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25 September 2020

Biology is an important science discipline to better understand the world we live in!

By publishing a catchy and informative music video, the MeMBrane project aims to improve the public perception of biology as a scientific discipline and wants to motivate students to choose biology as their course of studies!

nova-Experts introduced: Francesco Longhini

Life cycle assessment in the field of argriculture, biotechnology and bio-based science.

New bioplastic blend offers on demand biodegradation under water

NSWC-scientists developed a 3D printable material made of a marine-biodegradable base polymer which is easy to build from and would break down over time

Neste plans to restructure its refinery operations in Finland and starts co-operation negotiations

Company will transform the Porvoo refinery operations to co-processing renewable and circular raw materials, while limiting the Naantali site on terminal and harbor operations

Textiles giants open new front in cellulosic recycling

Man-made cellulosic fibres are of increasing importance and has doubled in the last 30 years as forecast for continued growth over the coming years

Medizinalcannabis soll in Deutschland heimisch werden

Zu neuartigen Therapiemöglichkeiten und Anwendungen von Medizinalhanf wird in Deutschland zwar geforscht, Arzneimittel deutscher Unternehmen gibt es aber derzeit noch keine

Medicinal cannabis to be grown in Germany

Although research is being carried out into new therapies and applications of medicinal cannabis in Germany, no German companies have yet produced any medicinal drugs

Elkem to build biocarbon pilot plant in Canada

Based on conclusions from the pilot, company will evaluate the basis for a full-scale plant

Das neue Sauber: Love Nature für Freude an nachhaltigem Waschen und Reinigen

Pflanzlich basiert, 100% tierlieb und nachfüllbar

Israeli student develops composite mix for everyday objects

Young researcher proving hemp’s benefits as an alternative sustainable material applicable to interior design and architecture

Biogenic CO2 Coalition Files Formal Petition for Rulemaking with EPA

Includes Legal Justification to Change Status of Carbon Emissions from Ag Feedstocks

Vom Haushaltsmüll zum trendigen Designprodukt

Die Entwicklung außergewöhnlicher Designprodukte aus recyclingfähigem Kunststoff zeichnet die Firma PLAST-IQ  aus Nußbach aus

24 September 2020

TOP World market leaders take climate protection seriously: New initiative to replace fossil with renewable carbon wants to change the foundation of the chemical industry

Companies looking for sustainable chemical and material solutions are welcome to join and profit from the support of the initiative

New Process Boosts Lignin Bio-oil as a Next-Generation Fuel

Georgia Tech researchers found a way to add hydrogen and remove oxygen from lignin bio-oil, making the oil more useful as a fuel and source of chemical feedstocks

Kaskaden mit Kohlenstoffdioxid

Neuartiger katalytischer Ansatz zur Umwandlung von CO2 in wertvolle chemische Zwischenprodukte in Form zyklischer Carbonate

Novel Catalytic Process for Converting CO2 into Valuable Chemicals

Besides being an unwanted greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) is also an exciting source of raw materials that are useful and can be recycled sustainably

Nestlé Invests USD 30 Million in Closed Loop Leadership Fund

This first investment from the company’s sustainable packaging venture fund will help upgrade U.S. recycling infrastructure and secure access to food-grade recycled plastics

EECi biorefinery project almost 50% complete

EECi’s model biorefineries are developed under cooperation with a partner in Belgium and are expected to be operational by March-May 2021

Biokomposite: Neue Werkstoffe für den Brückenbau

Im Rahmen eines EU-Projekts werden drei Brücken aus Biokompositen gebaut. Natürliche Pflanzenfasern und Biopolymere können nun für tragende Strukturen verwendet werden

The World Bioeconomy Forum

Declaration 2020

Collaboration Between DuPont™ Sorona® and Sateri’s EcoCosy® Results in Innovative Fabrics for Fashion and Athleisure

StretchCosyTM uses a blend of Sorona®, a partially plant-based fibre, and Sateri’s ultra-comfortable and near weightless EcoCosy® fibres

Upcycling pineapple leaves into eco-aerogels

The NUS team had also produced eco-aerogels using other agricultural and food waste such as sugarcane bagasse, coffee grounds and okara

Vertec BioSolvents launches formulation that takes care of bacteria in 3 different ways

Vertec has several very promising applications in the consumer wellness and personal care areas

23 September 2020

Science meets design: strong and flexible composite materials made from lignin

In a collaborative project, researchers and designers have discovered new application possibilities for lignin, hoping to implement them for the industry  

Wissenschaft trifft auf Design: feste und flexible Verbundmaterialien aus Lignin

Kooperationspartner haben geeignete Anwendungen für Lignin identifiziert und hoffen, damit bald petrochemische Rohstoffe in der verarbeitenden Industrie zu ersetzen

