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17 Juni 2019

Biocomposites performing great – not only for lightweight construction!

The full range of successful new technologies and applications of biocomposites in the automotive industry and construction as well as in consumer products

11 Juni 2019

LWB-Steinl: Naturfaser-Compoundierer Naftex wird Teil der Gruppe

Unternehmen stärkt damit seine Biomaterial-Sparte und Biofibre baut seine Erzeugungskapazitäten für Naturfaserwerkstoffe aus

7 Juni 2019

The world’s most beautiful headphones are here, and they’re made of fungus

And other biomaterials such as bacteria and biosynthetic spider silk

Korvaa – Ein finnisches Unternehmen baut biologisch abbaubare Kopfhörer aus Pilzen

Auch Pilzprodukte, bakteriell hergestellte Spinnenseide und Zellulose finden sich in dem neuartigen Biomaterial

29 Mai 2019

Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. Made 100% Nature Derived Material-based Biodegradable Plastic, with Recycled Paper, Paper Waste, News Paper Scrap, Etc.

Company had also succeeded in making color masterbatch to have stronger mechanical strength, compared to the one without nano cellulose

23 Mai 2019

Launch of burial coffin Saga – the world’s largest, 100% biobased, 3D-moulded biocomposite made of wheat bran and biofibers

OrganoClick has developed OrganoComp, a 100% bio-based, recyclable and fully biodegradable biocomposite material

21 Mai 2019

Stora Enso launches wood-fibre-based biocomposite solutions for cosmetics, food and luxury packaging

DuraSense is a cost- and resource-efficient alternative for reducing the environmental impact of products

20 Mai 2019

AI SpaceFactory Wins 1st Place Prize for NASA 3D Printing Habitat Challenge

Company won an international competition to design and build a habitat for a crew of four astronauts on a mission to Mars

15 Mai 2019

University of Maine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory to announce $20 million 3D printing manufacturing partnership to boost forest products industry

Collaboration aims to strengthen regional manufacturing by connecting university–industry clusters with the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL

14 Mai 2019

UPM demonstrates large scale robot-based 3D printing applications

Granulate printing process enables time- and cost-efficient fabrication of large-scale 3D parts with short lead-times

9 Mai 2019

Miscanthus als biologischer Bau- und Dämmstoff der Zukunft

Chinaschilf mit hohem Biomasseertrag

25 April 2019

Verbundwerkstoff aus Jutefasern

Jutesäcke kennt jeder. Die Fasern der Pflanze eignen sich aber auch für Verbundwerkstoffe. Den Beweis liefern Forscher im Projekt Jute Bio-Comp

100% sunflower waste finds use in bioproducts and design

Studio Thomas Vailly turning sunflower crop waste into biomaterials to make sustainable products from insulation panels to iPhone cases

15 April 2019

This “glass” is made of wood, and you can control how much heat it conducts

Researchers from KTH have developed a window material made of wood that regulates how much heat it lets in – and out

8 April 2019

Bio4Self wins JEC Innovation Award In the category “Sustainability”

Centexbel's concept for a biobased self-reinforced composite material receives the prestigious JEC World Innovation Award in the category “Sustainability”

2 April 2019

Natural fibres show outstandingly low CO2 footprint compared to glass and mineral fibres

nova-Institute updates its reference study for the automotive and insulation industry

25 März 2019

Bio4self bio-based autocomposite wins JEC Innovation Award

International consortium partners developed a self-reinforced composite of polyactide

19 März 2019

Kunststoff-Extrudierer SLS verarbeitet Öko-Granulat zu hochwertigen Bodenprofilen

„Das duftet sogar nach Heu und Gras“

15 März 2019

PICEA™ Tube von Neopac für die Marke Bamse erhält Auszeichnung für Nachhaltigkeit bei der PCD Paris

Tube besteht zum Grossteil aus Fichtenholzabfällen, kombiniert mit einer speziell für Neopac entwickelten Kunststoffmatrix aus zuckerbasierten Rohstoffen

8 Februar 2019

Von der Terrassendiele zum Industriefördersystem – WPC kann mehr!

