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20 April 2018

Global Bioenergies and SkyNRG announce their collaboration on ASTM-certification of a bio-isobutene feedstock and conversion process for the production of sustainable aviation fuel

Companies collaboration to accelerate the commercialization of Global Bioenergies’ approach to process isobutene into a jet fuel blending component

Thermoforming compostable CPLA food trays at NPE 2018

OMG and Italy’s Advanced Extrusion Inc., headquartered in Minnesota, USA, have teamed up to exhibiting OMG's fully automatic servo driven thermoformer

Doing Dutch biobased business in Midwest USA

Availability of biomass, knowledge on agriculture and biotechnology combined with relatively low costs of doing business could provide openings for Dutch industry

Hannover Messe 2018: „Schaufenster Bioökonomie“

Gemeinschaftsstand von BioPro, FNR und PTJ mit Einblick in nachhaltige, biobasierte Forschungsthemen

Results Point to Biosuccinium® S as Active Ingredient for Cosmetics Formulations

New experimental study confirms anti-microbial activity, positioning succinic acid as a possible replacement for salicylic acid in anti-acne products

Bio-Based Strategies for Producing Glycosaminoglycans and Their Oligosaccharides

This review summarizes recently developed bio-based strategies for producing GAGs

Advocating for Commercialization of Biobased Products: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to BRAG

Lauren Graham gave this illuminating overview of BRAG and advocacy for biobased products at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

19 April 2018

nova experts introduced: Andreas Scharf

Life Cycle Assessments, Sustainability Chemistry

BioLogiQ Launches Three New BioPolymers That Enhance Packaging and Product Sustainability

Specific Grades Targeted at Reduction, Recycling, Composting/Biodegradation

Funding boost announced for the region’s bioeconomy

THYME project to build a new regional collaboration between the Universities of York, Hull and Teesside

Charta für Holz 2.0 unterstützen, Charta-Logo nutzen

Für Unterstützer und Akteure der Charta für Holz 2.0 stellt das Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft (BMEL) ab sofort das Charta-Logo zur Verfügung

Circular bioeconomy: an uneasy marriage of concepts, so far

The unified term circular bioeconomy still needs much clarification. Or do we rather need a precision economy, in the end?

BMC with natural fibre enables sustainable lightweight construction

Natural fibres as replacement for glass fibres leads to a lower energy consumption during production

Berlin will be the world capital of bioeconomy from 19 to 20 April

High-ranking representatives from politics, science, civil society and the business sector will meet from 19 to 20 April to discuss the latest bioeconomy developments

Study Shows 95% of Wooden Pallets are Recycled

Indicating Significant Gains in Landfill Avoidanc

18 April 2018

Home, urban and vertical farming will play a central role in the future food supply of metropolitan areas

New technologies are entering the market and will soon change our habits for good

Urbane und vertikale Landwirtschaft sowie Anbau im eigenen Heim spielen eine zentrale Rolle bei der zukünftigen Lebensmittelversorgung von Metropolen

Neue Technologien kommen auf den Markt, die unsere Gewohnheiten umfassend verändern werden

Unilever to pioneer breakthrough food packaging technology together with Ioniqa & Indorama Ventures

Ioniqa’s innovative technology can turn PET waste into a truly circular material which holds value after disposal by consumers

Unilever, Indorama und Ioniqa kooperieren bei PET-Recycling

Ioniqas neues Verfahren soll künftig ermöglichen, alles PET wieder zu hochwertigen, für Lebensmittel geeignete Verpackungen zu verarbeiten

Biotechnologies: EnobraQ is gaining momentum!

Company opens up capital, confirms 2nd round of fundraising

Glues, vanilla and aerospace. Lignin becomes a reality

Unlocking the potential of lignin, to replace fossil-based materials, has been a focus for Stora Enso for a number of years

Can we turn pollution into products?

Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies can turn CO2 into a resource, says Dr. Issam Dairanieh, CEO, Global CO2 Initiative

Engineering a unique plastic-degrading enzyme

Solution to plastic pollution on the horizon: Newly evolved enzyme could be the key to tackling the worldwide problem of plastic waste

Jet fuels from crops: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to the SPARC regional biojet consortium

SPARC’s Sheeja George gave this illuminating overview of the consortium’s promise and progress at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

EU-funded project looks to produce biodiesel and biomaterials from olive mill wastewater

In Turkey, a EU-funded project is helping researchers from Turkey, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Germany and Latvia to further develop technology to produce biofuels from olive oil processing wastewater

17 April 2018

The Netherlands looking to ban oxo-degradable plastics

Country supports a full ban, rather than the restricted use proposed by the European Commission

Bioplastics industry risks disappointing consumers

Organic - or 'bio' in German does not mean that the packaging material is bioplastic

Engineering eines kunststofffressenden Enzyms

Entdeckung könnte zu einer Recycling-Lösung für Millionen Tonnen von Plastikflaschen führen

Novel NUS technique strengthens building structures using wood waste

By mixing biochar from saw dust with cement, concrete constructions can be made 20 per cent stronger and 50 per cent more watertight

Simplifying hospital waste with bio-based disposables

Disposable hospital cellulose products containing lots of benefits waiting to be used

First car driving with Global Bioenergies’ renewable gasoline

First Audi car to drive at the Montlhéry circuit using over 34% renewable gasoline  

Erstes Auto fährt mit dem erneuerbaren Benzin von Global Bioenergies

Erstes Audi-Fahrzeug, das auf der Montlhéry-Rennstrecke mit über 34 % erneuerbarem Benzin fährt

VIDEO: Audi test drives renewable gasoline derived from bio-isobutene

Audi and Global Bioenergies recently announced a milestone test for a renewable gasoline blend called “e-benzin”

16 April 2018

The Cannabis Opp: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to novel high-value feedstocks for advanced medical applications

Overview of opportunities to develop, cultivate and deploy high-value oils from algae and other green plants

Solar Foods Oy gets two-million euros in startup funding for producing food out of air

Method is based on the research projects of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Lappeenranta University of Technology

Biobasierte bioinspirierte Formänderungsstrukturen mittels generativer Fertigung

Das Institut für Kunststofftechnik (IKT) der Universität Stuttgart forscht an der Entwicklung biobasierter Formänderungsstrukturen

Commission official: ‘We want to improve CAP’s agro-environment architecture’

Farming and cohesion might suffer cuts

XPrize’s Marcius Extavour on how we can turn our CO2 problem into something useful

The US$20 million contest asks competitors to develop technologies that can capture CO2 emissions from operational power plants and convert them into valuable products

RED II Council pressure for double counting renewables must be rejected

Transport is Europe’s biggest climate enemy and the only sector still accelerating its fossil emissions output quicker than climate change programmes can catch up

13 April 2018

Renewables law could lock EU into costly burning technologies

REDII could lock EU member states into expensive and polluting waste-to-energy technologies that contradict the circular economy and climate objectives

Illinois researchers receive $1 million to study bioenergy crops

Biomass cultivars ready to plug into the biofuel supply chain in the United States

BIOPEN: An Open-innovation Platform to strengthen cooperation and joint development of bioindustries and downstream sectors

A knowledge centre, to share information and to collect the insights of the community

Optimierte Eigenschaften: neuer Markt für Biokunststoffe

Polymilchsäure als umweltgerechte und marktfähige Alternative zu Erdöl

Next steps for succinic: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to BioAmber

CEO Rick Eno gave this illuminating overview of the company’s progress and promise at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

12 April 2018

EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post-quotas

At the current price level, there is hardly a sugar company in Europe which can still produce at a break-even

Building Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Paper Biomass

Researchers at Rensselaer have developed a patented method to use cheap and abundant paper biomass to make lithium-sulfur batteries

Anellotech creates sustainable plastic packaging from plants

Suntory has big plans using the economical sourcing of Anellotech’s made-from-nonfood biomass bioplastic process

Senator Mitch McConnell pushing hard for hemp deregulation

Removing the crop from the controlled substances list and introducing it as an agricultural commodity

BioSolutions to target US for biocomposites growth

11 April 2018

The University of York is to lead on a £5million project to develop the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber region and the Tees Valley

Funding boost announced for the region’s bioeconomy