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Das nova-Institut sucht Verstärkung: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) mit Hintergrund in Recycling und Kreislaufwirtschaft

Standort Hürth, Festanstellung in Vollzeit (40 Stunden/Woche)

Das nova-Institut sucht Verstärkung: Abteilungsleiter für die Abteilung „Nachhaltigkeit“ (m/w/d)

Standort Hürth, Festanstellung in Vollzeit (40 Stunden/Woche)

16 Juli 2019

The Company Tackling Two Women’s Health Taboos: Menopause And Menstruation

The eco-friendly tampon business is a crowded market. With brands such as Lola, DAME and Rael, it's a tough industry to break into

3. BEPASO Stakeholder Workshop

3. September 2019, von 10:00 bis 16:00, Maternushaus, Köln

Bacterium turns waste into food

Scientists discover the first known sulfur-oxidizing symbiont to be entirely heterotrophic

Bakterium verwandelt Abfall in Nahrung

Forscher entdecken den ersten bekannten Schwefel-oxidierenden, rein heterotroph lebenden Symbionten

15 Juli 2019

IMCD and Lactips enter into distribution agreement

Collaborating companies are going to start with two pilot countries with a potential extension the rest of Europe

Graphen aus Kohlendioxid

Direkte Synthese des Technologiematerials Graphen aus dem Treibhausgas Kohlendioxid – Publikation in ChemSusChem

Producing Graphene from Carbon Dioxide

Direct Synthesis of Technological Material Graphene from Greenhouse Gas Carbon Dioxide – Publication in ChemSusChem

Nicht nur Bohnenläuse plagen – Zuckerrübenbauern sind sauer auf die EU

Weltweit größter Produzent Südzucker aus Mannheim befürchtet Nachteile durch geplante neue EU- und Mercosur-Freihandelszone

Dutch soil as a game changer – Key role for biomass in climate plans

Cyclical management brings more variety and quality to the landscape, and the extraction of biomass as a residual stream makes the work affordable

European Bioeconomy Scene 2019

A Bioeconomy Conference is being organised to contribute to achieving an inclusive and sustainable bioeconomy for Europe

GGC gears up for pioneer bioeconomy complex

SET-listed Global Green Chemicals Plc (GGC) plans a groundbreaking for the country's first bioeconomy complex in October

12 Juli 2019

Beyond Food: Animals and the Bioeconomy

The bioeconomy may be dominated by plant-based processes, but animals also have key roles to play

Bioabfallforum Stuttgart 2019: Kompostierbare Bioabfallbeutel im Fokus

Verbund fordert strenge Zertifizierung für alle Materialien

Turning food waste into bioplastics

An ingenious new solution being engineered at the University of Canterbury aims to turn food waste into valuable chemical components that could be used to make bioplastics

Wofür man Quallen nutzen kann: Lecker Tentakelsalat

Quallenschleim als Filter von Mikroplastik? Wissenschaftler sehen Chancen, Quallen auch als Dünger, Nahrungsmittel oder in der Kosmetik einzusetzen

Wired Bacteria Form Nature’s Power Grid: ‘We Have an Electric Planet’

Electroactive bacteria were running current through “wires” long before humans learned the trick

Surfing on bio-based boards

Surfboards are not as eco-friendly as you might think. Could bio-based materials and new technological developments help?

Novozymes opens new office in Kenya

The investment will expand the presence in East Africa and allow the company to meet customer and consumer needs

Global rapeseed production covers demand despite drought

Chart of the week (27/2019)

Globale Rapsproduktion deckt trotz Trockenheit den Bedarf

Grafik der Woche (KW 27/2019)

11 Juli 2019

Strategic alliance between Clariant and Elevance sets the path to extraordinary natural ingredients

First deliverables from are high-performing plant-based substitutes to volatile silicones

University of Minnesota researchers get grant to develop better corn-based plastic

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association hopes to create new markets, along with greener plastic alternatives

Nachhaltige Zukunft aktiv gestalten

Bioökonomierat verabschiedet sich mit Handlungsappell an die Politik

BBI JU featured in Euronews Business Planet

Two videos highlight the benefits of participation in BBI JU projects for SMEs

Bioökonomie-Strategie: Empfehlungen der Industrie richtungsweisend für Aktionsplan

WKÖ initiiert Dialogplattform - Einsatz biogener Rohstoffe und Verbesserung von Kreislaufwirtschaftskonzepten im Fokus

Biological Batteries

Student project seeks to use electricity produced by bacteria

Biologische Batterien

Studierenden-Projekt will Strom von Bakterien nutzen

Assam Bio Refinery selects partner to develop bamboo supply chain with farmers

Assam Bio Refinery has selected the National Small Industries Corporation to facilitate the supply of bamboo from farmers to different chipping centers

10 Juli 2019

International conference in Germany: CO2 utilization – a research magnet

Carbon dioxide as a new raw material and substitute for crude oil / Scientists from all over the world see great potential / Five-day meeting co-organized by Covestro

Internationale Konferenz in Aachen: Forschungsmagnet CO2-Nutzung

Kohlendioxid als neuer Rohstoff und Ersatz für Erdöl / Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt sehen viel Potenzial / Fünftägiges Treffen von Covestro mitorganisiert

Why Is Maintenance Planning And Scheduling Essential For Success In Bioplastics?

