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27 Juni 2019

New carbon capture technology could help industry and agricultural sector decarbonise

Drax Group partnering with Deep Branch Biotechnology to explore the feasibility of using carbon dioxide emissions to make proteins for sustainable animal feed products

When upcycling, reach for the moon

BIOrescue was launched as most innovative treatment technology for mushroom waste, while the project was being overtaken by more active developers from the start

Schleswig-Holsteins Westküste: Wind trifft Wasserstoff

Im Projekt „Westküste 100“ wollen Wissenschaftler und Gewerbebetriebe aus Windstrom grünen Wasserstoff herstellen und vermarkten

Vivobarefoot Launches Plant-Based Primus Lite ll Bio Shoe on the Heels of Sustainability Research

New vegan shoe is designed with over 30 percent renewable plant-based materials, including Bio TPU made from yellow dent field corn, natural rubber and algae

Levi’s found a way to make hemp feel like cotton, and it could have big implications for your wardrobe

Company found a way to make hemp fibers soft and able to blend with cotton, but in a way that needs significantly less water than usual

Iowa State researchers studying slow-release fertilizer to feed crops, improve water quality

Iowa State University researchers weren’t looking for a slow-release fertilizer that could feed crops while protecting water quality, but they may have found one

26 Juni 2019

Deakin scientists turn plant waste into biodegradable plastic

Cotton waste finds new life as eco-friendly plastic

Innovationsförderung für biobasierte Schmierstoffe und Hydraulik-Öle

Startschuss für 8 Forschungsverbünde/ BMEL investiert 6 Mio. € in Bioschmierstoff-Forschung

Lamipak Introduces its first sustainable packaging solution: LamiNatural

New product offers the lowest carbon footprint in Lamipak’s product range

BASF and Lutianhua plan to pilot a new production process that significantly reduces CO2 emissions

Pilotplant to produce Dimethylether in a new, energy-efficient one-step process from syngas

BASF und Lutianhua planen die Pilotierung eines neuen Produktionsverfahrens mit deutlich verringerten CO2-Emissionen

Pilotanlage soll Dimethylether in  einem neuen, energieeffizienten Einstufenverfahren produzieren

Beverage giant Suntory aims to make all plastic bottles bio-based by 2030

Suntory sells water, tea and other drinks in plastic bottles in about 50 countries, using an estimated 10 billion bottles a year

Boeing to Expand Investment in Brazil’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Industry

This latest investment builds on Boeing’s long-standing commitment to supporting and developing Brazil’s aviation and aerospace ecosystem

25 Juni 2019

TOP Neste and LyondellBasell announce commercial-scale production of bio-based plastic from renewable materials

This collaboration marks the first time bio-based polypropylene and bio-based low-density polyethylene were produced simultaneously at commercial scale

TOP Neste und LyondellBasell geben kommerzielle Produktion biobasierter Kunststoffe aus erneuerbaren Materialien bekannt

Zusammenarbeit ermöglicht erstmals die simultane Herstellung von biobasiertem PP und biobasiertem PE mit geringer Dichte in kommerziellem Maßstab

Digitaler Holzhandel: ein dickes Brett

Offene Rohholz-Handelsportal "Forstify" soll eine für alle Marktteilnehmer offene Handelsplattform werden

ETH zündet Energierevolution – Aus Sonnenlicht und Luft entsteht Benzin

Gemeinsam mit dem ETH-Spin-Off Synhelion will Eni bis 2025 die erste kommerzielle Anlage in Betrieb nehmen

The last straw for single use plastics at DXB

Dubai Airports to ban single-use plastics in 2020

Japan pledges to promote plant-based bioplastics to tackle marine waste

Government aiming to get the country to recycle 100% of newly produced plastics by 2035

Virgin Australia Brisbane biofuel trial hits 1 million km milestone

The joint effort was announced in October 2017 and Virgin Australia took its first delivery in August 2018 – It has since used the fuel on more than 700 flights

24 Juni 2019

Webinar on cascading conversion of ligno-cellulosic recalcitrant residues: screening for efficient biocatalysts

Broadcast date: July 4, 2019 - Time: 2:00 pm, CET

50 million hectares destroyed as companies disregard zero deforestation pledge

During the 10 years of corporate commitments to end deforestation - an area the size of Spain - is set to be destroyed for commodities

Greenpeace-Report beleuchtet Abholzung für Alltagsprodukte

Die Umweltschutzorganisation fordert Gesetze statt Selbstverpflichtung

Mitsui Chemicals Group Introduces Bio-Polypropylene Project at G20 Ministerial Meeting in Karuizawa

New production technology being attempted for commercialization sees various biomass to obtain propylene in a first-of-its-kind IPA method

