6 Februar 2006

British Sugar to supply Greenergy Fuels

Bioethanol produced by British Sugar‘s new £20m biofuels plant at Wissington will soon be powering cars across the UK after the company signed a contract to supply one of the UK’s leading fuel companies.

British Sugar has signed a contract with Greenergy Fuels to supply much of the output from the plant, which is due to come on stream early next year.

Greenergy Fules is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bioethanol-blended petrol to petrol retailers including Tesco.

Bioethanol can be added to unleaded petrol at a concentration of up to 5pc without modifications being required to engines.

Tesco currently sells petrol containing 5pc bioethanol as standard at 185 petrol stations in the South-East and North-West. Greenergy will blend the bioethanol bought from British Sugar into the petrol it supplies to Tesco petrol stations.

The announcement of the supply agreement was made at an event in London on Tuesday where British Sugar was joined by other representatives of the new UK bioethanol production industry.

Guests included Stephen Ladyman, Minister of State for Transport and Jonathan Nash, managing director of Saab GB, which has developed a range of bioethanol powered vehicles.

Mark Carr, British Sugar chief executive said: “We are delighted to take the lead in this exciting new industry. Our agreement with Greenergy is a significant step in the development of renewable fuels in the UK, and we look forward to a continuing relationship. Renewable fuels are an essential part of our future and our children’s future which will contribute significant benefit to the environment.”

(Cf. news of Dec. 23, 2005.)

Source: The Business Feb. 03, 2006.

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