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16 Februar 2018

The fight on plastics heats up in the EU

A wind of change is blowing across Europe, trying to sweep away all the plastic bags that are littering our countries. January 2018 has been a busy month in this sense

Packaging and the environment: A plan for plastics

Commission ready to push ahead with a headline goal of making all plastics produced in the EU reusable or recyclable by 2030

Cities of the future may be built with locally available volcanic ash

Study finds adding volcanic ash reduces the overall energy required to manufacture concrete

Forscher wollen Städte aus Vulkanasche bauen

Mischung aus Beton und Gesteinspulver reduziert Energiebedarf

10 Years After: Advanced Biofuels’ Status, Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Lorenz Bauer, Ph.D., Member Lee Enterprises Consulting, will be speaking at the ABLC 2018 conference in Washington DC

Much choice in biobased materials at Material Xperience

World’s largest multisectoral materials exhibition’ intends to present an integral picture of multisectoral developments

Biorefineries: Our Synthetic Biology Future

Bob Kodrzycki from Lee Enterprises Consulting – Special to The Digest    

Voyage to the Bottom of the Hydrocarbon Cost Curve: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Global Bioenergies

Ronan Rocle recently presented this illuminating overview of the company’s progress and promise

15 Februar 2018

Bioeconomy: A global trend?

More work is needed to realize bioeconomy's potential as a climate solution

MIDO 2018: Evonik introduces innovative plastics concepts that unite safety, function, and design in children’s glasses

As part of a cooperation with Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen, China) children's glasses were developed from up to 50 percent renewable raw materials

MIDO 2018: Mit innovativen Kunststoffideen vereint Evonik Sicherheit, Funktion und Design bei Kinderbrillen

In Kooperation mit Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen, China) entstanden Kinderbrillen aus bis zu 50 Prozent nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Peter Vanacker appointed President and CEO of Neste Corporation

Vanacker's broad international experience from the chemicals and polymers industry will be very welcome for Neste

Ein Vorbild für Deutschland? Schweden verbietet Mikroplastik in Kosmetika

Umweltbundesamt hat EU-weites Verbot von Mikroplastik in Kosmetikprodukten angeregt

UMD Researchers Create Super Wood Stronger Than Most Metals

By removing the wood’s lignin and heat compressing, wood’s fibers are pressed together so tightly that they can form strong hydrogen bonds

Power-to-liquids: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology

Sunfire product manager Karl Hauptmeier gave this illuminating overview of the technology’s progress and promise in this attractive deck

Going Green and Cold: Biosurfactants from Low-Temperature Environments to Biotechnology Applications

The cryosphere is becoming more easily accessible to scientific expeditions and is predicted to fuel the discovery of novel natural products

14 Februar 2018

Conferences: old wine in new bottles

Events like EFIB should not be about protecting established bio-based industries, but also discuss actual topics, the latest developments in the field, plans and expectations

BRAIN: Bereit für den Paradigmenwechsel – spekulatives Must-have!

Mittelfristig rechnet der Bioökonomie-Spezialist mit Erlösen im dreistelligen Millionenbereich

Mangalam Organics signs alliance agreement with DRT

Under the arrangement, DRT will purchase the products from Indian chemical company MOL and be responsible for sales and services

Could plant-based plastics help tackle waste pollution?

It does not seem feasible to get rid of plastics completely, but instead replace some of the petroleum-based plastic for biopolymers derived from plant-based sources

Kaum einer weiß es: Wie gefährliches Plastik in Ihren Lebensmitteln landet

Nach den USA, Kanada und Neuseeland ist Großbritannien der erste europäische Gesetzgeber, der Mikroplastik in Duschgel und Zahnpasta verbietet

UPM studies opportunities for developing its biofuels business by starting an environmental impact assessment in Kotka, Finland

The Kotka Biorefinery would produce approximately 500,000 tonnes of advanced biofuels for transportation

TOP Power-to-Gas mit hohem Wirkungsgrad

Das EU-Projekt HELMETH konnte den Wirkungsgrad der Methangasproduktion aus regenerativem Strom dank thermischer Verkettung chemischer Prozesse auf über 75 Prozent steigern

13 Februar 2018

NEC achieves advanced scratch resistance and maki-e style printing on luxury lacquerware tone bioplastic

Supporting practical use of "Urushi black" tone bioplastics

New algae-based cosmetics developed

Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance Consortium led by GEOMAR achieves the first marine bioproduct success

Neue algen-basierte Kosmetik

GEOMAR-geleitetes Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance Konsortium verzeichnet ersten Erfolg durch Marktstart von Ostsee-Biokosmetik-Produktlinie

Bio-based cleaning products: What can I expect from them?

