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24 Juni 2016

Near superhydrophobic coating synthesized from rice husk ash: Anti-fouling evaluation

Rice husk ash was explored to substitute the use of common nanoparticles in superhydrophobic coating

Power to Gas: progress in regions; obstacles in federal law

dena’s Potentiality Atlas identifies four key regions - Strategy Platform recommends legal changes

Power to Gas: Fortschritte in Regionen, Hindernisse in Bundesgesetzen

dena-Potenzialatlas identifiziert vier Schwerpunktregionen - Strategieplattform empfiehlt Gesetzesänderungen

A.J. Plast and BASF co-develop new packaging film made from bio-based Ultramid polyamide

New film provides good oxygen, moisture and aroma barriers as well as good heat and chemical resistance

Why Airbus wants slime from green algae to fuel its planes

Algae grows faster and produces higher energy yields than other plants, but is much more expensive to turn into fuel than traditional petroleum byproducts

Anellotech moving closer to production for bio-based PET

The aim is to start with agricultural residue or wood and make usable product in one reactor

23 Juni 2016

Sweet smell of success: Greenyug, ADM taking biobased chemicals to scale

Greenyug, commercializing its Ethyl Acetate technology through a joint venture

BIC and Vanguard Initiative sign Bioeconomy MoU

Collaboration to support improved access to funding and awareness-raising activities

Erneuerbare Energien: Biogas kann überschüssige Solar- und Windenergie speichern

Fehlende Speicheroptionen sind ein Problem der Energiewende - Forscher der Universität Hohenheim erproben Biogas zur Speicherung

BPM symposium 2016 highlights growing opportunities of the biobased economy

The Dutch Biobased Performance Materials program is a unique phenomenon in the biobased world

New plant engineering method could help fill demand for crucial malaria drug

New processing technique allows low-cost mass production for medicine

Tabakpflanzen können helfen den Bedarf an Malariamedikamenten zu decken

Neue Verfahrenstechniken ermöglichen kostengünstige Massenproduktion von Medikamenten

22 Juni 2016

New “green” PLA tamper-evident seal yields cost savings for customers

New biodegradable polylactic acid film is made from sustainable, 100% annually renewable plant sugars

Mit „Öko-Trafos“ Mineralöl ersetzen

Landesweites Pilotprojekt der Netze BW - Eine der ersten Anlagen wurde in Sielmingen installiert

Verdezyne Wins Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

Award from the EPA Recognizes “Landmark Green Chemistry Technology”

Why Bio-Based is the Next Step in the Sustainability Journey for Tide

P&G focused on constantly innovating to meet changing consumer and social needs

Murray McLaughlin, Bioindustrial Innovation: Canada is working on a bioeconomy strategy

In this Interview Murray McLaughlin talks about bioeconomy in Canada, climate change, biomass, Green public procurement, carbon tax and other policies

21 Juni 2016

TOP Premiere for new raw material: Covestro launches industrial production of plastics using carbon dioxide

Production plant opens in Dormagen - Innovative foam components manufactured with 20 percent CO2

TOP Premiere für neuen Rohstoff: Covestro startet industrielle Kunststoff-Herstellung mit CO2

Produktionsanlage in Dormagen eröffnet - 20 Prozent Kohlendioxid in neuartiger Schaumstoff-Komponente

A demo installation of a biobased, biodegradable and additivated mulching developed in Aitiip is starting this week

Life + Multibiosol project developing a biobased, biodegradable film and also improves soil properties

Thüga-Gruppe: Strom zu Gas-Technologie auch für Primärregelenergiemarkt geeignet

Wirkungsgrad der neuen Anlage übertraf Erwartungen der Thüga-Projektpartner

Methanol is a CO2 Utilization Pathway

Serious policy discussion needed about biomethanol and the central role it can play in a clean energy economy

Start-Up White Dog Labs wins DOE Grant for technology that could dramatically increase biochemicals yield while decreasing carbon dioxide emissions

Company will debut high feedstock-utilization technology, MixoFerm™, at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Milwaukee on June 21st.

