3 Juni 2014

Bioserie Introduces “Made of Plants” Toys for Babies

After three years of research and development, Bioserie is launching today a line of bioplastic baby toys that are completely free of oil-based chemicals

gI_86107_All toys and logoThe latest scientific research suggests there are a lot of good reasons to think carefully about how plastics are used in our daily lives. A single piece of plastic may contain five to thirty chemical additives which are used to change its quality and performance. Oil-based chemicals and additives such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Styrenes may be present in items we use every day, including toys and can have adverse health effects. After three years of research and development, Bioserie is launching today a line of baby toys that are completely free of oil-based chemicals.

Starting today, Bioserie’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com provides health-conscious parents with a genuinely safe alternative for their babies. Bioserie toys are produced exclusively with natural and plant-based renewable resources. Bioserie’s unique use of bioplastics technology offers considerably less greenhouse gas emissions in the value chain and the prevention of the use of harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Styrenes and heavy metals.

Toys and nursing aids is a significant milestone in Bioserie’s diversification into new consumer product markets. It also marks a significant step in the availability of fully biobased toys and nursing aids – a market dominated by plastic products that use petrochemicals derived from oil. Using IngeoTM by NatureWorks, LLC and a proprietary blend of biobased components, Bioserie is transforming annually renewable plant materials into toys and nursing aids that are free of potentially toxic and hazardous materials associated with oil-based plastic products.

Stephanie Triau, co-founder of Bioserie says “Most available toys are made of oil-based plastics. As a parent, it’s very hard to know for sure that a product won’t have any negative health effects on your baby now or later. The information on toy packages is either inadequate, too technical for a normal person to understand or at times misleading. Bioserie puts an end to this with products derived from plants that are naturally free of any harmful substances associated with oil-based plastic toys.”

“We believe it is possible to enjoy technology without harming our children’s health and fragile ecosystems of our Earth,” says Kaya Kaplancali, Bioserie CEO. “We are exploring the cutting edge of bioplastics technology to develop products that allow consumers to enjoy life in a healthier, environmentally-responsible way.”

Bioserie’s launch product line consists of a Rattle, a Stacker, a Teether and a Cutlery Set. Bioserie toys and nursing aids feature:

  • USDA certified 100% biobased bioplastic raw materials.
  • No harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Styrenes, and heavy metals.
  • Molded-in colors, with no risk of paints or coatings flaking off of toys.
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint and Environmental impact
  • Outstanding design and ergonomics.

Pricing and Availability

Preorders for Bioserie baby toys are now being accepted on international crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com and are expected to ship in September 2014. General availability is expected in fourth quarter 2014.


About Bioserie
Bioserie is a cutting-edge company researching and developing revolutionary ways in which bioplastics are used in consumer products.

Its products are among the very first fully bio-based durable consumer products in the world that are able to offer the same level of performance, design and consumer experience compared to non-biobased and far less sustainable alternatives.

Based in Hong Kong, Bioserie launched its first line of bioplastic iPhone covers in February 2010 and has continued developing new “made of plants” accessories for smartphones in partnership with world leaders in bioplastics. Bioserie started diversifying into other consumer products such as toys and nursing aids in 2013.

Bioserie is one of the first brands in the world to achieve 100% bio-based certification by USDA’s BioPreferred program. Bioserie was nominated for bioplastics innovation awards in Germany and USA in 2013 in recognition of its technological achievements.

About Bioserie Toys
To learn more about the campaign and support Bioserie Toys, the Indiegogo page can be found at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bioserie-bioplastic-baby-toys-made-of-plants

For product photos, please visit http://www.bioserie.com/presstoys

Kaya Kaplancali, Founder & CEO:
T: +85229107923
M: +85293776398
E-Mail: kaya@bioserie.com

Stephanie Triau, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
E-Mail: stephanie@bioserie.com

Source: Bioserie, press release, 2014-05-14.


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