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3 April 2020

Italian plastics companies support fight against COVID-19

RadiciGroup and Atalanta said they will contribute by purchasing all the necessary oxygen supply equipment for 200 hospital beds

Spinnova x Touchpoint – Tapio is the world’s most ecological piece of workwear

First demo product, the 'Tapio apron' has been introduced in the Gastro Helsinki event

Redox-Flow-Batterie: So lässt sich Strom speichern wie Benzin oder Heizöl

Mithilfe eines pflanzlichen Stoffs haben Schaeffler und CMBlu einen neuartigen Stromspeicher entwickelt – mit einer altbewährten Technik

Global Survey Reveals Two Thirds of Adults Not Recycling All Plastic Waste

Hi-Cone’s first annual report on The State of Plastic Recycling reveals consumer attitudes towards recycling and the circular economy

Metsä Group’s investment projects in Finland progress

The world’s most modern sawmill will be built in Rauma

2 April 2020

TOP Novel bio-based alternatives from renewable resources – Six candidates are nominated for the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”

Due to the positive experience with its first online conference in March, nova-Institute will also host the established “International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, 12–13 May, 2020 ONLINE. The winners of the innovation award will be elected online by the conference participants.

Decarbonize and store renewable power in the gas grid: Demonstrated by Electrochaea’s power-to-methane project

Power-to-methane project successfully completed by Electrochaea and Regio Energie Solothurn, demonstrated storing power from the electrical grid in renewable methane

Stromspeicherung und Dekarbonisierung: Electrochaeas Power-to-Methane-Technologie überzeugt mit hervorragenden Projektergebnissen

Erfolgreicher Abschluss der mehrjährigen Test- und Projektphase bei dem technologisch führenden Power-to-Methane-Spezialisten Electrochaea und Regio Energie Solothurn

Papier statt Kunststoff für Verpackungen

Bereits 2016 präsentierten Bosch Packaging Technology, jetzt Syntegon Technology, und BillerudKorsnäs staubdicht versiegelte Papierverpackungen

Czech firm’s push to register synthetically made CBD advances

Previous application for non-synthesized hemp-derived Cannabidiol isolate as a Novel Food ingredient has not been declared valid as of today

Neste perceived as the most sustainable brand in the industry by Finnish consumers

"This encourages us even more to carry out our ambitious plans to reach carbon neutral production by 2035"

1 April 2020

Expert Consortium unites for green Power-to-Fuel project to convert carbon emissions into cost-effective carbon neutral fuel

Consortium is now designing the technology integration for the first facility in Sweden, and expect to be supplying eMethanol from 2023

Mikroalgen als genügsame Rohstofflieferanten

Forscher der Universität Bielefeld versuchen Mikroalgen so zu trimmen, dass sie Bioprodukte von hoher Relevanz herstellen können

Printing complex cellulose-based objects

A group of researchers at ETH Zurich and Empa have developed a method for using cellulose for 3D printing, so as to create objects of almost unlimited complexity

Komplexe Zelluloseobjekte drucken

Forschergruppe der ETH Zürich und der Empa haben eine Methode entwickelt, um aus Zellulose mittels 3D-​Drucker fast beliebig komplexe Gegenstände zu schaffen

Climate Disrupted: Lignin, Cellulose, and Starch Bioplastics, TSPs

There exist a big variety of biodegradable bioplastics that could be used to replace petro-based materials in 3D-printing

Hurdles of hemp plastic

Hemp-based bioplastics present disposal challenges

Producing Products from Renewable Biomass Using Yeast

Researchers are finding out techniques to generate valuable products from renewable biomass by employing organisms like yeast

31 März 2020

The Bioplastics Industry 2020-2024

Focus on Biodegradable Plastics, Featuring Detailed Profiles of Corbion, BASF, Mitsubishi Chemical, Biome Technologies, Solvay & Arkema

Wisefood: Start-up überzeugt Delivery Hero von essbaren Strohhalmen

Durchhaltevermögen hat sich inzwischen finanziell ausgewirkt: Nach eigenen Angaben hat Wisefood im vergangenen Jahr 50 Millionen plastikfreie Trinkhalme verkauft

Avantium announces 2019 results

Company advances its lead technologies towards commercialisation

Erfolg für UniCaps: Düsseldorfer Richter halten Werbung mit Heimkompostzertifikat für irreführend

Konkurrenz-Anbieter darf bis auf Weiteres keine Kaffeekapseln mehr mit dem "OK compost HOME-Zertifikat" des TÜV AUSTRIA anbieten oder bewerben

Agriculture, bioeconomy and rural development Overview 2020

Investing in agricultural supply chains and rural areas is crucial to addressing the growing demand for healthier food and tackling challenges such as soil degradation, food waste, pollution and climate change

In race for a sustainable alternative to plastic, Indonesia bets on seaweed

A big range of bioplastic alternatives being tried out in Indonesia, the world’s No. 2 producer of seaweed

A genetic nano-toolkit for the generation of new biomaterials

Magnetic bacteria might soon be used for the production of novel biomaterials

Ein genetischer Nano-Baukasten für neue Biomaterialien

Magnetbakterien können zur Herstellung neuartiger Biomaterialien genutzt werden

30 März 2020

TOP New strategy paper on Renewable Carbon: Looking for Supporters

Before we launch the campaign on renewable carbon worldwide in May, we are looking for 100 representatives of the chemical and plastics industry to support the campaign with their names. Are you in?

