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28 Juni 2017

Europe, Flanders, the Province of East-Flanders and the City of Ghent invest €9,36 million in the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Investment will be used to build up new research infrastructure specifically for gas fermentation and Down-Stream Processing

Rettenmaier & Söhne: Pflanzliche Verdicker für Kosmetika entwickelt

Gute technische Eigenschaften, bei Temperaturstabilität und Haptik noch Verbesserungsbedarf

Beleaf Chair – Sitzmöbel aus Laub und einem biobasierten Bindemittel

Kreativer slowakischer Designer ertüftelt bachtenswerte Entwicklung aus Laub und Bio-Harz

Nordson receives Plastpol Poland Innovation Award for Xaloy® MPX Wear Coating Technology for plasticating screws

Xaloy MPX thermal spray coating is made up of particles only 5 microns in diameter

Nordson releases PLA screw and barrel package

The new Xaloy PLA screw and barrel package from Nordson eliminates guesswork and minimizes start-up complications for molders and extrusion processor

Lenzing: EcoVero™ fibers – new industry standard in eco-friendly viscose

Achieving low environmental impact requires developing eco-friendly raw materials and a sustainable manufacturing process

NatureWorks launches Performance Chemicals Division

Vercet™ lactide-based chemistries offering will be more or less customized to provide solutions rather than just drop-ins

Eastman makes China the global launch for new bioplastic

Eastman Chemical Co. launched a new bioplastic material at the Chinaplas trade show that's made 50 percent from trees from sustainably managed forests

27 Juni 2017

BIC Announces New SIRA Roadmap to Develop Europe’s Bioeconomy

Updated SIRA addresses the technological and innovation challenges facing the bio-based industries

Polyamid aus Rizinusöl

Bio-Fed ergänzt Portfolio um biobasierte PA 6.10-Compounds auf Basis von Sebacinsäure

Emery Oleochemicals Announces New High-Performance Plasticizer, EDENOL® DOZ

Response to market demand for more readily available azelaic acid-derived plasticizers specifically designed for PVC and synthetic rubber applications

Shell Homage – BioComposites mit Schalen von Eiern, Nüssen und Kakaobohnen

Ägyptische Designerin produziert Möbel und Alltagsgegenstände aus selbst entwickelten biobasierten Verbundwerkstoffen

Innovation in the European Bioeconomy: 15 million euro project optimizes value chains for miscanthus and hemp

EU project with 22 partners from science, agriculture, and industry - new varieties, cultivation on unused areas, biomass value chains, life cycle assessment, and knowledge transfer

Von der Biomasse zum Produkt: Uni Hohenheim leitet Bioökonomie-Projekt über 15 Mio. Euro

EU-Projekt mit 22 Partnern aus Wissenschaft, Landwirtschaft und Industrie - Neue Sorten, Anbau auf ungenutzten Flächen, Ökobilanz und Wissens-Transfer

Corbion granted halal and kosher certification for its PATIONIC® polymer additives

Corbion can now enable its customers to satisfy rising consumer demand for complete halal and kosher-certified products across a variety of applications

NatureWorks Creates Performance Chemicals Division and Launches Vercet Product Line

The customizable properties of Vercet polyols provide excellent hardness, solvent resistance, and low color in polyurethanes

Oslo airport imports biofuels from California, greens doubt benefit

The jet fuel blend sold for planes in Oslo now has 0.2 percent biofuels in the test project

26 Juni 2017

RoadToBio: Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy

The roadmap will specify the benefits for the chemical industry along the path from fossil-based industry towards a bioeconomy to meet the societal needs in 2030

New Biomaterials Showcase Biosuccinium® as Front-runner with Winning Footprint

Innovative Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes have a significant share of bio-based content and will enable more sustainable products

Efficient Steam Generation with Sunlight

Researchers developed a solar steam generation device based on carbon nanotube-modified flexible wood membrane

Chancen der Bioökonomie in Bayern

Empfehlungen des regionalen Sachverständigenrates Bioökonomie wurden auf  Veranstaltung diskutiert

Sarnia to play role in developing sustainable, renewable plastic

Partnership aims to develop and launch a PET plastic bottle made from 100 per cent sustainable and renewable bio-based material

Unbreakable material made of biopolymers

Evonik and the Taiwanese company Sungo team up to create a drinking bottle made from more than 50 percent renewable raw materials, such as palm kernel and coconut oil

Sunfire produces sustainable crude oil alternative

Power-to-liquid plant in Dresden for first time was operated continuously for more than 1,500 hours

