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17 Dezember 2018

TOP Michael Carus – Person of the Year 2018

The founding father and driving force of the German bioplastics movement is considered as one of the leading experts in agricultural resources and industrial materials

Nachhaltige Weichmacher für PVC: Projekt Bioweichmacher an der TUHH

Universitäts-Konsortium will neuartige Alternative zu herkömmlichen Weichmachern in PVC entwickeln

Wood-based innovations made an appearance at Independence Day Reception in Finland

Stora Enso's woodpulp has being used as a raw material in the evening gown made by Aalto University for Finland’s First Lady Jenni Haukio

Finnlands First Lady feiert Unabhängigkeitstag in Kleid aus holzbasierten Fasern

Stora Enso's holzbasiertes Garn diente als Ausgangsmaterial für die Abendrobe der First Lady Jenni Haukio

UK aims to double bioeconomy to £440 billion by 2030

New UK Bioeconomy strategy aims to increase the size of the impact of the bioeconomy from its 2014 level of £220 billion (€247 billion) to £440 billion (€494 billion)

New report issued by SusChem and partners: Robust Agenda to achieve Circularity of Plastics

The analysis from this report has helped to identify priorities, projects and the level of investment needed to achieve full circularity of plastics

Toy maker Lego to focus on renewable bioplastics

Bistra Andersen, senior product manager for materials at Lego was speaking to delegates at the European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin

Julia Klöckner: “Bauen mit Holz schützt aktiv das Klima”

Bundeswaldministerin eröffnet Veranstaltungsreihe "Charta für Holz 2.0 im Dialog" in Berlin

14 Dezember 2018

TOP Neste strengthens its global leading position in renewable products with a major investment in Singapore

Global market demand for low-carbon solutions in transport and cities, aviation, polymers and chemicals requiring investment on additional renewable products production capacity

Biome Technologies awarded further funding to scale solutions to plastic waste

Government's £6 million programme aims to use industrial biotechnology techniques to produce a new range of sustainable polymers

Mehr Bioplastik führt nicht zwingend zu mehr Klimaschutz

Studie der Universität Bonn untersucht mögliche Folgen einer Umstellung auf pflanzenbasierte Kunststoffe

Global Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites Market Overview 2018- 2023

Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (AERT), Trex Company Inc, Weyerhaeuser Company and Procotex SA Corporation NV

Windstrom zu speichern bleibt teuer

Deutschland hat bereits drei Dutzend Power-to-Gas-Anlagen. Sie sind zuverlässig, doch Preisrückgänge sind unrealistisch

The Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO 2018 is Jürgen Eck, CEO of BRAIN AG, Germany

The most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2018 is Jürgen Eck, CEO of BRAIN AG

Molecular insights into spider silk

Spider silk belongs to the toughest fibres in nature

Molekulare Einblicke in Spinnenseide

Spinnenseide zählt zu den belastbarsten Fasern der Natur

13 Dezember 2018

Bio-on and Hera create Lux-on the new challenge to produce bioplastic from CO2

New company founded by Bio-on aiming to revolutionise the production of PHAs biopolymers using CO2 captured from the atmosphere

Bio-on und Hera schreiten zur Umsetzung von Lux-on – ein neues Projekt zur Herstellung von Biokunststoff aus CO2

Neue Unternehmensgründung beabsichtigt, mittels CO2-Sequestrierung PHA-basierte Biopolymere zu produzieren

AMT Coffee unveils ‘let’s make the change’ bio-compostable cups for Christmas season

"It has taken years of research and development to source a fully bio-compostable coffee cup and lid."

Continental eröffnet Forschungs- und Versuchslabor für Löwenzahnkautschuk “Taraxagum Lab Anklam”

Fertigstellung nur ein Jahr nach Spatenstich

Circa Receives Green Light to Sell Non-toxic, Bio-based and Biodegradable Solvent in EU

With CyreneTM the company are offering a bio-based solution with an exciting new prospect for advanced materials

Industrielle Ausgangsstoffe biologisch produzieren

Chemiker des KIT entwickeln neues biokatalytisches Material für die „grüne“ Produktion werthaltiger Chemikalien – Veröffentlichung in Angewandte Chemie

How the airline industry is cleaning up its climate act

The jet fuel–with a carbon footprint smaller than regular fuel, but a comparable cost–is one way that the airline industry can begin to tackle its climate problem

Renmatix and Gevo Sign a Joint Development Agreement to Evaluate the Commercial Feasibility of Creating Cellulosic Hydrocarbons for Global Renewable Jet Fuel and Gasoline Markets

Will explore capabilities to produce renewable fuels and chemicals to meet expanding demand

12 Dezember 2018

European Bioeconomy Strategy Update: A Necessary Re-focus

Bioeconomy Strategy aims to make UK world-leader by 2030

Team converts wet biological waste to diesel-compatible fuel

University of Illinois researchers using hydrothermal liquification

Jetzt wird Schweinegülle zu Diesel-Treibstoff

US-Wissenschaftler der University of Illinois nutzen Technik der hydrothermalen Verflüssigung

UPM and LSB speak out over finalised REDll policy

Advanced biofuels are now definitely recognised as a fast-track route to decarbonisation of transport across the EU

Bringt organischer Redox-Speicher den Durchbruch?

