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17 Oktober 2018

LignoLoc: the first collated nails made of wood

Nails can be recycled or reclaimed with the wood itself and no separating process is necessary

15 Oktober 2018

Fraunhofer ICT: Biopolymere für technische Bauteile

Maßgeschneiderte Biopolymersysteme erlauben Einsatzfähigkeit im Automobil- und Bausektor sowie der Textilbranche

11 Oktober 2018

With Novamont’s technology no need for microplastics in new cosmetic line

Novamont technology, when used in cosmetics allow readily biodegradable ingredients can be produced with performance comparable to traditional microplastics

5 Oktober 2018

Silvergate, Floreon collaborate on new, versatile biocompound

JV using polylactic acid and a combination of additives to create an innovative material with environmental benefit of being renewable and compostable

1 Oktober 2018

Biocomposites performing great – Not only for lightweight construction

Companies showcasing their bio-based products and solutions in the field of wood, cellulose, natural fibres and bio-based polymers at the “Bio-Based Composites Pavilion”, COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 in Stuttgart from November 6th - 8th

Biokomposite schneiden gut ab – Nicht nur bei Leichtbaukonstruktionen

Unternehmen präsentieren ihre bio-basierten Produkte in den Bereichen Holz, Cellulose, Naturfasern und bio-basierte Polymere am "Bio-Based Composites Pavilion" auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE vom 06.-08. November 2018 in Stuttgart

Good market developments for bio-based composites

Interview with Dr. Asta Partanen, nova-Institut

Gute Marktentwicklung für Biokomposite

Interview mit Dr. Asta Partanen, nova-Institut

11 September 2018

Ökoplast: Kombination von Entwicklung und Fertigung

Die NPC Nature Plastic Compounds von CKT und Ökoplast, Mittweida, eignen sich für verschiedene Anwendungen in vielen Bereichen

7 September 2018

Biocomposites Encourage Innovative Applications

A look at the three winners of the 2017 Innovation Award at the European Conference on Wood and Natural Fiber Composites

New wood-metal hybrid for lightweight construction

New material mix boasts excellent insulating properties and has a low bending strength

4 September 2018

Das Original ist zurück – der Bio-Strohhalm

Bayerisches Start-Up verhilft Abfallprodukten aus der biologischen Landwirtschaft zu neuem Wert

30 August 2018

“Ökobilanzierung innovativer, biobasierter Verbundwerkstoffe im Bootsbau” – Cluster-Projekt der Hochschule Bremen mit GreenBoats gestartet

Forschung im Bereich biobasierter Werkstoffe an der HSB - Strahlkraft über die Deutsche Welle bis nach Afrika

28 August 2018

Global Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) Market Outlook to 2023

Analysis by Plastic Material, Application and Geography

23 August 2018

Stora Enso invests in building a Competence Centre and diversifying the raw material base for biocomposites

Company aiming to broaden its biocomposites raw material base to provide more choice in technical properties and selection of fibres

Stora Enso baut Kompetenzzentrum für Bioverbundstoffe

Ziel ist es, sowohl die Rohstoffbasis für Bioverbundstoffe am Standort Hylte in Schweden erweitern, als auch die Auswahl an technischen Eigenschaften und Fasern zu vergrößern

20 August 2018

Stora Enso and Orthex combine wood fibre and bioplastic into durable consumer products

New biocomposite kitchen utensils with up to 80% smaller carbon footprint

15 August 2018

Beets and carrots could lead to stronger and greener buildings

According to engineers, root vegetables aren’t only good for the body. Their fibres could also help make concrete mixtures stronger and more eco-friendly

Rüben und Möhren für stabilere und umweltfreundlichere Gebäude

Nach Angaben von Ingenieuren ist Wurzelgemüse nicht nur gut für den Körper, denn ihre Fasern könnten auch zu stabileren und umweltfreundlicheren Betonmischungen beitragen

8 August 2018

Zukunft der Proteine: Die ersten sechs Kandidaten für den Wettbewerb „Future Protein Award“ stehen fest!

Der „Future Protein Award“ wird erstmals im Rahmen der neuen Konferenz „Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)“, am 1.-2. Oktober 2018 in Köln, verliehen

Bio composites lend wings to sustainability trend

“Bio-Based Composites Pavilion” will be showcasing innovative materials and application examples in cooperation with the nova-Institute

Biocomposites beflügeln den Nachhaltigkeitstrend

Im Bio-Based Composites Pavilion" präsentiert die Fachmesse in Kooperation mit dem nova Institut innovative Materialien und Anwendungsbeispiele

2 August 2018

Belohnung: Kreativität schafft innovativen Werkstoff aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Die Einzelteile der Computermaus werden fair produziert und ihr Gehäuse besteht zu über 80 % aus Polylactid

31 Juli 2018

World’s first biobased, circular car created using Luminy from Total Corbion PLA

The car, named Noah, is currently undertaking a European tour of car manufacturers, suppliers and universities to inspire others