AllThings.Bio answers the most frequently asked questions about bio-based cleaning products

GoJelly project officially kicks off!

Suitability of the organisms as microplastic filters, fertilizers or fish feed empowering the industry sector to develop blue-green biotechnology products

Ist das wirklich gut für die Umwelt?

Biologisch abbaubar, nachhaltig – klingt alles grün und öko. Aber ist es das? Oder steckt dahinter irreführende Werbung? Hier lesen Sie die wichtigsten Begriffe im Umwelt-Check

Yay or Nay – Will EU really say no more palm-based biodiesel?

The chaos continues about the proposed EU palm oil ban and outlook

12 Februar 2018

Plastiktütenhersteller scheitert vor dem Bundesgerichtshof mit Schadenersatzklage gegen die DUH

Gewonnener Mammutprozess macht Mut, auch weiterhin gegen Lobbys und Kartelle vorzugehen

Meridian Waste Solutions’ Attis Innovations Reports Strong Performance Results for its Bio-Based Composite

Focused on Conversion of Biomass into Low Cost, High Performance Materials

Innovative concrete: we need it badly, it’s there, we don’t use it

There are several promising trials to turn the cement paths towards sustainability - but to bring it to the market is failing at several obstacles

Ö-Klo: recovering valuable materials by composting toilets

"Aurin Recycled Fertiliser" has been officially authorised for use as fertiliser for flowers, ornamental plants and lawns

Ö-Klo: Wertstoffrecycling durch Komposttoiletten

„Aurin-Recyclingdünger“ wurde offiziell zur Düngung von Blumen, Zierpflanzen oder Rasen zugelassen

Less moisture in natural fibers

The biological transformation offers options and opportunities for almost all industries

Weniger Feuchte in Naturfasern

Die Biologische Transformation bietet Chancen und Möglichkeiten für nahezu alle Branchen

9 Februar 2018

The ‘Blue Planet effect’ kick-starts focus on plastic use in UK but Brexit and funding challenges remain

"In years to come, I think people will be shocked at how today we allow so much plastic to be produced needlessly.”

UPM to build the world’s first biorefinery producing wood-based biodiesel

New facility to produce annually approximately 100,000 tonnes of advanced second generation biodiesel for transport

VIDEO: Synthetic biology in the fashion industry

Natsai Audrey Chiez talks at World Bio Markets conference about her decovering of bacteria, which make a striking red-purple pigment

So kann die Distel das Glyphosat ersetzen

Die preisgekrönte Chemikerin Catia Bastioli arbeitet an einer Alternative zum umstrittenen Pflanzengift

2017 marks the first year in which more electricity in Europe was generated from wind, sun, and biomass than from coal

Agora Energiewende and Sandbag present annual evaluation of the European energy transition

2017: Erstmals mehr Strom aus Wind, Sonne und Biomasse als aus Kohle in der Europäischen Union

Agora Energiewende und Sandbag legen Bericht zur EU-Energiewende vor

A step towards independence from fossil resources

Lignin is a real alternative to fossil resources in the manufacture of primers and adhesives

Ein Schritt in die Unabhängigkeit von fossilen Rohstoffen

Lignin ist eine echte Alternative zu fossilen Rohstoffen bei der Herstellung von Grundierungen oder Klebstoffen

3D Printing of Bacteria: The Next Frontier in Biofabrication

Bacterial species are now being mixed with various bioinks to produce functional complex materials using 3D printing

8 Februar 2018

The bio-composite market cannot grow fast enough: report

IDTechEx forecasts the revenue for bast fibres used in composite parts to exceed $140 million by 2027

Advanced Biofuels: Now? Later? Never?

By Terry J. Mazanec, PhD, Lee Enterprises Consulting - Special to The Digest

Treibhausgasemissionen im Rapsanbau realistisch bewerten und vermindern

Lachgasemissionsfaktor zur THG-Bilanzierung beim Raps für deutsche Verhältnisse zu hoch angesetzt

Which tree? Where? Why?

Agroforestry publication helps farmers decide which trees, where, for what purpose