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18 Januar 2019

CAP Reform, an opportunity to enhance hemp varieties

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), currently on the table of the European Parliament, is an opportunity for hemp producers to increase the tetrahydrocannabinol content of varieties grown in Europe

European Industrial Hemp Association asked by European Commission to advise on traditional or novel food status of hemp extracts

EIHA would like to reiterate its position on hemp extracts

Canadian BioProducts Industry Strives to Increase Investor Interest

Report to follow on the Investment Readiness Survey of Canadian BioProducts

Organico – Biologischer Verbundwerkstoff aus Kalk, Kasein und Hanf

Verbundwerkstoffe aus rein biologischen bzw. nachwachsenden Rohstoffen entwickelt Designer Philipp Hainke im Projekt Organico

TheCircularLab creates a plastic from plant waste that can be recycled, composted and can biodegrade in a marine environment

New sustainable plastic is just one example of how packaging will be in the future

Kompetenz- und Informationszentrum Wald und Holz nimmt seine Arbeit auf

Dem neu geschaffenen KIWUH obliegen Fach- und Verbraucherinformationen rund um die Themen Wald, nachhaltige Forstwirtschaft und Holzverwendung

Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll recycle potato peelings into MDF substitute

New composite material is made from potato skins, bamboo, recycled wood or beer hops and a biodegradable binding agent

OMCs to set up units to manufacture sanitary napkins in Odisha

Ujjwala Sanitary Napkins Initiative will be launched as a CSR initiative, as state government launched a programme for free distribution to school going girls

Carbon Capturing: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide ABLC Guide to Carbon Engineering

Geoffrey Holmes, Business Development lead from Carbon Engineering gave this illuminating overview of their Direct Air Capture technology and their Air to Fuels at ABLC Global 2018 in San Francisco

Researcher: ‘The greatest bottlenecks can be expected for lithium and cobalt’

The economic transition will require new grid infrastructure, new distribution models and, perhaps most importantly, more raw materials

17 Januar 2019

‘Royal COSUN Biobased Products’ introduced 100% bio-based rheology modifier, developed during PULP2VALUE demonstration project, for various consumer applications such as liquid laundry products

Sugar beet pulp accounts for approx. 13 million tonnes in Europe and is a major residual stream from the sugar industry

The top ten bio-economy stories of 2018… revealed!

Some major breakthroughs and announcements and a glut of brands have been turned to bio-based and seek to make their products more sustainable

Bio-on and Rivoira give life to Zeropack the new sustainable and biodegradable products for the packaging of the fruit and vegetable

New technology involves the use of agricultural wastes as a carbon source for the production of bioplastic, fully organic and 100% biodegradable

Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids – Or, How Plants Build up Terpenoids in the Cells

Scientists have begun to explore ways how to use microorganisms to act as biosynthesizers of cannabinoids

BP announces its part in the Clean Gas Project, a world-first in CCUS technology for capturing emissions from gas-fired power generation

World’s first large-scale commercial facility for capturing carbon emissions from gas-fired power generation to be set up in Teesside

BP unterstützt die Speicherung und Nutzung von Kohlendioxid

Weltweit erstes kommerzielles Stromkraftwerk auf CCUS-Basis entsteht in Teesside

NFU magazine goes potty for peels in a bid to go green

National Farmers’ Union is now using waste potatoes for offering readers of its monthly membership magazine a starch-based postal sleeve for their next edition

Xiamen Marathon runs towards plastic-free future in line with UN Environment Clean Seas campaign

First international marathon around the world to officially join forces with the United Nations Environment Clean Seas campaign

Utilizing Food Waste to Produce Sustainable and Economical Bioplastics

Pedro F. Souza Filho has tried to find out ways to use food waste and reuse it in his study for the production of new food, animal feed, and bioplastics

Biodiversity can benefit from new technologies, EU official says

The decision also shocked the industry and farmers, who described it as a severe blow to innovation in EU agriculture and warned about economic and environmental consequences

16 Januar 2019

Nanollose creates the world’s first wearable fashion garment made from liquid waste

Company launched first of its kind sweater made from sustainable coconut waste and marks a breakthrough for sustainable alternatives

Italy: Bye-bye to cotton buds

Reportedly constitute about 9% of waste found on Italian beaches, authorities conducted an information campaign about the correct disposal of cotton buds

Oboya signs a cooperation agreement with Gaia regarding biomaterials

Joint collaboration means that Oboya uses Gaias biomaterials for the development of environmentally friendly products for the cultivation industry

Flexible Technologien für Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien

Ergebnisse aus drei Jahren Forschungsarbeit veröffentlicht – inklusive Handlungsempfehlungen für Kommunen, z.B. Power-to-X-Anlagen zu integrieren

