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4 September 2015

TOP Comment: We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials – but don’t expect that to stop climate change

Researchers discuss how scientists in the US have found a way to take carbon dioxide from the air and make carbon nanofibers, a valuable manufacturing material

We need an integrated approach to the development of the bioeconomy

Interview with Gianluca Carenzo, Science Park Lodi

Amyris Achieves Breakthrough Performance With 2nd Fragrance Molecule Ready for Industrial Scale Fermentation in Less Than 12 Months

Unprecedented Speed of Microbial Engineering Enabled by HI-RYSE™ Genome Engineering Technology

BIO-FED takes stock of the first 12 months as a new player in the global bioplastics sector

European Bioplastics visited the member company at their production facility in Niederzissen, Germany

Hongkonger Forschungsteam erzielt Fortschritte bei der Entwicklung von alternativem Treibstoff

Verbindung aus Sonnenlicht, Wasser und rotem Phosphor kann Wasserstoff und somit Wasserstofftreibstoff erzeugen

Biofuels Production Capacity Is Still Underutilized Globally, but Next Generation Opportunities Are Apparent

US Dominates Markets for Next-Generation Biofuels by New Capacity Trough 2018

An integrated approach to cellulosic fuels: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide to Clariant’s sunliquid process

Sunliquid paves the way to a second generation sugar platform for the production of biobased chemicals

Bio-on and University of Hawaii to study how to produce bioplastic from wood and household waste

Bio-on invests $1.4 million in wood-to-PHA project

An ‘artificial leaf’ could one day power the world with clean energy

The race is on to find a new way to power the world free from polluting fossil fuels, and a group of Australian scientists think they've found an option

Clariant on course for growth in North America

Highlights of the Clariant Roundtable in San Francisco: Good prospects for catalysts and oil business

3 September 2015

Malama Composites Earns USDA Certified Biobased Product Certification and Label for Studio BioFoam®

Bio-based alternative for stage sets, exhibits and museum displays, architectural and industrial design modeling or medical applications

Biokerosin mittelfristig die einzige klimaneutrale Alternative im Luftverkehr

IEA Bioenergy Konferenz 2015 diskutiert u.a. nachhaltige Biomassepotenziale und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Biokerosinherstellung vom 27. bis 29. Oktober in Berlin

Trending: Biobased Microbeads, Flexible Foams Could Offer Renewable Materials for Hundreds of Products

Developing technologies to produce commercial scale quantities of biomaterial products  is a milestone for each company

TOP Soaking up Carbon Dioxide and Turning it into Valuable Products

Berkeley Lab Researchers Double Down on a Good Thing by Incorporating Catalysts into Crystalline Sponges

Bioökonomie: Eine neue Form der Geschäftemacherei?

Die Verwertung biologischer Ressourcen soll unter dem Primat der Bioökonomie bisher nicht gekannte Ausmaße erreichen

Bioeconomy: a new form of business making? Views from Austria

Some expert views representing different Austrian and European organizations

Ökoplastik für 3D-Drucker: Flexibel oder aus Kaffee

Viele Kunststoffe auf Erdölbasis zersetzen sich nicht, wenn sie auf Mülldeponien oder in der Landschaft landen. Bei Bioplastik ist das anders – und auch damit kann man in 3D drucken

Bioplastics Organisations Network Europe launched

European Bioplastics and national organisations join forces to promote bioplastics in Europe

Boreal forests challenged by global change

Forest management must adapt in order to ensure that forests stay healthy in a time of unprecedented environmental change

Finland: Strategic Programme for the Forest Sector reached its targets

Ministry of Employment and the Economy launched final report

2 September 2015

LignoSilva: for Innovating the Forest-based Bioeconomy

Initial one-year project to produce a business plan for the Slovakian Centre of Excellence

3D-Fuel Takes PLA to Next Level with Higher Heat Resistance Filament & Algae-Fuel

3D-Fuel launching two new PLA filaments with greater recycling qualities

This Milk In A Bag Makes Recycling As Easy As Possible

Innovative milk carton in separate parts to encourage easy household waste recycling

„Bone adhesive“ – Innovative medicine starts as BMWi-project

Biopolymers shall revolutionize the treatment of bone injuries

Mimicking photosynthesis is not easy – but possible!

