13 Juni 2006

Biofuels Directive Review and Progress Report – Public Consultation

The European Union biofuels directive was adopted in May 2003. It aims to promote the use in transport of fuels made from biomass, as well as other renewable fuels.

The directive asks the European Commission to make a progress report before the end of 2006.

The progress report could be used as the basis for a proposal to amend the directive.

The Commission set out the broad lines for this review of the directive in its biomass action plan and biofuels strategy. Now, in preparing the progress report, the Commission’s services would like to know the views of public authorities, businesses, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties on the following questions:

1. Is the objective of promoting biofuels still valid?

2. The directive sets a reference value of 5.75% for the market share of biofuels in 2010. Will this share be achieved with existing policies and measures? If not, why not?

3. Looking towards 2010, does the EU system of targets for biofuels need to be adapted? If so, how?

4. Should a certification system be introduced to avoid using “poor performing” biofuels or give more support to “better performing” ones?

5. Looking towards 2015 and 2020, should further measures be adopted to promote biofuels?

6. A number of more technical issues

The purpose of this consultation document is to gather these views. The document explains the questions in more detail.

Responses should be sent to TREN-BIOFUELS-DIRECTIVE-REVIEW@cec.eu.int by Monday 10th July 2006. This document exists only in English, but responses can be in any Community language.

As part of the review, the Commission’s services may organise consultative meetings on specific topics. No firm decision has been taken.
The questions cover a wide range of topics. Some are primarily political, others focus on scientific, legal or economic aspects. If you have views on some questions and not others, do not hesitate to send an answer covering only these questions.

Stakeholders’ contributions

Industry / Private Sector
Forest Products Biotechnology group at the University of British Columbia
Novozymes A/S2

Source: EU-Energy June 13, 2006.

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