Der Spezialist für Redox-Flow-Batterien, „CMBlu“, will mit dem Autozulieferer Schaeffler eine neue Speichertechnologie auf den Markt bringen: Organic Flow

KaiCell Fibers makes the bioeconomy protagonist in the Independence Day of Finland

KaiCell Fibers’ strive is to develop value-added bio-products

Zirkuläre Kunststoffwirtschaft: Fraunhofer-Cluster of Excellence »Circular Plastics Economy«

Fünf Fraunhofer-Institute wollen am Beispiel Kunststoff aufzeigen, wie Energie- und Materialströme einer Wertstoffkette in eine zirkuläre Wirtschaftsform überführt werden können

11 Dezember 2018

Carbolice announces official launch of Evanesto

Innovative enzymated masterbatch called Evanesto offers a totally biodegradable solution for PLA

New strength and safety tests pit timber against concrete and steel

Tests show that timber buildings have got quite a large capacity to resist progressive collapse

IfBB bei 13th European Bioplastics Conference: neue Marktzahlen 2018, Reststoffnutzung und Plasmafunktionalisierung für Biowerkstoffe

Neue Ausgabe von „Biopolymers – facts and statistics 2018“ veröffentlicht aktuelle Daten zu Markt, Rohstoff-, Wasser- sowie Flächenbedarf

Raising the youth’s awareness on the bioeconomy: the Think Biobased Challenge

It should be one of our primary goals for the children of the future to raise their awareness on the opportunities the bioeconomy can provide

Dutch company completes world’s first prefab house built of Cannabis

Dun Agro claims to be able to build 500 houses per year and easily scale up in case demand increases

Stora Enso and startup Sulapac have joined forces to develop renewable and biodegradable straws

The demo, which targets production on an industrial scale, is designed to replace traditional plastic straws with renewable ones

Coffee sunglasses, cotton biofuel cells, evolving yeasts, biobased boat stickers, microalgae chemicals, potato plastic, bioplastic shoes: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of December 5th

The pace of bioeconomy invention and change continues at a frenetic pace. Here are the top innovations for the week of December 5th

10 Dezember 2018

New market data: The positive trend for the bioplastics industry remains stable

Global bioplastics production capacity is set to increase from around 2.1 million tonnes in 2018 to 2.6 million tonnes in 2023

European Bioplastics: Neue Marktdaten – Biokunststoffindustrie wächst stabil

Produktionskapazitäten für Biokunststoffe werden in den kommenden Jahren von rund 2,11 Millionen Tonnen im Jahr 2018 auf etwa 2,62 Millionen Tonnen bis 2023 ansteigen

Don’t quibble with a gribble: why a curious crustacean could hold secret to making renewable energy from wood

Discovery brings researchers a step closer to identifying cheaper and more sustainable tools for converting wood into low carbon fuel

Think Biobased Challenge

For a transition to a Biobased Economy we need brilliant minds to develop innovative teaching materials that can be used to draw attention

Home sweet (hemp) home

Biobased materials are seeing ever more use in the construction sector, which needs to become more sustainable

Plastiksackerlverbot passiert den Ministerrat: Verbot ab 2020 geplant

Österreich: Am Mittwoch hat das von der Bundesregierung angekündigte Totalverbot von Plastiksackerln ab 2020 den Ministerrat passiert

Global Bioenergies receives letters of intent for purchases covering the capacity of its first plant project, IBN-One, a joint venture with Cristal Union

The letters of intent come from the cosmetics, specialty fuels, road fuels and air transport industries

Great strides for carbon capture using earth-abundant elements as photocatalytic system

Researchers at Tokyo Tech have designed a CO2 reduction method based only on commonly occurring elements

7 Dezember 2018

Aakar Innovations win the 13th Global Bioplastics Award

Indish company enables women to produce and distribute affordable, high-quality, 100% compostable sanitary napkins

TOP Total Corbion PLA starts-up its 75,000 tons per year bioplastics plant

Rayong plant will produce a broad range of Luminy® PLA resins from renewable, non-GMO sugarcane sourced locally in Thailand

TOP Total Corbion PLA: PLA-Komplex in Rayong gestartet

Neue Betriebsstätte will ein umfangreiches Sortiment der Luminy® PLA Harze aus regionalem, nachwachsenden GMO-freien Zuckerrohr herstellen

Startschuss für die “Bio-Agenda”

BMBF und BMWi starten mit einem Expertengespräch die Erarbeitung der "Bio-Agenda"