6 Dezember 2013

bio-on bio plastic replaces metal

New bio-degradable biopolymer can be used to produce technical articles currently manufactured with polymers or metals

  • The bio plastic designed by bio-on can be used to make lighter products with low environmental impact for the production of technical items
  • Can be used to replace some metals in “metal replacement” projects and technopolymers in “plastic replacement” projects
  • Excellent results from ongoing trials with Ghepi

BOLOGNA, Italy – Ghepi – a company specializing in R&D, the injection molding of plastics and “metal replacement” designs – started an experiment 10 months ago which has demonstrated the excellent performance of the revolutionary bio-plastics developed by bio-on: this biopolymer (100% naturally bio-degradable in water and soil) can now also be used to produce technical articles currently manufactured with polymers or metals. The production process can use the same molds.

The use of high-performance plastics, such as technopolymers, in place of metal alloys to produce a technical component (for example, parts for engines or other machines) allows significant weight and cost savings, simplifies production, improves performance and gives greater freedom to designers. Use of a bio-plastic such as bio-on adds the further advantage of greater environmental sustainability..

“We place great emphasis on innovation in materials – explains Mariacristina Gherpelli, Managing Director of Ghepi – and the tests we have carried out with the bio-on bio-polymer are part of this commitment. We were surprised by how flexible this material is in use. It is also very pleasing in terms of appearance, touch and structural characteristics”.

“We are extremely pleased – says Marco Astorri, CEO and co-founder of bio-on as we have six labs throughout the world but the results achieved by industry are crucial for us. Even more so in this case because they have come from a company that has been working with plastics for 41 years and has constantly shown itself to be a cutting-edge innovator in technology and a leader in metal replacement”.

About bio-on
Founded in 2007 bio-on has developed and patented the world’s first bio plastic PHAs that are 100% naturally biodegradable in water and soil. An outstanding product that is derived from the transformation of beet and cane sugar production residues (in Italy in partnership with Co.Pro.B.), using a natural production process with no organic solvents. The product also biodegrades in river water in just a few weeks, leaving no trace. The PHA bio plastic developed by bio-on turns a waste product that would otherwise be discarded (a cost therefore becomes a resource) and therefore has no impact on the food chain, unlike other types of “organic” products such as biofuels or other bioplastics that use cereals. The bio plastic patented by bio-on has extraordinary features: high thermal and mechanical resistance; can be worked using standard production technologies used for common plastics from oil. It is therefore possible to make an infinite variety of objects in all sectors which currently use traditional plastics made from oil. The biodegradability of bio-on bioplastic was certified in 2008 by Vinçotte. Bio-on is an Intellectual Property Company and provides technology for the production or use of PHAs based on a license that restricts their use to a particular territory or to a specific business area.

More information
– and photos: www.bio-on.itwww.ghepi.it

Marco Astorri
Phone: +39 (0)51893001
E-Mail: info@bio-on.it


Source: Bio-on, press release, 2013-12-04.


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