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26 Oktober 2016

TOP German experts on CO2 utilization launch a petition for the full integration of renewable Carbon Capture and Utilization (rCCU) in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED)

The authors argue that Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) technologies will play a crucial role in the future renewable energy system and for climate protection

TOP Deutsche CO2-Experten veröffentlichen eine Petition zur vollen Integration der Nutzung von CO2 mittels Erneuerbaren Energien in die europäische Renewable Energy Directive (RED)

Die Autoren sind überzeugt, dass CCU-Technologien eine entscheidende Rolle im Erneuerbare-Energien-System der Zukunft und beim Klimaschutz spielen werden

Urgent need for a reasonable regulation of cannabidiol (CBD) in food, cosmetics, as herbal natural medicine and as medicinal product

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) published a position paper to overcome the patchwork of CBD-regulation in the European Union

Sinnvolle Regulierung von Cannabidiol (CBD) in Lebensmitteln, Kosmetik, als Naturmedizin und Medikament dringend notwendig

Der Europäische Nutzhanfverband (European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) hat ein Positionspapier zum Flickenteppich der EU-Regulierungen von CBD veröffentlicht

NatureWorks Wins Two 3M Supplier of the Year Awards

Award recognizes suppliers who improve 3M's competitiveness or drive sustainability

GBEV becomes Flanders Biobased Valley!

Ghent Bio-Economy Valley continues to support the development of the Flemish biobased economy as Flanders Biobased Valley

Neue bioabbaubare Mulchfolien und Geotextilien in Entwicklung

Interessant für Landwirte und Wasserbau – Biologischer Abbau zum optimalen Zeitpunkt. Eine Mulchfolie soll außerdem Schädlinge abwehren

Ginkgo Bioworks and Prospect Bio to Collaborate on Tools to Accelerate Biological Engineering

Sensors allow for rapid screening of organism designs

From the plant to the microreactor

Scientists at the Leibniz-Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) in Halle/Saale (Germany) have fully elucidated the biosynthesis of carnosic acid

Von der Pflanze in den Mikroreaktor

Wissenschaftlern des Leibniz-Instituts für Pflanzenbiochemie (IPB) ist es gelungen die Biosynthese von Carnosinsäure vollständig aufzuklären

25 Oktober 2016

From waste to resource: Highly efficient and cost-effective CO2 utilization will spark a revolution

What can we expect from policy?

Vom Abfall zum Rohstoff: Hoch effiziente und kosteneffektive CO2-Nutzung wird eine Revolution auslösen

Wie nehmen die politischen Entscheidungsträger die Herausforderung an?

Concern as Senate leans toward labeling wood-fired power plants as carbon neutral

Scientists concerned that well-intentioned legislation could promote deforestation in the U.S. and elsewhere

Wundermaterial Biokunststoff

Nischenprodukt oder Werkstoff der Zukunft?

Dämmstoffe aus Naturfasern bestehen Dauertest

Abschluss der Untersuchungen des Langzeitverhaltens von Dämmstoffen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Croda: New $170M Delaware River chemical plant

First plant of its kind in North America to manufacture 100-percent renewable non-ionic surfactants

NC Partnering launches a new bio-ecosystem called the BioFutureFactory

This new project aims at bringing costs of the feedstock down

24 Oktober 2016

3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova wins IBEX Innovation Award for its BANOVA Products

3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova was awarded the IBEX Innovation Award 2016 in Boatbuilding Methods & Materials for its BANOVA products

New Study: Biomass Costlier, Dirtier Than Wind, Solar for Replacing Coal Power in the UK

New economic analysis shows that wind and solar are likely to be the least-cost way to power the UK over the next decade, as costs for clean wind and solar energy decline and biomass uncertainty grows

HEXPOL TPE present Dryflex Green Biobased TPEs at K2016

Dryflex Green family compounds containing amounts of renewable content up to 90%

Biochar improves crop growth and climate

The use of biochar in agriculture improves soil fertility, especially in tropical regions, and mitigates greenhouse gas emissions

New project aims to create equal market access for bio-based products

Start of STAR4BBI - STAndards and Regulations FOR the Bio-Based Industry

21 Oktober 2016

Green Biologics Announces New Brands for High Purity, Bio-Based Products

Renewable Specialty Chemistry Company Introduces BioPure™ and GreenInside® Product Lines

Biobasierte und kompostierbare Alternative zu EPS

Partikelschaum ecovio EA von BASF SE ist für die Kompostierung zertifiziert, stoßfest und robust

Bossie, the Climate Warrior: new approaches may unlock dairy methane’s value

Culture Biosystems producing attractive economics for its advanced algae cultivation platform

