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Das nova-Institut sucht Verstärkung: Abteilungsleiter für die Abteilung „Nachhaltigkeit“ (m/w/d)

Standort Hürth, Festanstellung in Vollzeit (40 Stunden/Woche)

17 Juni 2019

TOP New international conference on cellulose fibres – presenting the fastest growing fibre group in textiles, the largest investment sector in the bio-based economy and the solution for avoiding microplastics

The new conference organised by nova-Institute will cover the entire value chain of cellulose fibres

Biocomposites performing great – not only for lightweight construction!

The full range of successful new technologies and applications of biocomposites in the automotive industry and construction as well as in consumer products

The world’s best market reports on the bio-based and CO2-based economy

Summer bundle of two top sellers on polymers – you’ll save 1,000 €! Return in case of dissatisfaction!

Die weltweit besten Marktreports zur bio- und CO2-basierten Wirtschaft

Sommer-Bundle zweier Topseller zu Polymeren – Sie sparen 1000 EUR! Rückgabe bei Nichtgefallen!

Solon – revolutionary, biodegradable and commercially viable single-use plastic alternative

Straws made from PHA – a biopolymer naturally produced and optimised by RWDC Industries - enabling a global solution to today’s plastic waste management

OTH Regensburg: Power-to-Gas-Forschungsanlage geht in Betrieb

Biologische Methanisierung als effiziente Energiespeicher- und Sektorkopplungstechnologie soll für die Zukunft weiterentwickelt werden

VIDEO: Anellotech explains Bio-TCat technology

Company achieved commercially-targeted yields ints its TCat-8 pilot plant in Silsbee, Texas, during six months of continuous process operations

bvse: Kunststoffe haben nichts in der Kompostierung zu suchen

Biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffe bereiten unter den Bedingungen, die in der Regel bei Kompostwerken anzutreffen sind, große Probleme

Palm Oil: Fuelling Bioeconomy Controversy?

The EU has deemed palm oil to be too high-risk a feedstock for biofuels production, but what are the risks and benefits associated with it?

It’s Genomatica! Renowned San Diego bioeconomy hotshop to acquire REG Life Sciences

Successful companies increasingly switch to ingredients that reduce harm to the environment and work with partners with shared values

Lessons from 26 case studies to guide countries towards a sustainable bioeconomy

Rubber from dandelions to cosmetics from seaweed - Lessons from 26 case studies

Novozymes launches two new products to support renewable fuel production

Fortiva® and Innova® Force to provide ethanol producers with the technology needed to push for greater profits in changing market conditions

14 Juni 2019

Cortec launches certified biodegradable anticorrosion film

EcoCorr contains Cortec’s proprietary VpCI technology and provides excellent contact, barrier, and vapor-phase corrosion protection

Avantium Technology & Markets Day: “Entering the Commercialization Phase for PEF”

Company to build 5 ktpa FDCA, PEF flagship plant

BDE lehnt Zuweisung von Biokunststoffen in die Bioabfallbehandlung ab

Sorge gilt nicht nur den biologisch abbaubaren Verpackungen, sondern auch Produkten wie Einweggeschirr oder Kaffeekapseln

Hemp Week 2019: More Regulation May be Good Thing for Booming CBD Market

In the case of hemp producers, who recently scored a major win in the 2018 Farm Bill with the legalization of industrial hemp, regulation could be their salvation

Nachhaltige Bioökonomie für Baden-Württemberg

Neues Maßnahmenpaket soll die Wirtschaft in Baden-Württemberg nachhaltiger und damit zukunftsfähiger machen

After coal, forest-rich Finland will need to import biomass to keep warm

Using more biomass to produce heat in Finland is seen as the most economic way of meeting the country’s future energy needs

7 takeaways from FDA hearing on CBD and hemp

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration held a public hearing to determine a pathway toward regulating CBD

Chemicals from carbon dioxide – with plasma and perovskite membranes

The project “PiCK  has been researching for two years a new approach that uses excess electricity from regenerative sources and combines plasma with membrane technology

Chemikalien aus Kohlenstoffdioxid – mit Plasma und Perowskitmembranen

Im Projekt »PiCK wird seit zwei Jahren an einem neuen Ansatz geforscht, der Überschussstrom aus regenerativen Quellen nutzt und Plasma- mit Membrantechnik kombiniert

13 Juni 2019

Study identifies most promising feedstocks for pyrolysis based biorefinery

A shortlist of 10 feedstocks were studied, focusing on residues from agriculture, food/feed processing and forestry

