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30 Januar 2015

nature.tec – Fachschau Bioökonomie erfolgreich beendet

415.000 Messebesucher auf dem Weg in eine bio-basierte Wirtschaft

Plastics Industry warns of serious unintended consequences of potential carrier bag exemption

Oxodegradable lobby accuses UK recyclers of ‘scaremongering’

The 1st biobased biodegradable and recyclable Chair

Basque Designer Jean Louis Iratzoki shapes first bioplastic chair for Alki

Graham Engineering Corporation’s American Kuhne, Welex to demonstration innovations, custom solutions at NPE 2015

New modular extruder design for medical processing that reduces job changeovers to a matter of minutes

Graham: Plattenextrusion für PLA bei niedrigen Temperaturen

Welex Converge CTS ermöglicht Ingeo-Produktion unter Optimalbedingungen

Biokraftstoffe aus Ackerkulturen unentbehrlich für Tierfutter, Energie und Umwelt – Reduzierungen nicht akzeptabel

Copa-Cogeca-Generalsekretär Pekka Pesonen warnte auf der internationalen Konferenz „Fuels of the Future 2015“ in Berlin

Crop-based biofuels vital for animal feed, energy, the environment: cuts unacceptable

Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen warned at International Conference "Fuels of the Future 2015" in Berlin

A U.S. biorefinery industry is emerging

Bioindustry needs to have facilities that focus on high-value-added bioproducts such as chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals

29 Januar 2015

Novozymes, Cargill continue bio-acrylic acid partnership as BASF exits

Novozymes and Cargill remain committed to bringing technology to market

Carlsberg and Partners to develop biodegradable wood-fiber bottle

Project could mark a sea-change in our options for packaging liquids

eSUN launches new bronze PLA 3D printing filament

New materials characteristics: no smelling when printing, environmentally friendly and recyclable

Belgier entwickeln Elektro-Dreirad aus regionalen Rohstoffen und recycelten Materialien

Das E-Fahrzeug ist in sechs Versionen erhältlich - Marktstart ist für 2016 geplant

Homegrown E-car 333 debuts at Brussels Auto Show

Car to be available in 6 configurations - market launch supposed to be in 2016

The capacity of emerging bio-based material and chemicals technology to rise to 7.4 million metric tons in 2018

Capacity will more than triple from 2008's value, as the United States and Brazil drive capacity growth to nearly 3 million tons in the Americas alone, says Lux Research

Netherlands: Achmea will use waste as a resource and energie source

Company's vision is that by 2016 at least 80% of total waste as raw material is recycled and the remaining waste used entirely to generate energy

This European oil hub is investing billions in renewable Resources

Rotterdam ist going to create the world's first bioport

28 Januar 2015

TENCEL® – first medically tested fiber

FKT label is a reliable quality label for textiles that don’t release any irritating chemicals

TENCEL® – medizinisch getestet

FKT Prüfsiegel kennzeichnet Textilien, aus denen sich keine schädlichen Chemikalien freisetzen

Edeniq secures US$16 million in funding for cellulosic sugar production

Company's technologies efficiently break down biomass to liberate cellulosic sugars that can be converted into ethanol, chemicals, and other products

Kansai University, Teijin develops world’s first piezoelectric fabrics for wearable devices

Researchers created a flexible, transparent piezoelectric film by alternately laminating PLLA and optical isomer poly-D-lactic acid (PDLA)

Gesucht: Neue Ideen für den Leitmarkt Neue Werkstoffe in NRW

Ab sofort bis zum 14.04.2015 können Wettbewerbsbeiträge eingereicht werden

EPO Films: Bio-Plastics pioneered in Europe

Bio-plastics made from crops reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of non-renewable resource

FAO Director-General calls for global action to address food insecurity in conflict areas

'Paradigm shift' toward sustainable food necessary

QMILK Jahresrückblick: Textilfasern und Biokunststoffe für Alltagsgegenstände und Verpackungen

Ein Jahr voller Highlights für Wertschöpfungen aus Non-food-Milch

27 Januar 2015

Förderung transnationaler Forschungsprojekte in der Biomasseproduktion

Call for Papers: 16-Mio.-Ausschreibung richtet sich an 15 EU-Staaten

Amyris to enter the industrial cleaning products market

First products containing Amyris’s Myralene™ brand of renewable solvent to be distributed via leading auto parts supplier network in the United States