Researchers make breakthrough in biobased materials

WSU scientists find new type of solvent to separate lignin from wood

Biogenic CO2 Coalition launches grassroots outreach

Urges EPA to remove its regulatory roadblock to development of the bioeconomy

20 Oktober 2016

Corbion releases whitepaper on feedstock sourcing for bioplastics

Company states that the concerns of using biobased feedstocks for plastics can be successfully identified and managed

Biobasierte Kunststoffe spielend verarbeiten

FNR präsentiert biobasierte Kunststoffe und deren Verarbeitung auf der K 2016 in Düsseldorf

BP and Uniper aim to harness green hydrogen to produce fuels

Cooperation agreement providing to examine the technical and economic feasibility of a power-to-gas plant at BP’s Lingen refinery

BP und Uniper wollen ‘grünen Wasserstoff’ für die Herstellung von Kraftstoffen nutzbar machen

Kooperationsvertrag sieht Prüfung der technischen und wirtschaftlichen Machbarkeit des Einsatzes der Power to Gas-Technologie am Raffineriestandort Lingen vor

Wenn aus gepresstem Laub Geschirr entsteht

Die Firma Leaf Republic ersetzt Kunststoff durch Naturmaterialien. Teils sind die Teller und Schalen schon in Gastronomiebetrieben im Einsatz

Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol

High-selectivity electrochemical conversion of CO2 to ethanol using a copper nanoparticle/N-doped graphene electrode

19 Oktober 2016

Bundesverband Bioenergie veranstaltet den 14. Internationalen Fachkongress für erneuerbare Mobilität „Kraftstoffe der Zukunft 2017“

Finales Programm online

Gevo Produces First Cellulosic Renewable Jet Fuel Specified for Use on Commercial Airline Flights

Flight with Alaska Airlines Expected to be Made in the Next Few Months

Grüne wollen Bauen mit nachwachsenden Rohstoffen stärken

Grüne Abgeordnete im Deutschen Bundestag fordern nationale Holzbaustrategie für Hochbau und Ingenieurbau, um den Einsatz ökologischer Baustoffe voranzubringen

Researchers in Germany plan to produce formaldehyde from carbon dioxide

Experts from Heidelberg University, LMU Munich, BASF and the Hte company are exploring ways for CO2-based synthesis of the industrial chemical formaldehyde

Forscher wollen Formaldehyd aus CO2 herstellen

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung fördert Verbundprojekt mit Beteiligung von Wissenschaftlern der Universität Heidelberg

Sustainable materials need certification and lobbies

Not yet enough commercial people in biobased with an attitude of “let’s fix this, we’re going to make money and we’re going to make lots of it!

Monarca BioFuel Project in Mexico expands, adding another 33,000 hectares of Jatropha

The CEO of Monarca has a plan with great vision to produce bioJet fuel for Mexican aviation as well as produce low cost seed oil for export to the US refineries

18 Oktober 2016

Multi-product Integrated bioRefinery of Algae: from Carbon dioxide and Light Energy to high-value Specialties: MIRACLES

5th Newsletter shows significant progress in algae cultivation

Corbion at K: launching Luminy® PLA bioplastics portfolio

Number of partner applications to demonstrate versatility and performance aspects of PLA bioplastics

Plastics Recycling Industry ‘Wish List’ for a rapid transition to a Circular Economy

Key players in the recycling sector are requesting principles to be included in any new set of measures and legislative instruments to help deliver a true circular economy

Anellotech Begins Commissioning of TCat-8® R&D Unit Raises Funds, Announces Form D Filing for $1.5 Million Equity Investment from a New Strategic Investor

Additional Funding for Fully-Integrated Development and Testing Facility, to Generate Data for Future Commercial Plant

Thermocatalytic reforming makes most of biomass

Susteen Technologies developing and commercialising TCR® systems in various sizes to produce gas, oil and biochar

Ginkgo BioWorks, Reverdia and Calysta lead in early voting for the Hot 40

The Digest released the early-voting totals from Subscriber Voting — which do not yet include Social Votes or Invited International Selector votes

17 Oktober 2016

In eigener Sache: nova sucht wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter und einen Communication Manager

Unser internationales Team sucht Verstärkung

European Commission urged to deliver robust 2030 policies to support advanced biofuels in transport

Biofrontiers platform launched policy recommendations on 11 October, 2016, economic and environmental issues associated with developing the next generation of low-carbon fuels

Bonaveri to showcase revolutionary BNATURAL mannequins at Green Carpet Challenge 2016

Italian company developed bio-based polymer with 72% natural materials, and paint 100% made from natural substances

Silkworms fed carbon nanotubes or graphene produce stronger silk

Chinese researchers team found, new silk showed more orderly crystal structure, causing the silk to conduct electricity