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Das nova-Institut sucht Verstärkung: Abteilungsleiter für die Abteilung „Nachhaltigkeit“ (m/w/d)

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18 April 2019

DRI researchers successfully remove harmful hormones from Las Vegas wastewater using green algae

Researchers want to explore whether this species might be a good candidate for use in an algal pond or constructed wetland to help remove wastewater contaminants

Degradable plastics

Professor Stefan Mecking, Chair of Chemical Materials Science at the University of Konstanz, receives an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council to study degradable plastics

Ab­bau­bare Kunst­stoff­e

Konstanzer Chemiker Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecking erhält Advanced Grant des Europäischen Forschungsrates zur Entwicklung abbaubarer Kunststoffe

Creating sustainable bioplastics from electricity-eating microbes

Microbially derived bioplastics could play a role in space, where astronauts could use 3-D printer technology to manufacture their own tools

Anbau nachwachsender Rohstoffe in Deutschland: Rapsanbau für Biodiesel geht zurück

Insgesamt wuchsen Energie- und Industriepflanzen 2018 auf gut 2,4 Mio. Hektar – FNR-Jahresbericht 2017/18 erschienen

Bacterial factories could manufacture high-performance proteins for space missions

Genetically engineered bacteria could be the key to mass-produced spider silk

Chilean Startup Makes Plastic from Walnuts

New company Valnux creates bioplastic chopping boards and fruit bowls from wasted walnut shells

The Competitive Edge: AVA Biochem AG

5-HMF is a building block for many chemicals such as FDCA/FDME which will be used for PEF and other bioplasics

17 April 2019

Making Bioplastics With Organic Marine Resources Through Sustainable Fermentation Processes

Researchers can find abundant supplies of organic materials suitable for fermentation by bacteria and mixing with other ingredients to create sustainable items

Govt approves Tk 100m to produce biodegradable bags from jute

Under the project of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC), environment-friendly bags and packages will be produced

Im Bündnis mit Holz: Fasern und Beton

Forscher entwickeln neue Materialkombinationen

How to convert wheat straw waste into green chemicals

An EU initiative has produced renewable bio-isobutene for use in various applications ranging from cosmetics to fuels

Wie man Weizenstrohabfall in grüne Chemikalien umwandeln kann

Einer EU-Initiative ist es gelungen, erneuerbares Bio-Isobuten zur Verwendung in verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen von Kosmetika bis hin zu Treibstoffen herzustellen

This tech can make fabric from old clothing, agricultural waste – and even trees

Spinnova’s technology for creating fiber from cellulose is a 2019 World Changing Ideas Award Winner. It could stop the bad environmental effects of cotton production

Vietnamese Man Makes Biodegradable Straws From Wild Grass to Solve World’s Plastic Problem

Grass straws with natural smell can only be purchased in Vietnam at the moment, but perhaps the rest of the world will get to experience them in the near future

How Biotech Can Reduce Emissions Through Soil Microbes

Addressing emissions from agriculture is a challenge

16 April 2019

Berlin aims to become timber construction center – DeSH welcomes decision in the House of Representatives

As part of the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Program (BEK), wood as a construction material will henceforth be used to a much greater extent

Berlin will Holzbau-Zentrum werden: DeSH begrüßt Beschluss im Abgeordnetenhaus

Im Rahmen des Berliner Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramms (BEK) soll der Baustoff Holz fortan in deutlich stärkerem Umfang eingesetzt werden

GMO ‘overregulation’ hinders tech development, market diversity, and food security, says researcher

Agricultural economist Matin Qaim told FoodNavigator he is optimistic EU law can be adjusted to be more 'science-based’

Technology shown to turn municipal wastewater algae into specialty chemicals for biofuels, bioplastics

Startup receives support from two environmental accelerator programs

Weiterer Schritt für eine erfolgreiche Energiewende

Methanisierungsanlage in Falkenhagen geht in Betrieb und liefert synthetisches Methan

CENER is developing technology for future urban biorefineries, to move towards a circular bioeconomy

CENER is involved in 4 specific initiatives, in order to develop the most adequate management and valorization routes of different urban biowastes

Succinic acid, once a biobased chemical star, is barely being made

The fermentation-derived molecule, conceived in an era of high oil prices, became a victim of the shale revolution

Promising opportunities for circular agro-food industries

Rural areas cover more than 50% of Europe’s surface, and provide food and natural resources to millions of European citizens each day

15 April 2019

This “glass” is made of wood, and you can control how much heat it conducts

Researchers from KTH have developed a window material made of wood that regulates how much heat it lets in – and out

Weltweit erstes großindustrielles Power-to-Gas Projekt im Industriepark Brunsbüttel

