15 April 2014

Canada’s Leading Advocate for Renewable Fuels Unveils New Action Plan

CRFA Launches New Vision and Action plan for Canada's Renewable Fuels Industry and Ermerging Bioeconomy

Ottawa, ON (APRIL 8, 2014) – Today the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) released a comprehensive new plan for Canada’s renewable fuels industry and emerging bioeconomy.

Founded in 1984, the CRFA is the country’s leading advocate for the economic and environmental benefits of clean-burning renewable fuels and represents the full spectrum of Canada’s domestic biofuels industry.

The goal of the CRFA’s new document, aptly entitled Evolution and Growth, is to help Canada capitalize on the sizable economic and environmental benefits of its domestic biofuels industry and set a clear pathway forward for continued growth and expansion.

“Canada is facing real environmental challenges but we also have significant opportunities,” said CRFA President W. Scott Thurlow. “Our members remain focused on capitalizing on these opportunities. As the recent past has proven, a thriving and fully realized domestic renewable fuels industry is more than possible – it is viable and working in Canada. Now is the time to build off this successful platform and do even more.”

The CRFA has put forward an action plan that will create a virtual cycle of investment for Canadian innovation with three key priorities:

  • Becoming a clean energy superpower by investing in Canadian innovation and the bioeconomy;
  • Growing market access and expanding the use of biofuels; and
  • Incenting real environmental benefits with a fair market value for greenhouse gas emissions.

“The fledgling renewable fuel industry of thirty years ago is a distant memory,” added CRFA Chairman Scott Lewis. “Today’s producers are using Canadian-born technologies to reduce energy costs, expand production, and move beyond fuels and into valuable co-products. The new CRFA vision and action plan builds on this success and will ensure that Canada’s domestic renewable fuels industry continues to grow and flourish.”

Successfully meeting our energy demands while at the same time fighting and mitigating the effects of climate change requires careful and strategic planning. CRFA’s action plan includes policy recommendations for the federal and provincial governments that would:

1. Establish A Fair Value for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

2. Support Innovation and Investment in Canada

3. Grow Market Access and Increase Levels for Renewable Fuels

4. Deliver Modern Fuel Blends to Consumers

5. Increase Domestic Production and Use of Advanced Biofuels

6. Build a Comprehensive Bioeconomy Strategy for Canada

Successful implementation of these interconnected recommendations will help ensure Canada achieves its greenhouse gas reduction targets and remains competitive in the global fuel and energy market.

To view the new CRFA vision document and action plan in its entirety, please visit www.evolutionandgrowth.ca.

About the CRFA
Founded in 1984, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the use of value added products made from renewable resources through consumer awareness and government liaison activities.

Andrea Kent, Director of Communications
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Phone: 613-594-5528 ext 221
E-Mail: a.kent@greenfuels.org

Source: Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, press release, 2014-04-08.


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