Making hydrogen fuel from water and visible light highly efficient

RWE tests innovative energy storage solution – Company starts power-to-gas plant with extremely high utilisation rate

NRW Minister of Economics Garrelt Duin: “This process has potential to play a key role in the transformation of the energy industry”

RWE testet innovativen Energiespeicher – Unternehmen startet Power to Gas-Anlage mit höchstem Nutzungsgrad

NRW-Wirtschaftsminister Garrelt Duin: „Verfahren hat Potenzial, Schlüsselrolle für die Energiewende einzunehmen“

1 September 2015

„Knochenkleber“ – Innovative Medizin startet als BMWi-Projekt

Biopolymere sollen die Behandlung von Knochenverletzungen revolutionieren

Algae at the Energy Department: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide to the DOE algae program

BETO's R&D strategy to increase yields and lower the costs of algal biofuels by working with partners

Alberta Bio program offers $3m funding

Grants available for projects that need pilot or scale-up work, or prototype development to be ready for the market within three years

BASF bringt neues biobasiertes Polyol für VOC-freie* 2K PU-Anwendungen auf den Markt

Sovermol® 830 fördert nachhaltige Entwicklung für industrielle Fußbodenbeschichtungen, Beschichtungen mit Trinkwasserkontakt sowie Semi-Strukturklebstoffe

BASF launches new bio-based Polyol for VOC free* 2K PU applications

Sovermol® 830 promotes sustainable development for industrial flooring systems, coatings exposed to potable water and semi-structural adhesives

Betting on Biopolymers

A new injection molding business is focused 100% on compostable, plant-based polymers

Environment an increasingly important factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions

Says Tetra Pak’s Environment Research 2015

Pflanzlicher „Stahlbeton“: Grazer Biochemiker klären Lignin-Biosynthese

Berberine Bridge Enzym ist der Schlüssel zur Ligninproduktion der Pflanzen

New €106 million released by BBI JU to research innovative ways of using renewable resources

Second call for proposals for the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) published today

Genera Energy Launches Unique Biomass Crop Planning App

In a growing field of agriculture apps, Genera develops a specialized mobile app for planning, selecting and calculating biofuel crop needs for use with Android and Apple smart devices

31 August 2015

Germany initiates move to ban GMO crops

Germany has instigated a move to stop the growing of genetically modified crops under new European Union rules, according to official documents

Agrarminister macht ersten Schritt für ein Genmaisverbot

Bundesagrarminister wird Agrarkonzerne zum Verzicht auf die Vermarktung von in der EU zugelassenen Genmais auffordern

Warum diese Angst vor Gentechnik – trotz ihrer Unbedenklichkeit?

Studie mit Biotechnologen und Philosophen der Universität Gent sucht nach Antworten

Ökoplast: Kurzschneckenextruder für NPC-Compoundierung

Modifizierte Scheibenplastifizierung funktioniert auch für mit Naturstoffen hoch gefüllte Compounds

The Bioeconomy Gets to the Fridge: Packaging is 100% Biobased

Northern European countries are the leaders in packaging made from renewable sources

Bio-Based Levulinic Acid Market:

Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020

Cardia Bioplastics expands sales channels with launch of Cardia Bioproducts e-commerce website

New Cardia Bioproducts website retailing & wholesaling Cardia Bioproducts range

WELTEC Biomethane Plant in France Launches Feed-in

Longchamps plant now upgrading biogas

28 August 2015

Louis Dreyfus Commodities to open new high-throughput glycerin refinery in Q4 2015

The company is adding a glycerin refinery to its soybean crushing and biodiesel plant in Claypool, Indiana, with construction expected to be complete by the end of the year

Joule Unlimited: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide

Joule is advancing a production platform for Liquid Fuel from the Sun, expected to eclipse the scale, productivity and cost efficiency of any known alternative to fossil fuel today

Glucan Biorenewables: The Digest’s 2015 5-Minute Guide

Glucan Biorenewables is producing furan derivatives from biomass

Interview with Cristina Varese, University of Turin: Marine biomass essential for EU bioeconomy

Marine biomass has the potential to offer a wide range of biobased products and energy

Gesicht zeigen für die grüne Gründerszene

Gründerinitiative StartUp4Climate zeichnet grüne Start-ups und Gründerförderer aus