (Benzin, Diesel, Kerosin) umwandeln

TOP Sunfire presents Power-to-Liquids

PtL rig uses renewable electricity to convert water and CO2 to high-purity alternative fuels (petrol, diesel, kerosene)

12 November 2014

Novomer announces first commercial adoption of Converge® polyols for polyurethane adhesives

Jowat AG adopts polypropylene carbonate polyols in hot-melt adhesives

10 November 2014

India: Capturing carbon to feed the world

LanzaTech process at IOC-DBT Centre to produce omega-3 fatty acids and lipids

Norner strengthens the focus in green polymer chemistry

Dr. Siw B. Fredriksen focusing on technology development enabling the use of CO2 as a feedstock for polymers

Norner: Verstärkter Fokus auf „grüne“ Polymerchemie

Dr. Siw B. Fredriksen will Entwicklung von Technologien für den Einsatz von CO2 als Rohstoff für Polymere voranbringen

4 November 2014

Kohlendioxid aus Zementwerk in Texas soll in Rohstoffe verwandelt werden

Capitol SkyMine-Projekt soll 75.000 CO2 abscheiden und unter anderem in Natriumkarbonat, Salzsäure und Bleichmittel konvertieren

First-of-its-kind carbon capture and conversion demonstration technology opening in Texas

Department of Energy supported project to find innovative uses for carbon

20 Oktober 2014

Artificially more efficient than naturally: JKU researchers succeed in creating artificial photosynthesis

Essential step towards fuel production and CO2 fixation using artificial photosynthesis

Effizienter als die Natur: Forschern gelingt künstliche Photosynthese

Entscheidender Durchbruch auf dem Weg zur Treibstoffgewinnung und CO2-Fixierung durch künstliche Photosynthese

8 Oktober 2014

Sign ABO’s White House petition to approve CO2 recycling as an emission reduction strategy

As a member of the algae community, you too can take action by signing ABO’s We the People petition to the White House

2 Oktober 2014

Recycled cooking oil powers Finnair flight to New York

Finnair will operate its flight from Helsinki to New York on 23 September with an Airbus A330 using environmentally sustainable biofuel, coinciding with the UN Climate Summit taking place in New York on the same day

25 September 2014

As light dims and food sources are limited, key changes in proteins occur in cyanobacteria

Identification of redox-sensitive enzymes can enrich biofuel production research

23 September 2014

ACC: Development of biobased polyols for green polyurethanes has great potential

Commercialisation of a wider range of cost-competitive biobased polyols to drive expansion of sustainable PU segment

AkzoNobel and Photanol developing chemical compounds of the future

Aim is to produce “green” chemical building blocks that will eventually replace fossil-based materials

Pacific Ethanol announces agreement to sell CO2 from its Columbia plant in Boardman, Oregon

Kodiak expects up to 200 tons of CO2 per day to sell to food processing and beverage producers