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31 Juli 2015

BARKTEX®  in Schloß Elmau

Ein Seitenblick abseits der großen Politik

Seeking success in succinic, succinctly, sustainably

Reverdia CEO Marcel Lubben helps us to understand the broad applications and markets in an exclusive interview

Biopolymere verbinden sich

Biopolymere für Hart-/Weichverbindungen im Mehrkomponentenspritzgießen

Legos Go Sustainable, and Everything (Really) is Awesome

To reduce its carbon footprint, the toy company is searching for a sustainable material for its bricks by 2030

Non-isocyanate polyurethane wins Green Chemistry Challenge Award

A green polyurethane, which eliminates the use of isocyanates, has won the 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Study shows forestry more profitable than farming

SAC report shows productive conifer forestry delivers around five times the economic output of farming before subsidy, but experts warn hills must not be covered in ’tree blanket’

30 Juli 2015

Polymere aus Treibhausgas

Vielseitige Nanostrukturen aus CO2-basierten Polycarbonaten

INVISTA and Plaxica collaborate on bio-derived lactic acid technology

INVISTA will provide Plaxica engineering, technical and commercial support from its global technology licensing organisation

Thermodynamics-based design of microbial cell factories for anaerobic product formation


Import tariffs to keep EU biofuel industry ‘stagnant’

US Department of Agriculture's bureau in The Hague: The EU has "effectively separated itself from the international market"

Grasp the correct packaging

Bioplastic-Tool of the Aoel helps enterprises to find the right material in Germany and abroad

Der Griff zur korrekten Verpackung

Das Tool der AöL hilft Firmen aus dem In- und Ausland bei der Wahl des Materials

Covestro wird abgespalten

Die neue Freiheit von Bayer

29 Juli 2015

TOP Fußboden aus Gärresten

Ein aktuelles Praxisbeispiel der Kaskadennutzung

Global Bio-based Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Market 2015-2019

With Anellotech, Coca Cola, Gevo, PepsiCo & Toyota Tsusho dominating

Efficient Electrochemical CO2 Conversion Powered by Renewable Energy

Proof-of-principle study provides some of the initial performance data necessary for assessing the scalability and technical viability of electrochemical CO2 conversion technologies

Crop Modification Techniques Infographic

This post provides references and a brief explanation on each technique, along with downloads in multiple formats

28 Juli 2015

BIO World Congress closes in Montreal—and sets new record!

More than 1,200 industry leaders representing 725 companies

Brazilian President christens Iogen technology at official opening of Costa Pinto cellulosic ethanol facility

Official opening of Raízen`s newly expanded Costa Pinto sugar cane mill in Piracicaba, São Paulo

Iogen: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide

Iogen is developing technology to make clean burning, renewable cellulosic biofuels from agricultural residues and other organic wastes

„Grünes Gold“ – Algen-Projekt „Advanced Biomass Value“ startet aussichtsreich ins dritte Projektjahr

Aus Algen und Ölhefen gewonnene Schmier-, Bau- und Flugkraftstoffe sind zum Greifen nah

Lee Enterprises Consulting teams with Zeton to build better biofuel palnts

Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds World Leader in Pilot Plant Design and Fabrication to Team of Experts

France goes green

Paris adopted the law on energy transition and green growth

27 Juli 2015

Algae and cow cells: BIO members using plants, animals in new ways

Algae and leaf-based oils for food and fuel, meat without slaughter, and healthy sugar are all part of the not-so-distant future

4 minutes with… Manfred Kircher, Chairman of the Advisory Board, KADIB

Interview in Biofuels Digest

DEINOVE unveils bio-based muconic acid production program

Promising proof of concept has been completed for the effective production of muconic acid by Deinococcus from a variety of renewable sugar sources

Wood Pellet Industry Fueled By Temporary EU Subsidies

Enviva, a large wood pellet supplier and manufacturer, has expanded their operations to southeastern North Carolina

Suck it up and store it for later

Scientists are building a system that could turn atmospheric CO2 into fuel

World’s largest operational production plant for levulinic acid was put into operation

GFBiochemicals has started commercial production at its levulinic acid plant in Caserta

Why Egg Whites Might Be the Future of Medical Device Packaging

A new study of the University of Georgia observed antibacterial properties in protein-based bioplastics - Over time, such matieral might replace oil-based plastics!

24 Juli 2015

Global Bioenergies adapts its Bio-Isobutene process to sucrose

The adaptation of the process to sucrose was one the first technical milestones set as part of “IBN-One”, the Joint-Venture between Global Bioenergies and Cristal Union

French law introduces measures to strengthen bioplastics market

Biobased, biodegradable fruit and vegetable bags mandatory as of 01/2017

Frankreichs neues Energiewendegesetz stärkt Biokunststoffmarkt

Biobasierte, bioabbaubare Obst- und Gemüsebeutel ab 01/2017 Pflicht

Neue Forschungsplattform BiNa gestartet

Neue Wege, Strategien, Geschäfts- und Kommunikationsmodelle für Biokunststoffe als Baustein einer Nachhaltigen Wirtschaft

Leading bioplastics innovator sponsors research at Bradford University

Innovative UK bioplastics company, Floreon, has announced the next phase of its ongoing collaboration with leading UK technology Universities

Biorefinery: refining tomorrow

Watch the Wageningen UR biorefinery movies here!

Making Everyday Products with CO2

Liquid Light: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide

23 Juli 2015

Achieving Sustainability in the Biobased Economy

Ways to sustainable intensify production using industrial biotechnology, without using additional agricultural land needed for food production

Biology, Catalysts, Electrocatalysis, Oh My!

BIO held a breakout session as part of the Renewable Chemicals Track

Reformers call for new thinking on ways to finance the CAP

What the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) really needs is a radical change in the way it is financed

Simon Coveney: CAP simplification will ease the burden on farmers

Interview with Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Biomasse – Rohstoff mit Zukunft?

Nachwachsende Rohstoffe: Der Einsatz kommt in der chemischen Industrie kommt nur schleppend voran - ein Interview mit Michael Carus, Geschäftsführer des nova-Instituts

Reverdia Lead Partner In BioSuccInnovate Consortium

Reverdia contributes its Biosuccinium™ sustainable bio-succinic acid technology to help build a truly sustainable packaging value chain

Bio-Res Plant Containers: The Sustainable Pots of the Future

Laurel Biocomposites Kickstarter Campaign for innovative flower pot

22 Juli 2015

TOP Top International Speakers at Europe’s Largest Event on Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) in 2015

4th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

USDA overhauls its Section 9003 Biorefinery Loan Guarantee Program: What’s in it for you?

USDA has completely overhauled what used to be known as Biorefinery Assistance  Program and now is called the Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program

Green Chemistry Awards take notice of plastics players

Plastics companies and up and down the supply chain have been selected for the 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Awards

TOP Liquid Light Signs Agreement to Further Advance its CO2-to-Chemicals Technology

Targets further acceleration of The Coca-Cola Company’s PlantBottle™ Packaging Program

TOP More off-take bio deal with Vinmar

Vinmar is on a roll when it comes to doing off-take supply deals in the renewables sector

Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award 2015

Glucan Biorenewables Wins Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award