20 Juni 2016

Vertellus Specialties Inc. businesses in the United States files for voluntary Chapter 11 protection

Filing includes all of the U.S.-based locations with exceptional Vertellus SBH Business

Biobased polyethylene self-adhesive label supports brands in their quest for more sustainable packaging

In collaboration with Braskem and Avery Dennison, EEQO selects the sugarcane-based self-adhesive solution for its product-labeling

Grafe: Neues PLA-Additiv und neuer elektrisch leitfähiger Biokunststoff

Neue Einsatzmöglichkeiten für PLA durch Erweiterung des Temperaturbereichs bei der Verarbeitung sowie Reduzierung des Schrumpfverhaltens

Turning CO2 into rock

International study has shown for the first time that the greenhouse gas CO2 can be permanently and rapidly locked away by injecting it into volcanic bedrock

Speicherung von Klimagas – CO2 versteinert schneller als gedacht

Wenn man CO2 unterirdisch speichert, wird es schneller zu Stein als bisher angenommen. Ein Durchbruch beim Kampf gegen die Erderwärmung?

17 Juni 2016

Lego examines all options for sustainable materials

Company's open-ended approach means is not restricting itself to just bio-based plastics

Synthetic Biology – The next renewables frontier?

More and more interests focusing on microbial genome engineering tools for chemicals production

Chemicals from wood waste

New study shows, biotechnological manufacture using wood waste is either significantly cheaper or considerably more eco-friendly than conventional methods based on oil

Chemikalien aus Holzabfällen

Neue Studie zeigt auf, dass biotechnologische Herstellung von Bernsteinsäure aus Biomasse im Vergleich zur konventionellen aus Erdöl deutlich günstiger oder deutlich umweltfreundlicher ist

Chemists settle longstanding debate on how methane is made biologically

Understanding how microbes generate methane might help scientists find ways to control pollution or make fuels

16 Juni 2016

OSU researching bacteria to begin biofuel production process

Researchers look to develop cost-effective bioconversion treatments for lignin

South Florida man creates company, car made of cannabis hemp

Bruce Dietzen creates Renew company, new type of sports car

Better waste management on land essential to solve the problem of marine litter

New UNEP-report states that there are currently no solutions to marine debris

Cellulose: new understanding could lead to tailored biofuels

In the search for low emission plant-based fuels, new research may help avoid having to choose between growing crops for food or fuel

The new cellulosic value chain: The Digest’s 8-Slide Guide to Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Sandy Marshall, chairman of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, gave this overview at ABLC Feedstocks.

15 Juni 2016

Kultevat receives first process patent for dandelion rubber

The patent covers a process involving the simultaneous extraction of rubber and inulin

Novamont wins the EUBIA Award 2016 for her contribution to the development of green chemistry

Company demonstrated an high effort in supporting biomass development

Novomer Announces Successful Commercial-Scale Trials Of Converge® Polyols in Rigid Foams

Materials enabled Ford to produce sustainable foams and plastics that meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry - a first for automakers

Endlich Ferien! Paula und Leon fahren zu Bauer Hubert aufs Land und staunen nicht schlecht …

Bioökonomie im Alltag: In „Bauer Hubert und die bunte Schule“ dreht sich alles um aus Natur gemachte Produkte

Synthetic Biotechnology enables sustainable production of bioactive natural substances

A new molecular toolkit for the de-novo design of bioactive agents

Synthetische Biotechnologie ermöglicht nachhaltige Produktion bioaktiver Naturstoffe

Wirkstoffe aus dem Baukasten

14 Juni 2016

The Investissements d’Avenir programme provides €9 million funding to Global Bioenergies and IBN-One, as part of a programme involving Cristal Union and L’Oréal

New opportunities identified in the cosmetics industry

Im Rahmen des französischen Programms Zukunftsinvestitionen wird Global Bioenergies und IBN-One für ein gemeinsames Projekt mit Cristal Union und L’Oréal eine Förderung in Höhe von 9 Millionen Euro gewährt

Neue Absatzmöglichkeiten in der Kosmetikindustrie erkannt

Global Bioenergies: The Leuna demo plant has received all major equipment units

Plant will be used to complete the development of the technology

Carbon Nanofibers from Sustainable Sources

Arab researchers developed a synthesis of CNFs which uses lignin and recycled PET

Ahem, it’s the chems: The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to Sofinnova and biobased chemicals private equity

Company chief Denis Luquin gave these slides on renewable chemical private equity at ABLC 2016

SC Delivers First BIC Annual Report

Comprehensive review of BIC’s priorities, activities and achievements