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19 Januar 2018

ZÜBLIN Timber: Construction start for Germany’s first timber high-rise

Ten-storey SKAIO high-rise, based on a design by Berlin-based architectural firm Kaden+Lager, to being built in Heilbronn

ZÜBLIN Timber: Deutschlands erstes Hochhaus aus Holz

Zehngeschossiges Hochhaus SKAIO entsteht nach den Plänen der Berliner Architekten Kaden+Lager in Heilbronn

Is energy from woody biomass positive for the climate?

Primary forest sector aim is to produce high value products, such as sawnwood and wood panels, or pulp and paper

On the way to a more sustainable mushroom industry:

Interview with Darragh Gaffney, Monaghan Mushrooms

Harnessing the power of algae: new, greener fuel cells move step closer to reality

Cambridge researchers have developed a two-chamber BPV system utilizing algae to convert light into electricity

Mutierte Algen erzeugen und speichern Solarstrom

Forscher der Universität Cambridge haben ein Bio-PV-System entwickelt, das mit Hilfe von Algen Sonnenenergie in Strom umwandeln und speichern kann

World-leading microbeads ban takes effect

Today the government's ban on microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products comes into effect

Ressourcenschonende und umweltfreundliche Kombination von Chemo- und Biokatalyse

Enzyme als natürliche Biokatalysatoren werden schon länger vielfältig für chemische Synthesen genutzt

18 Januar 2018

Pre-review of CBD by the World Health Organization (WHO) with favorable results – next step in May

The next and final part of the review is expected to take place at WHO’s 40th Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) meeting in May 2018  

Artificial spider silk, imitating ‘the toughest material on earth’

Japanese company Spiber staged a five-step innovation cycle in order to produce ever better qualities of artificial spider silk

Using DNA strands to design new polymer materials

Researchers describe a method to create asymmetrical polymer particles that bind together in a spatially defined manner

Affordable, green hydrogen — it is here, near, or nowhere in sight (again)?

20MW water electrolysis unit in Delfzijl, Netherlands, to convert sustainably produced electricity into 3,000 tons of green hydrogen a year

Avantium: PEF pilot phase set to be extended

Synvina intends to extend the pilot phase, which will in turn extend the timeline to start up the Reference Plant

Synthetische Biologie: Grüne Jeans

Um Jeans blau zu färben, braucht es Indigo. Nun sollen gentechnisch veränderte Bakterien den Stoff umweltfreundlicher produzieren

Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand looking to WTO if EU doesn’t shift on palm oil

Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand will retaliate if the EU’s ongoing discrimination and attack on the palm oil industry becomes legislativ

Why ‘sustainable forest management’ does not make wood a good climate alternative to fossil fuels

Net forest growth is now holding down the rate of climate change, making forests an invaluable “carbon sink”

17 Januar 2018

TOP The “Circular Bioeconomy” – Concepts, Opportunities and Limitations

The new nova paper #9 aims at highlighting the most important aspects related to bioeconomy and circular economy, clarifying some common misconceptions and addressing limitations

Gevo cuts costs in a bid to improve cash flow profile

In the corporate update provided by Gevo for 2018, a number of initiatives were announced, including cuts in pay

What does the bioeconomy of the future look like?

Fraunhofer ISI is conducting the first of three future dialogs on 23 January 2018 in Frankfurt

Wie sieht die Bioökonomie der Zukunft aus?

Fraunhofer ISI führt am 23. Januar 2018 in Frankfurt einen ersten von drei Zukunftsdialogen durch

Vom Porsche mit Naturfaser-Karosserie bis zum 3D-Drucker mit Biokunststoffen – FNR zeigt auf der Grünen Woche biobasierte Innovationen

Die FNR ist in Halle 4.2 an Stand 308 zu finden

Finland gives up Neste controlling interest with donation

Finland’s second largest city announced that it switching its entire diesel fleet to Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel

These gorgeous terrazzo floors are custom made with huge 3D printers

The frame design is printed out of bioplastic and then filled with recycled marble or granite chips

USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture Invests in Integrated Biorefinery Optimization

NIFA has invested in a range of projects to expand the regional biofuel and bioproduct industries

Highlighting History: Japan’s Accelerated Innovations

The country’s history of using fermentation processes in as early as the third century gave scientists their first understanding of biotechnology