Oceans: they pollute, they pay

For bioplastics – plastic products sourced from renewable material – proper collection schemes are still required

Urbach Turm auf der Remstal Gartenschau

Holzkonstruktion der Universität Stuttgart wird zur Landmarke

The Urbach Tower at the Remstal Garden Show

Timber construction made by the University of Stuttgart becomes a landmark

Für 70% der Konsumenten entscheidet beim Einkauf auch die Nachhaltigkeit der Verpackung

Aktuelle dvi-Umfrage aus Anlass des 5. bundesweiten Tags der Verpackung zeigt auf, dass Nachhaltigkeit für die Verbraucher von großer Wichtigkeit ist

WFO continues to tackle plastic pollution

Waste Free Oceans will start a clean-up action in the Mediterranean Sea on World Environment Day

U of A social enterprise wins $10,000 to make biodegradable menstrual pads a reality

Young entertainers aim to help reduce the landfill waste created by menstrual products

EU throws the ball to member states to monitor RED II implementation

Critics suggest that there is a hidden link between UCO and palm oil, which is decided to be phased out due to its high-ILUC risk

Wood Adhesives and Binders Market – Current Trends and Future Aspect Analysis 2017 – 2025

The robust growth of the construction industry is providing a significant boost to the growth of the global wood adhesives and binders market

12 Juni 2019

Necessary measures to achieve a level-playing field for bio-based products

Seven measures to achieve better policies and standards for bio-based industries

Genomatica Acquires REG Life Sciences’ Assets

Adds capabilities to meet increasing demand for sustainable products

Plastic water bottles may one day fly people cross-country

Jet fuel production from waste plastics via catalytic pyrolysis with activated carbons

Plastikmüll könnte Kerosin von morgen werden

US-Wissenschaftler entwickeln attraktives Verwertungsverfahren, das erheblich Kosten einspart

The future is here in the form of biodegradable cutlery

Biodegradable plates, made of wheat bran and cassava were invented by a Polish scientist to reduce plastic waste

CO2-Recycling: Treibstoff aus Kohlendioxid

Lanzatech betreibt eine Industrieanlage in den USA, die Bakterien zur Umwandlung von Klimagas in Biosprit nutzt

Eaglesford, Biogreen jointly plan unit in Hyderabad

Rs 15-crore biodegradable products making plant to create 200 jobs initially

Physically challenged script success with seed pens

Biodegradable pens filled with seeds provide a viable livelihood to Kerala’s physically challenged people

The green gold that cleans wastewater and produces biodiesel

Green microalgae are photosynthetic water organisms that use sunlight and a few other nutrients to transform CO2 into energy and biomass

Die Keimzelle der Biobatterie

Nachhaltige Batteriekomponenten auf dem Prüfstand

11 Juni 2019

DSM and Chenyang step up collaboration to drive sustainable coating solutions in China

Collaboration aims more extensively to drive sustainable coating solutions in the Chinese market

LWB-Steinl: Naturfaser-Compoundierer Naftex wird Teil der Gruppe

Unternehmen stärkt damit seine Biomaterial-Sparte und Biofibre baut seine Erzeugungskapazitäten für Naturfaserwerkstoffe aus

Gold-coated fungi are the new gold diggers

Attaching gold to their strands could offer clues for finding new gold deposits

Bis zu 60% weniger Schadstoffe: Bio-on entwickelt Biopolymer für Zigarettenfilter

Natürliches, biologisch abbaubares Flüssigpolymer kann das in Zigarettenfiltern verwendete Triacetin ersetzen

New cigarette filters block up to 60% of harmful substances thanks to Bio-on biopolymers

Natural and biodegradable polymeric liquid can replace the triacetin used in cigarette filters

Synthetic Version of CBD Treats Seizures in Rats

Synthetic analogue of cannabidiol proves to be cheaper and just as effective as its cannabis-derived cousin

BIC and fifteen industries unite to set out their joint Vision for Europe’s bioeconomy future – a circular bio-society

In this circular bio-society, informed citizens choose a sustainable way of life

Synthetische Kraftstoffe für den Klimaschutz?

Forschungsprojekt NAMOSYN untersucht Kraftstoffalternativen

7 Juni 2019

Limit and guideline values for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp foods

Analysis and evaluation of the opinion of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, BfR) from 8 November 2018 “Tetrahydrocannabinol levels are too high in many hemp-containing foods – health impairments are possible” No. 034/2018

Environmentally friendly alternative to fossil natural gas: methane from biomass

Biobased methane is not only a sustainable energy source, but also opens up new opportunities for temporary storage of renewable energies