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nova sucht: Projektmanager B2B-Kommunikation mit naturwissenschaftlichem Hintergrund (m/w/d)

Beschäftigung: 40 h/Woche, Festanstellung. Sie erwarten vielseitige Aufgaben in einem dynamischen und zukunftsorientierten Markt an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik

30 Oktober 2020

TWatch™ Greener Plastics: the high value Multi-Partner Technology Intelligence Program you must consider

TWatch™ Program dedicated to Greener Plastics will take place on November 12, 2020, from 14h30 to 15h30 CET

Multi-million-euro project transforms CO2 into green raw material in North Sea Port

They will also generate 44,000 tons of “green” methanol locally, which can be used as feedstock for the chemicals and renewables industries, as well as fuel for ships and trains

Durchbruch bei der Wasserstoff-Rückumwandlung aus Methanol für Brennstoffzellen

Projekt Metha-Cycle entkoppelt Windkraft vom Strombedarf

FUTERRO launches the first fully integrated PLA plant in China

New lactic acid and PLA units incorporate new patented technologies that allow the production of high-quality products at competitive costs

Harnessing sunlight to convert CO2 to fuels

Solistra, a spin-out from the University of Toronto, Canada, has developed a photoreactor to convert CO2 emissions into downstream products

Bacardi First in Fight Against Plastic Pollution With 100% Biodegradable Spirits Bottle

World’s most eco-friendly spirits bottle will biodegrade in 18 months

Bacardi ist mit zu 100% biologisch abbaubarer Spirituosenflasche Vorreiter im Kampf gegen Plastikmüll

Bacardi tauscht Rohöl gegen Pflanzenöl und ersetzt erdölbasierte Kunststoffe durch pflanzliches „Wundermaterial“ – im Kampf gegen die Verschmutzung durch Plastikmüll

Bolt Threads Partners With adidas, Kering, lululemon and Stella McCartney to Introduce Mylo™

The companies and Bolt Threads unite to form a first-of-its-kind Mylo consortium, a highly unique and creative collaborative partnership, to usher in a more sustainable future for fashion

The highest heat-resistant plastic ever is developed from biomass

While petroleum-based plastic products are currently stronger and more flexible than bioplastics, scientists in Japan are working to fix that problem.

Artificial Cyanobacterial Biofilm Can Sustain Solar-driven Ethylene Production for Over a Month

The research group at the University of Turku has designed a thin-layer artificial biofilm with embedded cyanobacterial cell factories

Communicating the bioeconomy through maps

The bioeconomy concerns and links together environmental, agricultural and industrial activities

Launch of the National Bioeconomy Forum

The National Bioeconomy Forum will provide a voice for a broad range of stakeholders, including industry, community groups, NGOs and relevant state bodies

29 Oktober 2020

TOP A new era begins: The Renewable Materials Conference, Cologne and online, 18–20 May 2021

Featuring a unique concept to present all sustainable and renewable material solutions at one event: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled www.renewable-materials.eu

Hemp in high-performance composites?

What potential do hemp fibres have to be used in fibre-reinforced composites - researchers of the Biomimetic Innovation Centre at HSB publish a comprehensive review with colleagues from France, Italy and England

Welches Potential haben Hanffasern für den Einsatz in Faserverbundwerkstoffen? Anwendungen von naturfaserverstärktem, spritzgegossenem Kinderspielzeug bis zu Hochleistungsverbundwerkstoffen im Sportbereich oder Bootsbau

Hochschule Bremen an internationaler Veröffentlichung zum Stand der Forschung und Entwicklung beteiligt

Seaweed may be the solution to our plastic crisis. A London startup is making edible packaging out of it

Notpla's natural plastic-like casing is biodegradable within four to six weeks, the company says

Diese Innovation macht Plastikflaschen überflüssig

Um den Plastikkonsum zu verringern, braucht es umweltfreundliche und ressourcenschonende Alternativen. Das britische Startup Notpla nutzt einen der regenerativsten Stoffe der Natur

LG Chem Develops World’s First Biodegradable New Material

Expected to be used broadly in areas such as eco-friendly packaging materials, mask felt, etc.

Electrochaea gründet US-Tochtergesellschaft

Der Power-to-Methan-Spezialist und europäische Energie-Innovator Electrochaea gründet eine kalifornische Tochtergesellschaft zur Einführung seiner marktreifen Power-to-gas Technologie in Nordamerika. Ziel: Dekarbonisierung des US-Gasnetzes, Umstellung auf erneuerbare Kraftstoffe und Nutzung der bestehenden Gasnetz Struktur zu Transport und Speicherung von grünem Methangas für eine nachhaltige Energiewirtschaft.