16 Januar 2018

Vielfalt bei Biokompositen

Erfolgreiche "Biocomposites Conference" in Köln

Axion launches ‘Design for Recycling’ service

Unique service could support industrial initiatives to increase the recycling of plastics and develop end markets for recycled plastics

A done deal: DSM completes purchase of Amyris’ Brotas 1 fermentation facility

Strategic alliance started in May 2017 and since been expanded with several significant product development collaborations

3D-Druckfilamente aus lokal produzierten Algen

Niederländische Designer versuchen den 3D-Druck nachhaltiger zu gestalten

Alkol Biotech agrees to supply 500,000 tonnes of biomass to Europe’s ‘largest’ biorefinery

Reliable and competitive biomass source will mean less costs in pre- and post-processing, and thus cost-effective renewable chemical building blocks

LanzaTech, Novozymes, Amyris, DSM, Enerkem, POET, BASF, Genomatica and Braskem take early Hot 50 voting lead

The Digest released the early-voting totals from Subscriber Voting — which do not yet include Invited International Selector votes

EU producers press for lower bioethanol duties / Competition from the Americas

The topic has gained currency during the ongoing trade negotiations between the EU and the “Mercosur” bloc that represents South American producers

15 Januar 2018

Global Bioenergies and Clariant unveil development of new bio-based cosmetics polymer for more natural formulations

Sustainable, isobutene-based ingredient for Personal Care lotions and creams

Global Bioenergies und Clariant geben die Entwicklung eines neuen bio-basierten Polymers für natürlichere Formulierungen von Kosmetika bekannt

Nachhaltig hergestelles Isobutene als Inhaltsstoff für Lotions und Cremes

Medical cannabis makes small steps in EU

On EU-level are existing no harmonised laws on medical cannabis use and member states decide their own legislation

The Materials Industry Is Pitching In to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

These companies are utilizing alternative technologies to reduce - and reuse - carbon dioxide emissions

Bambus Leichtbaukomposite: Materialeffizienz mit der am schnellsten wachsenden Pflanze der Welt

Arundoo Biomaterials nutzt die mechanischen Eigenschaften dieses Rohstoffes mit optimalen Ergebnissen

Oil’s Dream to Grow in Plastics Dims as Coke Turns to Plants

Use of bioplastics made from sugar cane, wood and corn will grow at least 50 percent in the next five years

An interview with Marc Palahí, director of EFI. “We must place the bioeconomy at the core of the EU Industrial, Climate and Sustainability Agenda”

Marc Palahí talks about the next steps which are needed to place the bioeconomy at the core of the EU industrial, climate and sustainability agenda

Mikrobe des Jahres 2018

Lactobacillus – lecker und gesund

12 Januar 2018

New sustainable packaging will allow a longer preservation of food product without metallized materials and modified atmospheres

Project REFUCOAT, coordinated by AIMPLAS, to develop innovative food packaging material based on biopolymers

Kasseler produziert Kuscheltiere aus Plastikflaschen

Malte Niebelschütz versucht, mittels Plastikrecycling die Ozeane zu retten

Sustainable Packaging Coalition elects representatives from McDonald’s, Nestlé USA, and Braskem to Executive Committee

SPC Executive Committee offers big opportunity for big companies to work together, making real progress in advancing sustainable packaging

2017: The year wood construction grew like a weed

Not even fantasy projects going to be discussed, but just the real stuff being built by real architects

Paints and varnishes based on potato starch

Fraunhofer researchers develop metal coating based on renewable raw materials

Farben und Lacke auf Basis von Kartoffelstärke

Fraunhofer Forscher entwickeln Metallbeschichtung auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Felda protests EU’s ban on palm oil

It is rather disappointing for Malaysia that the EU Parliament failed to recognise Malaysia’s efforts towards producing certified CSPO for the global market

Ontario Announces 20 Semi-Finalists for Solutions 2030 Challenge

The top eight teams from Phase 1 will be invited to participate in Phase 2 and will be awarded up to $250,000 per team to support costs related to their participation

11 Januar 2018

A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future

Download the report, infographics

Enabling Commercial Scale Biorefineries in Europe

Lignocellulosic feedstock will soon become a key strategic resource for chemical intermediates