Researchers develop a new houseplant that can clean your home’s air

University of Washington scientists have successfully modified a house-plant’s genes to make them work like a carcinogen filter

This sparkling water is the first drink to get its fizz from CO2 captured from the atmosphere

In Switzerland, a bottling plant owned by Coca-Cola is finding commercial applications for new climate capture technology

New composite advances lignin as a renewable 3D printing material

Lignin gives plants rigidity and also makes biomass resistant to being broken down into useful products

Cefic welcomes Commission Communication on Endocrine Disruptors

Cefic has welcomed the Commission Communication on Endocrine Disruptors, published last week

15 Januar 2019

TOP Fermentable sugar as a raw material for the chemical industry: first generation as sustainable as the second – significant reduction in greenhouse gases for both

New study conducts quantitative and qualitative sustainability assessment of bio-based raw materials for the chemical industry

TOP Fermentierbarer Zucker als Rohstoff für die chemische Industrie: Erste Generation ebenso nachhaltig wie die zweite – deutliche Reduktion von Treibhausgasen bei beiden

Neue Studie untersucht Nachhaltigkeit von bio-basierten Rohstoffen für die chemische Industrie, quantitativ und qualitativ

No more plastic in the ocean?

New sustainable tech developed by TAU researchers could free the world of its worst pollutant

New composite advances lignin as a renewable 3D printing material

Finding new uses for lignin can improve the economics of the entire biorefining process

Entwicklung von biologisch abbaubaren Trinkhalmen

Stora Enso und Start-up Sulapac kooperieren

Bioconstruction: beyond hempcrete

Biobased buildings are still a niche market, but latest research about industrial hemp materials have developed products that may be more competitive

BBI JU launches report of good national-level policies and strategies to support bio-based industries

This publication provides an overview of the status of policies and strategies to support the bio-based industrial sector at national level during 2017

VTT becomes an R&D partner in the Think Beyond Plastic innovation ecosystem

Collaboration was announced at the New Plastics Economy Investor Forum on 7th December

Researchers develop, test new system for making biorenewable chemicals

Researchers will test a new way of producing biobased chemicals that’s backed by 10 years of working in laboratories, partnering with industries and launching startups

‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies

The influence of Gen Z—the first generation of true digital natives—is expanding

14 Januar 2019

TOP Industrial hemp becomes the world’s billion-dollar business

Worldwide largest conference on industrial hemp in June 2019 in Cologne (Germany)

TOP More than 1,000 Hemp Industries Association® Members to Benefit from Official Designation of Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity

New bill redefines hemp as an agricultural commodity, paving the way for a massive expansion of economic opportunities across all sectors of the hemp industry

TOP Happy Holidays for many thanks to 2018 Farm Bill

The happy new Farm Bill shows a lot of promise for a wide range of biobased markets in the U.S. and for that, we are happy

Should you put your food waste in a compostable plastic bag?

Researchers estimating that compost from bio-waste plants in Germany add billions of microplastic particles to the environment every year

Pine needles from old Christmas trees could be turned into paint and food sweeteners in the future

University of Sheffield researchers saved abandoned Christmas trees from landfill and turned them into paint and food sweeteners

Süßungsmittel, Farbe, Plastik: Was Forscher mit alten Tannenbäumen machen wollen

Fällen, schmücken, wegschmeißen: Nach Weihnachten haben Tannenbäume ausgedient. Doch wohin mit den vertrockneten Resten? Wissenschaftler haben mehrere Ideen

Vegetable ashes as supplementary cementitious materials

Ashes resulting from firing agricultural wastes such as rice husk, sugar cane and others can be used as supplements

Synthetic biology start-up Colorifix raises $3m Series A round to scale its revolutionary textile dyeing solution

Colorifix uses synthetic biology methods to create a range of colours produced naturally by organisms such as microbes, plants, animals and insects

Remondis, Alba und Procter&Gamble gründen Initiative für mehr Recycling

Die dafür gegründete Initiative „geTon“ will die Akzeptanz für das Recyclingsystem in Deutschland bei Wirtschaft und beim Verbraucher weiter steigern

40% of EU budget should be dedicated to greening the economy, EESC says

Its proposed 40% earmarking for climate action is almost twice bigger than the European Commission’s own proposal

11 Januar 2019

TOP Stora Enso partners with H&M group and Inter IKEA group to industrialize TreeToTextile

TreeToTextile JV aims to use renewable forest raw material and regenerates the cellulose into a textile fiber

Research looks at waste wood in construction sector

New project will look to assess waste wood arising from construction and demolition sites for hazardous properties