European Energy Innovator Electrochaea Establishes California Subsidiary to Launch Its Clean Renewable Methane Technology in North America

The business development activities of the U.S. subsidiary will focus on development and execution of commercial opportunities and partnerships

InverformTM – a new, sustainable paperboard alternative to plastic food trays

Trays made of Inverform with a plastic barrier have a substantially lower carbon footprint than the common plastic tray and can be recycled in existing paper recycling schemes

New book: The man who invented the bioeconomy

Bonaccorso did not write a book of denunciation, but the scenarios of that time are outlined with great clarity and wealth of detail

New Technology Turns Delivery Boxes into Biodiesel

A newly developed technology is capable of producing biodiesel, an eco-friendly fuel for automobiles, using paper waste generated by parcel deliveries

Dünger kontrolliert freisetzen dank Biopolymer-Chips

Ingenieurinnen und Ingenieure haben ein Verfahren konzipiert, mit dem Dünger gezielter in landwirtschaftlich genutzte Böden eingebracht werden kann

28 Oktober 2020

Total and Plastic Energy announce a strategic partnership and the construction of the first chemical recycling plant in France

This first project in France represents the start of the collaboration between Total and Plastic Energy to deploy chemical recycling

Total: Kooperation mit Plastic Energy

Erstes Projekt dieser Art in Frankreich soll der Start einer Zusammenarbeit zwischen Total und Plastic Energy werden, um das Chemische Recycling voranzubringen  

Fabbri Group: The “Nature Fresh” project wins the 2020 Packaging Award!

The new route traced by Gruppo Fabbri towards the complete compostability of food packaging is awarded “Best Packaging 2020 ” for Technological Innovation!

Swatch Bio-Reloaded!

Die jüngste Version eines Kult-Designs - mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Mutter Natur

Swatch is getting Bio-Reloaded!

The latest edition of an iconic design, with a boost from mother nature

Plastic from tapioca? Unpad students create more ecofriendly coronavirus burial shrouds

With burial shrouds commonly 2 square meters in size, the tapioca-made burial shrouds would degrade naturally within six months underground

Daten und Fakten zu Bioenergie

FNR veröffentlicht die „Basisdaten Bioenergie“ in 18. Auflage

Nordmann launches distribution partnership with Biofibre

Fiber-reinforced CO2 neutral biomaterials enabling Nordmann to offer their customers sustainably manufactured products

Arkema has successfully placed its inaugural Green Bond

This plant is designed with state-of-the-art technology in order to maximize its efficiency and minimize its environmental impact

First ever biodegradable clothes hanger

Hooks Creative - a Dutch company based in The Netherlands - has produced a fully biodegradable clothes hanger, made entirely of CO2 absorbing raw materials

27 Oktober 2020

Recycling Technologies, Neste and Unilever combine expertise to test and validate systems to chemically recycle waste plastics

The alliance will demonstrate new added-value applications for hard-to-recycle waste plastic materials, such as films, sachets and pouches

Neste, Recycling Technologies und Unilever bündeln Know-how, um Systeme zur chemischen Wiederverwertung von Altkunststoffen zu testen und zu validieren

Partnerschaft wird neue, werthaltige Anwendungen für Altkunststoffe wie Folien, Beutel und Tüten hervorbringen, die schwierig zu recyceln sind

Marchon Eyewear, Inc. partners with Eastman to be the first to produce and sell eyewear made with Eastman’s sustainable acetate

Scrap from Marchon's manufacturing of acetate frames can be diverted from landfills and used to produce new sustainable acetate

African Bamboo Selects Delft for Applied R&D Center

Dutch-Ethiopian company African Bamboo expands R&D activities in the Netherlands

ReNew ELP to build world’s first commercial-scale plastic recycling plant using Cat-HTR technology

Key benefit of the Cat-HTR technology is its ability to recycle multi-layer, flexible plastic materials or to process food-contaminated, mixed-polymer streams

Nachhaltige Alternativen zu Einmalprodukten aus Plastik

Papstar erweitert umweltfreundliches Sortiment

Toyobo agrees tie-up with Dutch bioventure company to produce 100% biobased resin that outstrips PET barrier performance

Toyobo plans to market PEF as a new material that surpasses PET in terms of barrier performance

ANL releases 2020 updates to GREET Models

Major expansion and updates to the GREET Models for 2020 include a new “E-fuel” tab that covers several e-fuel production pathways and a carbon capture and storage option

The European Forest Strategy takes a step forward

The EU Forest Strategy will need to be consistent with other relevant policies in place at different levels to enable local players to benefit fully from it

Our bio-based Pebax® material, in the heart of the Wave Rider 24 of Mizuno

Mizuno launches the new Wave Rider 24 with a bio-based Pebax Rnew wave plate

26 Oktober 2020

The path forward for a green transition highlighted at EFIB2020

Conference focused on advancing the green economy with biotechnology innovation and included 24 sessions with over 100 speakers

Flagship EU project aiming to replace toxic solvents with renewable alternatives launches today

The new ReSolute project is addressing the need for plant-based, higher-performing and safer chemicals in Europe

Baumrinde als Werkstoff der Zukunft

Keine Zauberei: Unter dem Namen "Patronus" werden Wein- und Bierkühler aus biologisch abbaubarer Baumrinde hergestellt

ADM and Spiber to Partner on Production of Innovative Biobased Polymers

Companies ally their skills to expand the production of Spiber’s innovative Brewed Protein™ polymers for use in apparel and other consumer products

Virtuelle Baustelle zeigt Einsatzmöglichkeiten für nachwachsende Bau- und Dämmstoffe

Themenseite der FNR erleichtert Verbrauchern die Produktauswahl

Porsche is researching synthetic fuels to make gas-powered cars sustainable

Synthetic fuel produced out of hydrogen and CO2 shares properties with kerosene, diesel and gasoline produced from crude oil, Porsche says