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30 November 2015

TOP CO2Chem: Response to the UK £1bn CCS competition being axed

Carbon Dioxide Utilisation treating CO2 as commodity to gain profit, not as waste

Usage of plants as bio-factories

Large scale production of pharmaceuticals in tomatoes

Pflanzen als Biofabriken

Tomaten sollen Medikamente in industriellem Maßstab herstellen

CORDIS Express: Biomasse-Produkte der nächsten Generation

Langsam aber sicher findet Biomasse seine Nische in den Produktionsprozessen der meisten Industriesektoren

CORDIS Express: Next gen biomass-based products

Slowly but surely biomass is finding its niche in the production processes of most industrial sectors

18 Story Vancouver Dorm Among World’s Tallest Wood Buildings

Tall wood projects gaining traction in North America as a safe, sustainable and cost-effective construction option

A solution for reducing greenhouse gases? TWB announces the creation of EnobraQ, specialist in CO2 capture and exploitation using yeast

TWB’s partner, Sofinnova Partners, is the lead investor in EnobraQ, with a funding of €1.3 million from its « Green Seed Fund »

Algae could be a new green power source

Concordia researchers create a technology to harness the electrical energy from plants

New Enzymes for production of aldehydes – Enzymatic alkene cleavage

JAPAN JOINT STUDY:The new smart glass can reduce a building’s absorption of sunlight by 25 percent, enabling air conditioner use to be cut by 20 percent, the team said

27 November 2015

Biocompatible antimicrobial extends shelf life in foam packaging

Innovative technology developed by Parx Plastics is derived from bio-mimicry

Developing microorganisms for the production of bioplastics from waste

New UK project to design Geobacillus strains that digest waste to produce lactic acid

New epoxy blends for biobased coatings

In a study, two kinds of biobased blends were used to enhance the properties of epoxy networks

PolyOne: Naturfaserverstärktes PP in vielen Farben

reSound NF jetzt in breit gefächerter Farbpalette und zur Extrusion geeigneten Typen

Commercializing Biobased Products – Opportunities, Challenges, Benefits, and Risks

Royal Society of Chemistry published new book

France is a global leader in the bioeconomy

An interview with Boris Dumange, DG of IAR Pole

Plant Defense as a Biotech Tool

A perfect basis for industrial utilization: acib found a new biocatalyst in a fern which outshines all other HNL-type enzymes on the market

Pflanzenverteidigung als Biotech-Werkzeug

Ideale Voraussetzungen für die Industrie: acib isoliert neues Enzym aus einem Farn, das alle anderen industriellen HNL-Typen in den Schatten stellt

26 November 2015

TOP Wood- and Natural Fibre Composites Current Trend in Consumer Goods

Unique look and feel well received by customers

Holz- und Naturfaser-Kunststoffe im Trend bei Konsumgütern

Besondere Optik und Haptik finden beim Kunden Anklang

New Enzymes for production of aldehydes – Enzymatic alkene cleavage

Mild and selective oxidation method enabling a reduction of chemical solvents and cheaper production processes

IKT, TECNARO und VISIOTECH: 3D-Drucken von Holz

Lasersintern von Lignin-basierten Werkstoffen erlauben komplexe Geometrien mit Holzhaptik

Laurel Biocomposite Earns USDA Certified Biobased Label for Three Products

The addition of Bio-Res powder to the USDA BioPreferred program expands the company’s product line-up and range of uses

Genomatica and Braskem Confirm Direct, Single-Step Biological Production of Butadiene

Companies have been producing renewable butadiene in a one-pot process at lab-scale

ERA-MBT funds six projects in the first joint call

Development of biorefinery processes for marine biomaterials to be funded with more than € 8 million

Allied Market Research: Newer Applications to Strengthen World Polylactic Acid (PLA) Market Growth at 15.9 Percent CAGR

New report by Allied Market Research notes that packaging application segment would continue to dominate the world polylactic acid market during 2014-2020

Eight-digit investment in sunfire: “sunfire Entrepreneurs’ Club” and INVEN CAPITAL lead the way in new round of financing

Fresh capital injected by Total Energy Ventures, Electranova Capital and sunfire’s founders / KfW remains a strong partner for sunfire