Innovationspartnerschaft aus ARGE Netz, MAN Energy Solutions und Vattenfall

Ben & Jerry’s Joins Major Global Brands Phasing Out Petroleum-Based Plastics

Company replacing plastic spoons and straws in its 600+ Scoop Shops worldwide with wooden spoons and paper straws by April 2019 as a first step

Mit Enzymen synthetische Fasern bearbeiten

Enzyme herstellen, mit denen sich synthetische Fasern besser färben lassen und die beim Waschen Knötchen verhindern, – das ist einem Forschungskonsortium nun gelungen

The technology to make bioplastics from softwood is here

At World Bio Markets trade fair in Amsterdam, clean-tech company SEKAB E-Technology will present their patented technology platform Celluapp

Nouryon launches bio-based polymer for ‘weightless’ hair styling

New polymer is a result of Nouryon’s exclusive global supply agreement with Itaconix to market bio-based polymers to customers in the personal care market

Neste’s palm oil and PFAD supply chain data for year 2018 published

The dashboard supplements Neste’s sustainability reporting by providing detailed information about the company’s palm oil usage as well as its palm oil supply chain

12 April 2019

Genetically modified tequila bacterium produces cannabinoids from sugar: Farmako applies for a worldwide patent

In the future, company will be able to produce the full range of different cannabinoids for standardized medicines

Gentechnisch modifiziertes Tequila-Bakterium produziert Cannabiswirkstoffe aus Zucker: Farmako meldet weltweites Patent an

Unternehmen kann zukünftig die gesamte Palette verschiedener Cannabinoide für standardisierte Medikamente herstellen

Inauguration Function of International Conference on Bioplastics (BIOP-2019)

Indian university to launch bioplastics production unit

D&L biodegradable plastics export gets boost from int’l certification

Certification from DIN CERTCO paving the way for Philippine company to boost export and domestic sales of its biodegradable plastic products

Auszeichnung des EDR-Projekts BioÖkonomie im Bereich des 3D-Drucks

Biobasierte & hierarchisch aufgebaute Strukturen im 3D-Druck

BioSafe Systems Offers a Superior Glyphosate Alternative Herbicide with AXXE®

AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide®  is perfect for use in schools, playgrounds, hospitals, daycares, HOA’s, commercial and residential landscapes

Ocean Organics Producing High Value Product Using Seaweed

Ocean Organics proprietary extraction technologies produce high performance seaweed extracts from wild harvested rockweed

Mega-order from Finland for Dutch energy technology

100 million euros to be invested in production of sustainable oil

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of April 8th

Food and drink packaging from seaweed and animal hides, beer six-pack rings, mouse ears for humans, vehicle pigments, carbon fiber for building materials, hempcrete, and more

11 April 2019

TOP Six candidates are nominated for the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019” – you have the choice

The winners will be selected at the “12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, 15-16 May 2019, in Cologne, Germany

Rambutan Program: BASF launches bioactives from responsible beauty program

New bioactives Nephydrat™, Nephoria™ and Rambuvital™ are preservative-free, 100 percent natural origin and COSMOS-approved

Rambutan-Programm: BASF lanciert Wirkstoffe aus nachhaltiger Lieferkette

Die neuen Wirkstoffe Nephydrat™, Nephoria™ und Rambuvital™ sind frei von Konservierungsstoffen, 100 Prozent natürlichen Ursprungs und COSMOS-zugelassen

Australia to Plant 1 Billion Trees in the Next 11 Years, Bringing the Country Closer to Paris Agreement’s Goals

Country starts relying more on trees for materials like wood, fibers, and other materials

Toys are a natural fit with bioplastics

Toys made of plant-based plastics was premise of the inaugural bio!TOY conference that took place on 27 and 28 March 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany

bio!Toy: Spielwarenwelt und Kunststoffindustrie im Dialog – Erfolgreiche Premiere zeigt Perspektiven der Entwicklung

Spielzeug aus pflanzenbasierten Kunststoffen war Hauptaugenmerk der bio!TOY-Eröffnungskonferenz am 27. und 28. März in Nürnberg

Cambridge company looking to corner Canadian market on paper straws

Green Circle Dine Ware one of first Canadian companies making paper straws

Mallow sugar factory site may get a sweet new lease of life

Greencore set to meet with County Council officials to discuss future uses for the site

Pilze filtern Medikamente aus dem Abwasser

Die Arbeitsgruppe Enzymtechnik am Institut für Naturstofftechnik forscht seit zwei Jahren an dem biochemischen Verfahren zur Entfernung von Xenobiotika

10 April 2019

Covestro and Genomatica launch partnership for sustainable growth

High-performance materials from plants