Blue Crude: Sunfire produziert nachhaltigen Erdölersatz

Power-to-Liquids Anlage lief erstmalig im Dauerbetrieb über mehr als 1.500 Stunden

Catia Bastioli calls for action: “A circular approach to bioeconomy”

The circular bioeconomy revolution more than economic is social and cultural, and is based on local communities

The bio route to BTX: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Anellotech

Once research is completed Anellotech will license its Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis process to industrial users around the world

23 Juni 2017

BioAmber Launches a Pharmaceutical Grade for its Bio-succinic Acid

By achieving this new benchmark, all global customers can be assured BioAmber's facility adheres to the rigorous quality control standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Algen als neue Ressource – Outdoorschuhe aus algenbasiertem EVA-Schaumstoff

Vivobarefoot bietet unter dem Namen Ultra 3 einen wasserfesten Outdoorschuh an, der der bis zu 40% aus Algen besteht

Scientists make plastic from sugar and carbon dioxide

New BPA-free plastic could potentially replace current polycarbonates in items such as baby bottles and food containers

FDCA (2,5-furandicarboxylic acid) biorefineries

In recent years, FDCA has received significant attention due to its wide application as a substitute of petrochemical-derived terephthalic acid in the synthesis of useful polymers

HEXPOL TPE helps Grund go Green

Grund company using Dryflex Green thermoplastic elastomers in their new generation bed slat holders

HEXPOL TPE hilft Firma Grund “grün” zu werden

Dryflex Green TPEs für eine neue Generation von Lattenrostkappen

Brazil approves world’s first commercial GM sugarcane: developer CTC

It will take at least three years for the first shipments of sugar produced from GM crops to reach export markets, Chief Executive Officer Gustavo Leite told Reuters

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Invests in bio-based feedstock company Origin Materials

The company has successfully demonstrated the technology in its Sacramento pilot plant

Arkema celebrates 70th anniversary of bio-based Arkema celebrates the 70th birthday of its flagship Rilsan® polyamide 11 brandnylon

“A proven legacy. An exciting future.” is the theme for Arkema’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the invention of its flagship Rilsan® polyamide

22 Juni 2017

Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapour

Australian researcher newly developed a compound that acts like silica gel, also acts as a semi-conductor and catalyses the splitting of water atoms

Biokunststoffe: Die durchsichtige Revolution

Kunststoffe, die aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen hergestellt werden und biologisch abbaubar sind, wecken große Erwartungen. Zu Recht?

Performance Polyamides 2017: Long-chain bio-polyamides among RadiciGroup products showcased

At the second edition of the prestigious conference, the Group presents its long-chain polyamides (LCPAs) for technical applications

RadiciGroup auf der Performance Polyamides 2017: Langkettige Polyamide, auch auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Auf der zweiten Auflage der renommierten Konferenz präsentiert die Gruppe langkettige Polyamide für technische Anwendungen

Eco-friendly bioplastics in the bag for Japanese retailers

Environmentally conscious consumers have responded positively to the initiative from Businesses and authorities

interpack 2017 presented many new bioplastic packaging solutions

More than 30 bioplastics companies presented their products and innovative bio-based materials

VIDEO: Arkema celebrates 70 years of Rilsan PA11

The 70th year celebration kicked off on 10 June at its production facility and research center in Serquigny

Metall-Phönix aus der Müll-Asche

Aschen und Schlacken aus Müllverbrennungsanlagen (MVA) stellen in Österreich den größten Sekundärressourcenstrom dar

21 Juni 2017

Mehr Ressourceneffizienz durch Kaskadennutzung von Biomasse – von der Theorie zur Praxis

Endbericht jetzt frei verfügbar

Bio-based solvent EU project launched

Three-year project looking for alternatives to substances categorized as very high concern

Stora Enso liefert Holz für eines der größten Holzbauprojekte in Skandinavien

Arbeiten an Trummens Strand sollen bis zum Jahreswechsel 2018/2019 abgeschlossen sein

Das Potenzial nichtheimischer Baumarten für den forstlichen Anbau in Deutschland sachlich und vorurteilsfrei prüfen

In Nordrhein-Westfalen entstehen Versuchsflächen mit breitem Spektrum von Atlas-Zeder bis Westliche Hemlocktanne – Andreas Schütte von der FNR übergibt Förderbescheide

Vivobarefoot X Bloom – the ultra III made using algae

The world’s first plant-based, high-performance solution to synthetic and petroleum-based flexible foams

New report out on China’s market for biodegradable plastics

Report estimates the domestic market 2016 for bio-plastics had sales of over 130,000 tons, with an additional 160,000 tons exported