Short agro-industrial chains for bioproducts: Novamont and Coldiretti sign strategic agreement

Starting with cardoon in Sardinia

Kurze agroindustrielle Fertigungsketten für Bio Erzeugnisse: Unterzeichnung einer strategischen Vereinbarung zwischen Novamont und Coldiretti

Den Anfang macht die Distel auf Sardinien

Austria: 65 Mio Euro for Biotechnology

International research center acib to transfer innovations from nature into industry

Österreich: 65 Mio Euro für die Biotechnologie

Internationales Forschungszentrum ACIB will Innovationen aus der Natur in die Industrie übertragen

Green Biologics secures $76 million in debt and equity financing

Proceeds position company to deliver 1st commercial plant in U.S.

CPI work to transform food waste into Graphene and renewable hydrogen

Collaborative project titled ‘PlasCarb’ to reinforce Europe’s leading position in environmental technologies and innovation in high value Carbon

26 Januar 2015

Deutsches Exportgut Ökostromspeicher – ETOGAS errichtet erste Power-to-Gas-Anlage der Schweiz

Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil nimmt Demonstrationsanlage in Betrieb

UK: £3 million grant for cutting edge biotechnology

Scientists at The University of Manchester have been awarded nearly £3 million to develop new sustainable ways of manufacturing the chemicals used in thousands of our everyday products

Biofuel maker Gevo cuts staff to save cash

Workers at Luverne production plant were not affected

Biokunststoff im Höhenflug

Der Online-Marktplatz Öko- und Upcycling-Markt bietet eine große Auswahl an alternativen Biokunststoff-Produkten an

Confidence in biofuel and wood firing misplaced

Burning of wood in power stations and bio-ethanol and biodiesel in cars seems hardly contribute to saving CO2 emissions

Utrecht research: Increased biofuel production without indirect effects possible

Dutch University experts to propose a number of measures to prevent indirect effects

VIMS makes ocean-safe biodegradable ‘plastic’ from bacteria

PHA's can be fashioned into microbeads, as powder or melted and extruded, will biodegrade into marine environment

Staatssekretär Bleser: “Nachhaltige Bioökonomie ist eine Chance, von der Landwirte und Menschen in den ländlichen Räumen weltweit profitieren können”

"Wachsende Nachfrage nach Nahrung, Rohstoffen und Energie: Chancen für die Landwirtschaft, Herausforderungen für die Ernährungssicherung?"

23 Januar 2015

Anbau von Gentechnik-Pflanzen wird Ländersache

Barbara Hendricks (SPD) für lückenloses Verbot grüner Gentechnik in Deutschland

Vertellus to showcase high-end family of copolymers, advanced bio-based plasticizer technologies at NPE 2015

New technologies for next-generation sustainable solutions across the automotive, medical and wire and cable industries

REFERTIL survey questionnaire about biochar and compost

Support policy makers for the revision of relevant policies, setting up future bio-waste targets, quality standards and trading requirements

Bio – logisch oder was?

Rotho Babydesign bringt weltweit erste Biobadserie für Babys und Kleinkinder auf den Markt

ICA, API and SACMI, the Italian trident develops a 100% biodegradable & compostable capsule for hot beverages

API’s Apinat Bio can be processed for a broad range of applications, from shoes to packaging

New conversion process turns biomass ‘waste’ into lucrative chemical products

Researchers found a chemical catalyst and heat to convert lignin into valuable chemical commodities

Scientists degrade nappies using mushrooms

Mexican researchers found a way to compost diapers and to get coincidental a rich protein feed

Exhibitors in the ‘NPE2015 Startup Garage’ will offer innovations on the cutting edge of polymer technology

Selected thus far are twelve startups with promising developments in graphenes, bioplastics, recycling, 3D printing, and other technologies of timely importance

22 Januar 2015

Forscher wollen Carbonfasern aus Lignin zur Marktreife weiter entwickeln

Fasern aus Lignin könnten deutlich günstiger als solche aus fossilen Rohstoffen sein

greenshield organic™ introduces sugar cane-sourced bottles

Company has replaced petroleum-based PE bottles with Green PE, blended with PCR