27 Juli 2018

World’s most circular car is made of flax and sugar and does 300 km per liter

The environmental impact of a car is determined not only by its consumption, but also by its production and, ultimately, its recycling

24 Juli 2018

Erste Testläufe für neue faserbasierte Verpackungen von Fertiggerichten

Für ein schnelles Essen kann so ein Fertiggericht wirklich praktisch sein, aber seine Verpackung wird wohl ein längeres Leben haben als wir

23 Juli 2018

Biocomposite demand driven by global construction boom, says new report

Market features a vast set of untapped growth opportunities in new applications across industries such as construction and automotive

18 Juli 2018

VTT developed a fully bio-based material to replace fossil-based plastics in thermally formable product

Innovative cellulose based material opens options for furniture applications

EU project seeks to improve sustainability aviation industry

ECO-COMPASS project has identified potential bio-sourced and recycled materials that can be developed into eco-friendly composites for aircraft

16 Juli 2018

VTT developed a fully bio-based material to replace fossil-based plastics in thermally formable product

Being thermoformable, the material is well suited for various manufacturing processes and products

13 Juli 2018

Doing it Naturally

Composites made with bioresins and natural fibers have benefits beyond sustainability

3 Juli 2018

ADM, DuPont Sign Agreement to Develop, Produce and Market Cellulase Enzymes

Initial product prototypes have proven successful in both laboratory and ethanol plant scale testing

27 Juni 2018

Biofiba working towards industrial hemp pallet production in NSW

Australian company is aiming at a pallet manufacturing facility using the recently legalised material

26 Juni 2018

Global Biocomposite Competitive Landscape, Pipeline and Market Analysis 2018

The Report Biocomposite provides information about product categories and a customized business model

25 Juni 2018

Neri Oxman and MIT Develop Programmable Biocomposites for Digital Fabrication

Natural ecosystems as inspiration for a material production process that produces no waste

22 Juni 2018

Schwarza: Wie der Hanf in die Autos kommt

Flachs, Sisal oder Hanf sind Rohstoffe, aus denen bei Isowood Nadelvliesstoffe für Fahrzeuginnenausstattungen entstehen

21 Juni 2018

TRB Develops New FST Rated Biocomposite Rail Carriage Door Leaf

Lightweight biocomposite door leaf fully meets the most demanding FST specifications

19 Juni 2018

So verbindet man Naturfasern und Kunststoffe

Bundesweit einzigartig: Mit einer Anlage an der Hochschule Rosenheim sollen Vorteile von Holz- und Naturfaser mit Kunststoff verbunden werden

13 Juni 2018

Stora Enso opens Europe’s largest wood fibre-based biocomposite plant

DuraSense™ make it possible to reduce the consumption of plastic by up to 60% and replace it with renewable wood fibre

7 Juni 2018

Trialling a new fibre-based ready meal packaging

New material Durapulp is a bio-composite, a mixture of cellulose and GMO-free polylactic acid (PLA), feels like cardboard and is made of fiber

4 Juni 2018

Wood‐Derived Ultrathin Carbon Nanofiber Aerogels

The results suggest great promise in developing new families of carbon aerogels based on the controlled pyrolysis of economical and sustainable nanostructured precursors

28 Mai 2018

Vegan Leather By Malai Created From Coconut Water to Reduce Food Waste

Innovation and vegan leather are paired frequently in recent years, as ethical fashion rises in popularity among conscious consumers

25 Mai 2018

Surftech’s algae, bamboo and biobased paddleboard a winner

Company's board won Outside Online’s “Gear of the Year” award and is listed as #1 of the “Best Stand-Up Paddleboards of 2018

23 Mai 2018

Biobasierte Verbundwerkstoffe vor Feuer schützen

Flammschutzausrüstung eröffnet natur- und holzfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen neue Einsatzbereiche

22 Mai 2018

World Bio Markets: make it real, give it life

With over 400 delegates the conference was certainly lively and offered many networking opportunities

17 Mai 2018

Can This Invasive Exotic Pest Make Better Materials for Industry and Medicine?

A NIST team has measured the best wood-to-pest ratio for the design of new composites

Not so fantastic single-use plastic to get an eco-friendly makeover

EU companies want to give food packaging a green makeover

16 Mai 2018

Leichtbau-Sandwichplatten mit Popcorn-Kern ohne Formaldehydemissionen für Möbel, Dämmstoffe oder Autobau

Gleiche Eigenschaften wie Spanplatten, aber nur halb so schwer

8 Mai 2018

ITA on the Hannover Messe at the booth of the BMWi in hall 2 C28

Using natural fibres represents an ecological alternative to resource-intensive reinforcing materials such as glass fibres

ITA auf der Hannover Messe auf dem BMWi-Stand in Halle 2 C28

Naturfasern stellen eine ökologische Alternative zu ressourcenintensiven Verstärkungsfasern wie z.B. Glasfasern dar