Zweistelliger Millionenbetrag für sunfire: „sunfire Entrepreneurs‘ Club“ und INVEN CAPITAL führen Finanzierungsrunde an

Total Energy Ventures, Electranova Capital und die sunfire-Gründer beteiligen sich erneut / KfW bleibt als starker Partner erhalten

25 November 2015

Bio-PA selected for new high temperature resistant abrasive monofilament from Hahl-Pedex

AbraMaXX™ - a new series of abrasive monofilaments based on DSM’s EcoPaXX Polyamide 410

NatureWorks: the future of bioplastics is in Asia

CPRJ interview with Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO

Better biomass utilisation in the biobased economy

BUE analysis will answer two important questions regarding the bioeconomy and bio-based chemicals

North Face develops coat from biotech silk

Prototype, the Moon Parka, uses Spiber’s QMONOS™ synthetic spider silk

Erstmals 3D-Druck mit Biopolymer

Materialkombination TPU und Biopolymer auf der Formnext präsentiert

Bio BTX molecules coming your way: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide to Anellotech

Company using benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) to make plastics for a wide range of consumer goods

Succinic Acid Market Analysis By Application And Segment, Forecasts to 2022

Emerging economies of Asia Pacific to trigger demand for resin, coating, and polyurethanes, which is expected to drive industry growth

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pretreatment of Biomass Increases Glucose Yield Following Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Malaysia University research show that glucose yields increased with higher pretreatment temperature, pressure, and time

24 November 2015

France postpones plastic bag ban for six months

Ban on single-use plastic bags in France will be put off until 1 July 2016, to give shopkeepers and suppliers time to use up their stock  

Hydrolysis of woody biomass by a biomass-derived reusable heterogeneous catalyst

Researchers identified first reusable and cost-effective heterogeneous catalyst for the depolymerisation of lignocellulose

Un report on marine litter – Biodegradable plastics assessed / Oxos pose a threat

New UNEP-report: Biodegradable plastics no help for decreasing the volume of plastic entering the oceans

IKEA: By 2020 100% of our plastics will be from renewable or recycled sources

Company’s sustainability strategy “People and Planet Positive” describes the steps

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

PBS market will grow strongly because of increasing markets in countries like China

Bio Based Packaging Laminate Developed Using Matt NatureFlex™ Film

Innovia, Bio4Pack created bio-packaging solution, suitable for a wide range of applications

Responsible sourcing is key to growing responsible bioplastics

Multi-stakeholder forum focusing on increasing awareness around the environmental and social performance of potential feedstock sources

Netzwerk von Forschungseinrichtungen katalysiert das Biomassepotenzial Europas

Einem durch die EU finanzierten Projekt ist es gelungen, den Zugang für KMU und Forscher zu Versuchsanlagen von Weltklasse zwecks Erprobung der nächsten Generation von Rohstoffen für Biokraftstoffe zu erleichtern

Research facility network catalyses Europe’s biomass potential

An EU-funded project has made it easier for SMEs and researchers to access world-class testing facilities to trial next generation biofuel feedstocks

23 November 2015

To build a bio-economy, Europe needs to cut bioenergy

Europe urgently needs to rethink its bioenergy policies to account for their true impact on the climate, biodiversity and food scarcity, writes Bas Eickhout (Dutch Green MEP)

Latest Material Development Trends in the Automotive Industry in Focus of the Sixth WPC & NFC Conference, Cologne

Leading suppliers like Corbion Purac, Toyota Boshoku Europe, Yanfeng Europe and PolyOne will present the latest trends in material development

Neue Biowerkstoffe für die Automobilindustrie auf der 6. WPC & NFC Conference, Cologne

Marktführer wie Corbion Purac, Toyota Boshoku Europe, Yanfeng Europe und PolyOne präsentieren innovative Produkte aus WPC und NFC

University Tübingen offers biotechnological [S,S]-EDDS production

Presenting a process to synthesize [S,S]-EDDS biotechnologically using an optimized Amycolatopsis japonicum strain

Bioplastics Market is Projected to Reach $30.8 Billion, Globally, by 2020

Rigid plastic application to account for more than 40% of the market revenue

Syngenta and DSM to develop and commercialize biological solutions for agriculture

Collaboration to deliver broad spectrum of pre- and post-harvest tools