2 November 2005

Can biopolymers be used in consumer electronics?

Nokia and NEC report their experiences and future needs

The potential for bio-sourced polymers in the consumer electronics industry will be one of the key topics explored at EPN’s market-leading Bioplastics conference next month, with both Nokia and NEC outlining their needs and goals.

Dr Antti O Helminen, senior research engineer at the Nokia Research Centre in Finland will discuss the performance of current biopolymers and the improvements needed to satisfy mobile phone industry requirements.

Dr Helminen’s presentation will also examine decorating opportunities for biopolymer resins and how they fit within the company’s environmental and sustainability programmes.

Japanese experience to date with bioplastics in the electronics industry will be outlined by Dr Masatoshi Iji, senior manager in the fundamental and environmental research laboratories at NEC Corporation.

Dr Iji will also look at the state of the art and detail experience with kenaf-fibre reinforced PLA thermoplastic composite materials developed to provide the high levels of thermal stability and flame retardance required by the electronics sector.

Now in its seventh year, Bioplastics 2005 is the longest-established conference for the bio-sourced polymer industry and examines all potential markets for these innovative materials. For more information visit www.bpevent.com.

(Cf. news of Aug. 11, 2005, Dec. 16, 2004, Sept. 16, 2004, Feb. 03, 2003 and Jan. 27, 2004.)

Source: PRW.com Nov. 01, 2005.

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