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19 Oktober 2017

Wie sieht die Zukunft der Kohlenstoffwirtschaft aus?

Neues Themenheft von Fraunhofer UMSICHT diskutiert Aspekte einer Transformation des heutigen kohlenstoffbasierten Wirtschaftssystems

Biofuel Production with the Sun, the Sea and Thermochemical Reactions

New approaches to the science and technology of CO2-to-fuels may alter the energetics, the economics, and the business case to the point where bio-based CO2 conversion could be poised for a radical leap forward

18 Oktober 2017

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea erhält Innovationspreis

Rückenwind aus der Bayerischen Staatskanzlei

Could CO2 be the new fuel feedstock?

Reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the defining issues of our times, but the most prominent method — carbon capture and storage (CCS) — has made little progress over the last decade…

17 Oktober 2017

Breakthrough in direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals

University of Liverpool researchers report a very unique plasma synthesis process for the direct, one-step activation of carbon dioxide and methane into higher value liquid fuels and chemicals

Energiewende: Technologieoffener Ansatz bietet am meisten Vorteile

dena gibt mit Leitstudie Integrierte Energiewende Empfehlungen für Koalitionsverhandlungen

16 Oktober 2017

Study: Sunlight and the right microbes convert Arctic carbon into carbon dioxide

Oregon State and University of Michigan research identified compounds that microbes prefer using high-resolution chemistry and genetic approache

13 Oktober 2017

New efficient catalyst for key step in artificial photosynthesis

Process sets free protons and electrons that can be used to make fuels

6 Oktober 2017

MSU research to harness algae to contain power plant emissions

Algae used to produce biodiesel from coal emissions

5 Oktober 2017

Catalyst pioneer Econic Technologies partners with SCG Chemicals on CO2-based polymers

The joint venture is one of a number of global partnerships Econic Technologies is engaging in towards realising its goal to create value from waste CO2

28 September 2017

Scientists show how to control catalyst that turns a greenhouse gas into a fuel or feedstock

The Pivotal Step in Turning Carbon Dioxide

27 September 2017

It’s Definitely Possible to Turn Greenhouse Gases into Fuel Feedstock

PNNL researchers figured out a way to make sure that converting CO2 would only produce the desired chemical

26 September 2017

Solar-to-Fuel System Recycles CO2 to Make Ethanol and Ethylene

Berkeley Lab advance is first demonstration of efficient, light-powered production of fuel via artificial photosynthesis

25 September 2017

CCCI celebrates $950,000 federal investment in equipment

Ottawa investing in carbon capture and conversion technology

21 September 2017

Hints from hemoglobin lead to better carbon monoxide storage

Newly created material can absorb carbon monoxide far better than other materials

15 September 2017

Potential Carbon Capture Game Changer Nears Completion

If it works as expected, the Net Power natural gas demonstration plant will capture carbon at nearly no cost

4 September 2017

BASF and bse Engineering sign development agreement to transform CO2 and excess current into methanol

BASF will provide bse Engineering with custom made catalysts adapted to this new process

BASF und bse Engineering unterzeichnen Entwicklungsvereinbarung für die Umwandlung von CO2 und überschüssigem Strom zu Methanol

BASF wird bse Engineering mit für den neuen Prozess maßgeschneiderten Katalysatoren versorgen

31 August 2017

Synthetische Kraftstoffe: Treibhausgas wird Rohstoff

Der Traum von einem klimaneutralen Verbrennungsmotor lässt sich mithilfe von synthetischen Kraftstoffen - sogenannten eFuels - bald in die Realität umsetzen

29 August 2017

TOP Methanol and Bio-economy: Now and the Future

The continued growth of the methanol economies provides significant opportunities for investment in novel production methods

22 August 2017

Carbon Conversion: A new additive helps researchers more selectively convert CO2 to multicarbon fuels

The reaction was highly selective for the more desirable fuels that contain multiple carbons—such as ethylene, ethanol, and propanol

17 August 2017

TOP A smart, faster path to Zero Lifecycle Emission

Advances from the EU in direct carbon capture from air

Strom zu Gas-Anlage der Thüga-Gruppe hat alle Erwartungen übertroffen

Dekarbonisierung verschiedenster Sektoren via SzG möglich

10 August 2017

Sugar can be sweet after all as it could be the “promising” future for bioplastics

University of Bath researchers developed polycarbonate made from sugar, carbon dioxide and water

1 August 2017

Issue 64 of the research*eu results magazine – The grand plan for carbon capture

The latest research*eu results magazine is now available in free, accessible PDF.