Greenpeace: Utenos trikotažas becomes the first producer in the world to fully comply with organization’s environmental standards

Company has already finished production of the first batch of Greenpeace’s new t-shirt collection and will continue the production later this year

Greenpeace: Utenos trikotažas erfüllt als erster Hersteller weltweit voll und ganz die Umweltstandards der Organisation

Unternehmen hat die erste Bestellung von Greenpeaces neuer T-Shirt Kollektion bereits produziert, weitere Bestellungen sind geplant

Huhtamaki’s ambition is to be the first choice in sustainable food packaging

Company will focus on growth, competitiveness, talent and sustainability

Klimafreundliches Bauen mit Holz unterstützen, Transport und Logistik von Rundholz optimieren

Charta-Arbeitsgruppen legen Empfehlungen vor

The world’s first aerogels made from scrap rubber tyres

Aerogels are useful as insulation and absorbers, or as noise- and thermal comfort in vehicles

Forscher machen aus Altreifen Universalschaum

Aerogel dient als Dämmstoff, Feuchtigkeitsschutz und auch zur effektiven Schallabsorption

Governor Janet Mills Signs Renewable Products Tax Credit into Law

New legislation will help Maine compete for a market share in the growing global bioeconomy

OSU research paves way to improved cleanup of contaminated groundwater

Bio-Based Hydrogel Beads Clean Up Contaminated Groundwater

From Greenhouse Gas to a High-tech Resource

At KIT, the NECOC research project is aimed at building a unique test facility for active reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Vom Treibhausgas zum Hightech-Rohstoff

Am KIT entsteht im Forschungsprojekt NECOC eine weltweit einzigartige Versuchsanlage zur aktiven Reduktion des atmosphärischen Kohlendioxids

27 März 2020

TOP Innovative and sustainable ideas can’t be stopped by the Corona crisis! The winners of the innovation award “Best CO2 Utilisation 2020” are Air Vodka made from CO2, a biological methanation process as grid-scale energy storage solution and a direct air capture solution for CO2

At nova-Institute’s first online conferences on PtX and Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), 50 speakers presented and discussed the future of aviation fuels and carbon dioxide as feedstock! www.co2-chemistry.eu

Henkel will reduce fossil-based virgin plastic by 50 percent

Company has set further ambitious packaging targets for 2025 to promote a circular economy

Bioökonomie in Lettland

Schon heute ist die Bioökonomie der größte und wichtigste Wirtschaftssektor Lettlands - den Weg in eine noch stärkere Bioökonomie soll die 2017 verabschiedete Bioökonomiestrategie weisen

DSM honors Professor Marc Hillmyer with the 2020 Bright Science Award in materials sciences

The jury selected Professor Hillmyer because of the scientific breadth and depth of his work and its relevance to the advancement of bio-based and circular materials

Next Five Years Could be Pivotal for Bioplastics

Bioplastics industry is yet to take off and the sector is littered with bankruptcies - but the situation is beginning to change

Ein Partydrink aus Kohlendioxid

Wie versucht wird, CO2 aus der Luft zu holen und zu nutzen

Made to degrade (Eventually)

Osaka researchers developed a transparent plastic mainly from cellulose nanofibers and starch obtained from plants, that degrades in marine environments

Biomass’ Role in Europe’s Green Deal

Along with the Green Deal, the European Commission announced a very ambitious goal: Climate Neutrality by 2050

Nachwachsende Materialien für leichte Konstruktionen

Neue technische Bio-Verbundwerkstoffe für Automobil- und Elektroindustrie

26 März 2020

TOP Verbundprojekt EvaChem – Stakeholder-Workshop am 14. Mai 2020 in Köln

+++Update – Der Workshop findet ausschließlich als Online-Webinar statt++++ Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation und zum Schutz der Gesundheit aller haben wir beschlossen, ein Online-Webinar zum EvaChem Stakeholder-Workshop (14. Mai) anzubieten. Weitere Informationen finden Sie demnächst auf der Website des Projekts. Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort möglich: www.nova-institute.eu/evachem/workshop

Closing the Carbon Cycle to Stop Climate Change

Researchers at TIFR have developed a new catalyst system where metal nanoparticle active sites were replaced with defects as catalytically active sites

Den Kohlenstoffkreislauf schließen, um den Klimawandel zu stoppen

Defekte in Nanosilika können die Erde vor der globalen Erwärmung retten

AR Packaging drives sustainable innovation and targets a major shift to dry molded fibre packaging together with PulPac

Group has joined the PulPac Technology Pool and thereby gets unique access to optimised processes for putting fully fibre based and renewable single-use products on the market