Learn more about why this function is critical for all bioplastic organisations, as well as strategies for successful implementation

Waldexpertin über neue Klimastudie: „Aufforstung allein bringt’s nicht“

Aktuelle Berechnungen zeigen, dass neue Wälder CO2-Emissionen massiv ausgleichen könnten. Doch so einfach ist das nicht, erklärt Jana Ballenthien

Novamont’s Mater-Bi confirmed to be marine biodegradable

University of Siena experts together with NEN researchers evaluated the ecotoxicity of Mater-Bi to marine organisms

Anellotech’s New Biomass Pre-Treatment Technology to Remove Minerals Successfully Demonstrated at 20 Metric Tons/Day Scale

MinFree™ is expected to provide effective results with woody biomass like eucalyptus and hard woods, and agricultural residues

Aus für Plastik-Obstsackerl bei SPAR in Wien

Umstellung auf biobasierte, kompostierbare Kreislaufsackerln

Zauberformel E-Fuels: Wie alle Autos klimaneutral werden könnten

Start-up-Gründer glaubt fest an den Erfolg von E-Fuels

Changing bioenergy from carbon neutral to carbon negative with carbon capture and storage

A new research project carried out by Ramboll, GEUS, DTU and SINTEF studies the feasibility of using CO2 capture at Danish biomass-fired combined heat and power plants

9 Juli 2019

How trees could save the climate

Around 0.9 billion hectares of land worldwide would be suitable for reforestation, which could ultimately capture two thirds of human-made carbon emissions. The Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich has published a study that shows this as the most effective method to combat climate change

Wie Bäume das Klima retten könnten

300 Milliarden Tonnen Kohlenstoff hat der Mensch seit Beginn der Industrialisierung in die Luft geblasen. Zu viel, um die globale Temperatur stabil zu halten. Doch die Natur bietet eine Möglichkeit, die Klimakrise aufzuhalten

Kemira to participate in the development of 100% bio-based chemicals for paper and cardboard production as part of an EU funded project

In addition, the project aims to develop new means to improve production efficiency at pulp mills with higher utilization of wood biomass

Perstorp: Neuer phthalatfreier Weichmacher auf der Basis von erneuerbarem Polyolester

Pevalen Pro wird zunächst mit bis zu 40% nachwachsenden Rohstoffen erhältlich sein

Inventys Partners with Total and Lafarge to Bring Carbon Capture Program to British Columbia

Project CO₂MENT secures funding from Total, Lafarge, CCP (CO₂ Capture Project), Province of B.C., and Government of Canada

VEOCEL launches new certification criteria

Lenzing Group unveiled the new co-branding certification criteria for its specialty nonwoven ingredient brand

The energy system of the future and Power-to-X

Among other things, the study sheds light on contributions that could be made to Switzerland's energy strategy by different technologies

Das Energiesystem der Zukunft und Power-to-X

Die Studie beleuchtet unter anderem welchen Beitrag verschiedene Technologien zur Energiestrategie der Schweiz leisten können

Germany calls for coordinated measures in deforestation-free palm oil production

The German government noted that it did not fundamentally oppose the use or import of palm oil

8 Juli 2019

TOP Total Starts Up the La Mède Biorefinery

French energy giant's final step in the €275m project, aiming the conversion of a former oil refinery into a new energies complex

Neue Bioökonomie-Allianzen gefragt

Neue BMBF-Ausschreibung will vor allem Kooperationen mit Partnern aus Argentinien, Brasilien, China, Chile, Indien, Kanada, Malaysia, Russland und Vietnam fördern

CH-Bioforce revolutionizes biomaterials production

Finnish start-up successfully provides a completely new way of replacing fossil- and food-based raw materials

FNR erweitert Referenzgebäudedatenbank

Ab sofort können Baufachleute wie Privatpersonen ihre mit nachwachsenden Rohstoffen errichteten, umgebauten oder sanierten Objekte selbst der Öffentlichkeit vorstellen