31 Juli 2017

TOP Power-to-Liquid – Sprit aus Solarenergie und CO2

Zum ersten Mal wurden 200 Liter Kraftstoff aus Sonnenenergie und dem Kohlenstoffdioxid der Umgebungsluft in einer marktreifen Pilotanlage hergestellt

28 Juli 2017

Biokunststoff: Zitrusfrüchte statt Chemie

Katalanische Forscher arbeiten an Bioplastik aus Zitronen, Orangen oder Pomeranzen

27 Juli 2017

Protein produced with electricity to alleviate world hunger

Protein created with electricity can be used as a fodder replacement, thus releasing land areas for other purposes

Sprit aus Strom: Ökodiesel, ein leeres Versprechen

Genauere Betrachtung des "CO2-neutralen" Verfahrens der Sunfire GmbH

26 Juli 2017

Weltneuheit aus Rostock: Erfindung macht Erdöl überflüssig

Eine Erfindung der Firma Gensoric soll Erdöl überflüssig machen. Den ersten Praxistest hat sie bereits bestanden

25 Juli 2017

Nanomaterial helps store solar energy: efficiently and inexpensively

Field trials show that new catalyst material for electrolysers is reliable

Nanomaterial hilft Sonnenenergie zu speichern: effizient und kostengünstig

Neues Katalysator-Material für Elektrolyseure bewährt sich im Praxistest

ICIQ: When life gives you lemons, make bio-plastics

Spanish reseacher group develops an environmentally friendly method to produce BPA-free polycarbonate from limonene and CO2

21 Juli 2017

How the European chemical industry could become carbon neutral by 2050

Making the sector carbon neutral while retaining its competitiveness in a full circular economy in Europe is a significant challenge

20 Juli 2017

Windgas for the energy transition: Uniper lays cornerstone for methanation plant

Expansion of existing power-to-gas plant in Falkenhagen, Germany

Grünes Gas für die Energiewende: Uniper legt Grundstein für Methanisierungs-Anlage

Erweiterung bestehender Power-to-Gas-Anlage im brandenburgischen Falkenhagen

14 Juli 2017

TOP First commercial plant for the production of Blue Crude planned in Norway

About 3,000 products, which are currently made from crude oil, could be manufactured on the basis of Blue Crude

TOP Erste kommerzielle Blue Crude-Production entsteht in Norwegen

Aus synthetischem Blue Crude lassen sich ca. 3.000 Produkte herstellen, die bislang auf fossilem Erdöl basieren

13 Juli 2017

A reality check on power-to-liquids: How not to use renewable energy

Bellona’s latest report reviewing some of the alleged benefits of using synthetic fossil fuels

12 Juli 2017

How to power a bus on formic acid

Eindhoven University "Team FAST", consisting of 35 students, developed this so far unknown fuel all by itself

11 Juli 2017

CO2-neutral hydrogen from biomass

How to produce hydrogen from biomass is the subject of a joint research project by TU Wien and voestalpine

7 Juli 2017

From Coal-fired CO2: The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to capturing flue gas via microalgae

Tryg Lundquist, CTO of MBE gave this illuminating overview of the project at the recent DOE workshop on algae-based carbon capture technologies

3 Juli 2017

„Resource Innovators 2017“ gekürt

Auszeichnung von fünf Start-ups auf Berliner Rohstoffgipfel / Ideen zur Einsparung von Erdöl in der Chemieindustrie/ Signal für mehr Gründergeist und Kooperation

CO2-neutraler Wasserstoff aus Biomasse

Wie man aus Biomasse Wasserstoff herstellen kann, untersuchen TU Wien und voestalpine in einem gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekt

29 Juni 2017

From sun to pump: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Direct Photosynthetic Production of Biodiesel

BETO: Production of Biodiesel by Decoupled Cyanobacteria at the 2017 DOE Project Peer Review

Stanford discovery could lead to sustainable source of the fuel additive ethanol

Most fuel additive ethanol used in the U.S. is made from corn, new research reveals that copper can turn carbon dioxide into ethanol without using corn or other plants

28 Juni 2017

Europe, Flanders, the Province of East-Flanders and the City of Ghent invest €9,36 million in the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Investment will be used to build up new research infrastructure specifically for gas fermentation and Down-Stream Processing

26 Juni 2017

Efficient Steam Generation with Sunlight

Researchers developed a solar steam generation device based on carbon nanotube-modified flexible wood membrane

Sunfire produces sustainable crude oil alternative

Power-to-liquid plant in Dresden for first time was operated continuously for more than 1,500 hours

Blue Crude: Sunfire produziert nachhaltigen Erdölersatz

Power-to-Liquids Anlage lief erstmalig im Dauerbetrieb über mehr als 1.500 Stunden