The ELIOT project will improve environmental sustainability in aeronautics by using new biocomposite recycling methods

AIMPLAS is coordinating the European project to develop new cost-effective recycling technologies to guarantee the sustainability of aeronautics components

Devan shows high activity of BI-OME against SARS-COV-2 and other viruses after intense washing

BI-OME is an inherently biodegradable, non-metal non-leaching quat silane-based chemistry, BPR (EU, TR) and EPA and Ökotex class 1 registered

Maxwell House Launches New Zero Waste Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Great aid for Canadians to reduce their waste without missing their single-serve-pods

Maxwell House bringt kompostierbare Kaffeekapseln auf den Markt

Hilfe für Kanadier, ihren Abfall zu reduzieren, ohne auf die Bequemlichkeit von Single-Serve-Kapseln oder den runden Geschmack von Maxwell House Kaffee zu verzichten

Mater designs stools made with leftover grain from beer and plastic insulin pens

Spent grain leftovers from Carlsberg's beer production process combined with a granulate of plastic waste were used to create new furniture

Hong Kong startup launches water-soluble ‘Invisible Bag’

Invisible Bag is made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA) together with plant-based starch, glycerin and water and dissolves in hot water

Amyris Scales First Fermentation-Based Cannabinoid

Product margins are anticipated to operate above the current industry average realized by existing publicly traded CBD suppliers

A green catalyst for pharmaceutical and industrial chemistry

New catalysts can be reused multiple times without any decrease in efficiency

22 September 2020

European Bioplastics criticises biased interpretation of EEA study on biodegradable and compostable plastics:

Consumers do understand value and proper end-of-life of compostable plastics

SKODA AUTO verpackt Teilelieferungen nach Indien in biologisch abbaubare Folien

GreenLogistics: Mitarbeiter des CKD-Centers im SKODA AUTO Stammwerk Mladá Boleslav nutzen ökologisches Verpackungskonzept für Fahrzeugteile

Importance of bio-based value chains emphasised in EU’s Strategic Foresight report

Creating new bio-based value chains in order to realise "greener, more cost-effective industrial processes" playing a big role towards a more resilient Europe

Galatea Biotech is launching a revolutionary crowdfunding in the bioplastics sector

Bicocca University of Crowdfunding to develop a new material of natural and biodegradable origin based on PLA

Building materials like insect exoskeletons

The Carl Zeiss Foundation supports a project to research chitin as a basis for smart materials

Carl-Zeiss-Förderung: Baumaterialien wie Insektenpanzer

Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung fördert Projekt zur Erforschung von Chitin als Grundlage für intelligente Werkstoffe

Preventing infection, facilitating healing: Bayreuth researchers develop new biomaterials from spider silk

Nanostructured materials prevent colonization by bacteria and fungi, but at the same time proactively assist in the regeneration of human tissue

Infektionen verhindern, Heilungsprozesse fördern: Bayreuther Forscher entwickeln neue Biomaterialien aus Spinnenseide

Nanostrukturierte Materialien verhindern die Ansiedlung von Bakterien und Pilzen, aber unterstützen gleichzeitig proaktiv die Regeneration von menschlichem Gewebe

Producing leather-like materials from fungi

Biofabrication includes upcycling of low-cost agricultural and forestry by-products

Veganes Leder aus Pilzen

Biologische Herstellung unter Nutzung landwirtschaftlicher Abfallprodukte

In situ Biogas Upgrading by CO2-to-CH4 Bioconversion

This opinion article reviews the state of the art of this technology and identifies some obstacles and opportunities of biological in-situ upgrading technologies

21 September 2020

LyondellBasell Successfully Starts Up New Pilot Molecular Recycling Facility

Company completes next step towards an industrial scale conversion of plastic waste into feedstock

LyondellBasell: Pilotanlage für molekulares Recycling in Betrieb genommen

Unternehmen nimmt nächste Etappe zur industriellen Verwertung von Kunststoff-Abfällen in einen neuen Rohstoff

German Packaging Award in the category “Sustainability” for development from the Fraunhofer ISC

Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab developed sustainable multifunctional barrier coatings for easily recyclable, biobased or compostable packaging

Deutscher Verpackungspreis in der Kategorie “Nachhaltigkeit” für Entwicklung aus dem Fraunhofer ISC

Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab entwickelte multifunktionelle Barrierelacke für leicht recycelbare, biobasierte bzw. kompostierbare Verpackungen

Haldor Topsoe sets out to become the global leader in technologies to reduce carbon emissions

Guided by its new vision, company will lead the transition of more areas to the benefit of customers, the climate, and the world

Sachsenröder stellt einen extrem belastbaren Kunststoff mithilfe der Natur her

Für den Hersteller ein Wermutstropfen: Sein Naturfasermaterial hält ewig...