Forscher der TU Chemnitz optimieren den Werkstoff aus Holz und Kunststoff für neue Anwendungen

7 Februar 2019

Kenaf: Nature’s little-known wonder

It may already be “all over the place”, but more research and investment is needed for ASEAN countries

21 Januar 2019

Porsche Releases First Race Car Made of Hemp: 718 Cayman GT4

New Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport featuring natural-fiber body parts

18 Januar 2019

Organico – Biologischer Verbundwerkstoff aus Kalk, Kasein und Hanf

Verbundwerkstoffe aus rein biologischen bzw. nachwachsenden Rohstoffen entwickelt Designer Philipp Hainke im Projekt Organico

Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll recycle potato peelings into MDF substitute

New composite material is made from potato skins, bamboo, recycled wood or beer hops and a biodegradable binding agent

15 Januar 2019

New composite advances lignin as a renewable 3D printing material

Finding new uses for lignin can improve the economics of the entire biorefining process

9 Januar 2019

The BAMCO consortium: eight industry stakeholders, companies and research laboratories are pooling their expertise to develop biosourced composites using bamboo fibres

Innovation to possibly reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft, as well as delivering benefits that extend well beyond the aerospace industry

14 Dezember 2018

Global Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites Market Overview 2018- 2023

Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (AERT), Trex Company Inc, Weyerhaeuser Company and Procotex SA Corporation NV

11 Dezember 2018

TOP Stora Enso and startup Sulapac have joined forces to develop renewable and biodegradable straws

The demo, which targets production on an industrial scale, is designed to replace traditional plastic straws with renewable ones

5 Dezember 2018

Valorisation of Wood Side Streams

nova-Institute supports efforts to improve side stream valorisation practices in the European wood processing industry to foster the material cascade principle

What can you make from the world’s strongest thread?

TechMark Arena is a transdisciplinary academy that brings together master’s students from various backgrounds in order to work on a common theme

4 Dezember 2018

The BAMCO consortium

Eight industry stakeholders, companies and research laboratories are pooling their expertise to develop biosourced composites using bamboo fibres

3 Dezember 2018

Bio-composites for cars

Using less energy during fibre production, natural fibres are lighter, and biocomposites use less polluting polymers than glass fibre composites

15 November 2018

Construction using concrete reinforced with renewable materials

WKI research team is replacing carbon or glass-fiber fabrics in textile-reinforced concrete with eco-friendly natural fibers

Bauen mit Textilbeton aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

WKI Forscherteam ersetzt Carbon- und  Glasfasergewebe im Textilbeton durch umweltfreundliche Naturfasern

12 November 2018

Final Report: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 – the Lightweight Path to Success

Trend towards lightweight construction is currently one of the strongest drivers for the composites industry

Abschlussbericht: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 – Mit Leichtigkeit zum Erfolg

Trend zum Leichtbau derzeit einer der stärksten treibenden Kräfte in der Composites-Industrie

Stora Enso acquires Swedish cellulose technology company

Stora Enso has increased its ownership up to 100% in the Sweden-based company Cellutech AB

8 November 2018

Stora Enso’s Interim Report January–September 2018: Another quarter of profitable growth

Consumer Board, Packaging Solutions, Biomaterials and Paper divisions reported sales growth

7 November 2018

Lösbare Verbindungstechnik für WPC

Mit dem Werkstoff Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) wollen Forscher der TU Chemnitz neue technische Anwendungsbereiche erschließen

23 Oktober 2018

First coffee capsule compostable at home

Organically based synthetic material with sunflower seed shells protects fossil resources

Erste heimkompostierbare Kaffeekapsel

Biobasierter Kunststoff mit Sonnenblumenschalen schont fossile Ressourcen

22 Oktober 2018

Lightweight hemp-based biomaterials gain momentum

Faurecia to show the significant energy and environmental benefits of its NAFILean biocomposites in new figures

17 Oktober 2018

LignoLoc: the first collated nails made of wood

Nails can be recycled or reclaimed with the wood itself and no separating process is necessary

15 Oktober 2018

Fraunhofer ICT: Biopolymere für technische Bauteile

Maßgeschneiderte Biopolymersysteme erlauben Einsatzfähigkeit im Automobil- und Bausektor sowie der Textilbranche

11 Oktober 2018

With Novamont’s technology no need for microplastics in new cosmetic line

Novamont technology, when used in cosmetics allow readily biodegradable ingredients can be produced with performance comparable to traditional microplastics

5 Oktober 2018

Silvergate, Floreon collaborate on new, versatile biocompound

JV using polylactic acid and a combination of additives to create an innovative material with environmental benefit of being renewable and compostable

1 Oktober 2018

Biocomposites performing great – Not only for lightweight construction

Companies showcasing their bio-based products and solutions in the field of wood, cellulose, natural fibres and bio-based polymers at the “Bio-Based Composites Pavilion”, COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 in Stuttgart from November 6th - 8th

Biokomposite schneiden gut ab – Nicht nur bei Leichtbaukonstruktionen

Unternehmen präsentieren ihre bio-basierten Produkte in den Bereichen Holz, Cellulose, Naturfasern und bio-basierte Polymere am "Bio-Based Composites Pavilion" auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE vom 06.-08. November 2018 in Stuttgart

Good market developments for bio-based composites

Interview with Dr. Asta Partanen, nova-Institut

Gute Marktentwicklung für Biokomposite

Interview mit Dr. Asta Partanen, nova-Institut