How to communicate the bioeconomy: 10 insights from the BioCannDo project

New brochure discussing experiences and advices with descriptive and practical examples

BioCannDo präsentiert 10 Empfehlungen für die Verbraucherkommunikation

Neue Broschüre diskutiert Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen mit anschaulichen und praktischen Beispielen

Global brands open up about the challenges and opportunities of sustainable products

Christophe Schilling from Genomatica reports about a private roundtable discussion with brands at the recent World Bio Markets conference

TOP ANA Signs Offtake Agreement for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Deal will help ANA reach its sustainable development goals by significantly decreasing the ecological impact of each flight

Neste’s Zero Island project cuts emissions on Lidö by 78%

As a result of the project, the island’s emissions were brought down by an impressive 78 percent from their previous levels

21 Juni 2019

Solar fuel breakthrough: SUN-to-LIQUID produces solar kerosene from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide

Will solar energy-driven processes meet the future fuel demand at a global scale?

Bahnbrechender Fortschritt in solarer Kraftstofftechnologie: Solaranlage SUN-to-LIQUID produziert erstmals solares Kerosin aus Sonnenlicht, Wasser und CO2

Wird die zukünftige globale Kerosinnachfrage durch regenerative solare Kraftstoffe gedeckt werden?

Global Bio Based Construction Polymers Market Research Report 2019

The latest global Bio Based Construction Polymers Market Research Report 2019, published in February 2019 sees healthy growth for the sector

Cork integrated within programme for reusable space vehicles

RETALT - Retro Propulsion Assisted Landing Technologies - a project that includes Amorim Cork Composites

Spielzeugriese forscht bislang vergeblich: Lego verzweifelt an der Suche nach grünem Plastikersatz

Kaum ein natürlicher Rohstoff kann bislang den Baustoff der Lego-Elemente sowie der Verpackungsmaterialien gleichwertig ersetzen

Fact-or-Myth: Bio-based, organic, biodegradable

What are these terms all about?

Lenzing uses blockchain technology to help customers track its bio-based fibres from wood to clothes

Together with Hongkong based TextileGenesis, company aim to create an unmatched level of transparency for brands and consumers

Classifying Microbe-Based Products

ASTM International’s industrial biotechnology committee is developing a proposed standard to help classify microorganisms

Stora Enso will convert the Oulu paper mill into a packaging board mill

Production on the converted machine is estimated to start by the end of 2020

19 Juni 2019

Canada to ban harmful single-use plastics and hold companies responsible for plastic waste

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that the Government is taking additional steps to reduce country’s plastic waste, and promote affordable and safe alternatives

Soziale Ungleichheiten der Bioökonomie

Am Beispiel des Bioenergiesektors untersuchen Jenaer Forscher, inwiefern der bioökonomische Wandel die bestehenden globalen sozialen Ungleichheiten verändert

Food freshness sensors could replace ‘use-by’ dates to cut food waste

Paper-based biodegradable sensors could replace ‘use-by’ dates to cut food waste

Mega-Insektenfarm in den Niederlanden: Fabrik für krabbelndes Tierfutter

Mit viel Tamtam eröffnet die größte Insektenfarm Europas in Bergen op Zoom. Sind Fliegenlarven besseres Viehfutter als Importsoja?

Deinove & Dow sign a collaboration agreement for the development of a new cosmetic active ingredient

Collaboration is focusing the joint development of a cosmetic ingredient derived from Deinove's collection of bacterial extracts

5 Minutes with… Elisabeth Stanger of Lenzing

Derived from pulp from beech wood, LENZING Acetic Acid Biobased is free from solids, high in purity and has a huge range of applications

DSM broadens product offering for the biofuels industry

eBOOST GT enables the robustness and yield benefits of eBOOST in starch fermentations with up to 60% reduction of externally added Glucoamalyse

Carbon-neutral fuel made from sunlight and air

For the first time worldwide they demonstrate the entire thermochemical process chain under real field conditions

CO2-neutraler Treibstoff aus Luft und Sonnenlicht

Zum ersten Mal weltweit demonstrieren sie die gesamte thermochemische Prozesskette unter realen Bedingungen

18 Juni 2019

Going Green: Airlines Roll Out Eco-Friendly Initiatives on World Environment Day

Focusing on aviation’s growing contribution to rising CO2 levels, airlines are finding new ways to reduce their footprint

Erster Schüler-Wettbewerb: Mit Algen die Zukunft gestalten

Zugelassen sind alle Projekte rund um Algen - z.B. Algen-Diversität im Schulteich, Analyse von Algeninhaltsstoffen, oder wie man Algen kultivieren kann

FAO Report Shares Lessons on Sustainable Bioeconomy Interventions

The 26 case studies in the report reflect on the extent to which the bioeconomy interventions support the SDG