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19 Februar 2019

AIMPLAS maintains its leading position in plastic materials testing by obtaining TÜV AUSTRIA certification

Technology centre at the forefront of accredited tests for plastic materials in Europe

Carbonfasern aus Kohlendioxid

Wissenschaftler wandeln Treibhausgas mithilfe von Algen in Kohlenstofffasern um

Biopolymer films market value to surpass $6.7 billion by 2025

In 2017, packaging continues to account for the lion’s share of biopolymer film consumption, mainly multilayer films for food and beverages

Erste deutsche Cannabis-Ernte wohl 2020

Eigentlich sollte schon in diesem Jahr das erste medizinische Hanf aus Deutschland geerntet werden. Doch Unternehmen streiten sich darum, wer anbauen darf

Circa Group’s Commercial Demonstration Plant Comes Online and Produces First Batch of 99% pure Cyrene®

Joint venture between Circa and company Norske Skog is starting to produce a steady stream of the non-toxic solvent

BP, Drax and IP Group back C-Capture with £3.5m funding

It will use the cash to further develop its technology, which removes carbon emissions from power stations and cement, steel and aluminium facilities

Could This Biotechnology Innovation Help Combat Climate Change?

Through the institute’s Ideal Plant initiative, researchers hope to develop plants that can store more carbon dioxide in their roots

‘It’s complicated’: EU offers political backing but no funding for CCS

The European Commission is now “in the final stages” of preparing the ETS innovation fund

18 Februar 2019

Arkema showcases its range of performance materials for sports equipment at ISPO Munich 2019

New grades in the Pebax® Rnew® bio-based range, derived from sustainable castor oil, to be highlighted

Andaltec and Biobullet launch a joint project to develop bullets made of biodegradable metal-additised plastic

Innovative sustainable ammunition decomposes in the ground, is safer and completely fit for use in regular weapons

Sneakerlabel Veja: Neuer Lederersatz aus Maisabfällen

Mit einer Verbindung aus Maisabfällen gewachster Baumwollcanvas ergibt C.W.L. - das perfekte Lederimitat

Carbon dioxide now being captured in first of its kind BECCS pilot

The first BECCS pilot project of its kind in the world at Drax Power Station – the UK’s biggest renewable power generator, has started capturing carbon dioxide

Britische Verbrennungsanlage holt erstmals CO2 aus der Luft

Ohne negative Emissionen werden die Klimaziele sonst nicht zu schaffen sein

Flax fiber skis, biobased turf for 2020 Olympics, Gevo’s isoprene, Veja vegan leather, castor oil jacket membrane and more

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of February 8th

Neste describes 2018 as ‘outstanding’ for renewables

Renewable diesel delivered to end-users increased from 25% to 30% of total volumes

Breaking down bioplastics myths, realities

Ask any 10 people what bioplastics are, and the odds are that nine will get it wrong

Consumer Values Drive Demand for the Bioeconomy Specialty Chemicals

The article concludes that identifying upfront the ultimate consumer target market segment and aligning the B2B brand to consumer demand is critical for commercial success

15 Februar 2019

First production of isobutene from wheat straw at demo scale

Aim of the project is a new value chain combining Global Bioenergies bio-Isobutene process with technologies developed by Clariant and INEOS

STORE&GO-Anlage macht erneuerbare Energie speicherbar

Feierliche Eröffnung der Forschungsanlage für gesamteuropäisches Forschungsprojekt

Igloo’s Patent Pending Recool Cooler Takes Home Gear Junkie’s “Best in Show Award”

"Recool" is comprised of 100% biodegradable materials and is made in the USA from molded pulp

Jugend forscht: Originelles von Schülern aus der VG Flammersfeld

Neunjähriger beeindruckte Jury mit selbst entwickeltem biologisch abbaubaren Porzellan, das kompostiert werden kann

MEGA MEG – Braskem and Haldor Topsoe’s monoethylene glycol from sugar is in operation

Cooperation agreement between Braskem and Haldor Topsoe focusing a new technology for converting sugar into MEG at a single industrial unit

Start-up macht Geniales aus weggeworfenen Avocado-Kernen

Warum macht man eine natürliche Avocado zu Plastik, das im schlimmsten Fall im Meer landet? Ein Start-up aus Mexiko hat gute Gründe dafür

Starch from Lotus Stem, Whey & Isabgol: Researchers Develop Biodegradable Film

There has been an increase in the research to develop biodegradable packaging materials using natural agro-based polymers

Exploitation permit for CO2 storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Equinor has been awarded an exploitation permit for CO2-storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Bioplastics: Promising but pricey

Polyhydroxyalkanoates are a family of bio-based plastics that would seem to have everything going for them

14 Februar 2019

TOP Trend Report on Carbon Dioxide-based Polymers – Technologies, Polymers, and Producers

Already more than 160,000 tonnes of CO2-based polymers on the market

Braskem and Haldor Topsoe startup demo unit for developing renewable MEG

Pilot plant's operation marks a decisive step in confirming the technical and economic feasibility of producing renewable MEG on an industrial scale

UD researchers synthesize renewable oils for use in lubricants

Findings report a strategy to create renewable lubricant base oils efficiently from non-food biomass

Benjamin Stern: Wie wir endlich von der Flasche loskommen

19-jähriger Amerikaner entwickelt Verpackungen, die sich noch in der Dusche auflösen

DuPont and NIPI™, Makers of Thindown®, Partner To Create A Revolutionary Next Generation of Down Fabric

Innovative material brands are collaborating for a single, seamless sheet of Sorona® and Thindown® fabric – offering superior warmth and breathable insulation

Anstecker ohne Mikroplastik: Mit dem Wiener biobutton biologisch abbaubar die Meinung sagen

Startup biobutton setzt bei seinen neuen Ansteckern aus Holzfasern auf Nachhaltigkeit

NTU Singapore scientists find one more reason for us to love the durian

Researchers found that Durian seeds not only contain necessary elements to serve as a food stabiliser, but also support probiotics

Scientist Makes Bioplastic Out of Discarded Olive Pits Thanks to Her Dad’s Strange Eating Habits

Young Turkish woman has received several awards and grants for her groundbreaking work, hopes that her Start-up Biolive will continue

Biofuel sustainability criteria ‘blocked’ in EU Commission

Proposed low-risk certification scheme criteria seemed “too light” to some commissioners, as it would pave the way for an easier entering of palm oil in the EU-market

Biofuel production in sub-Saharan Africa could be prioritized for aviation

WWF report: "Taking off: Understanding the sustainable aviation biofuel potential in sub-Saharan Africa"

EU’s Joint Research Centre publishes report on biobased chemicals

The authors identify production costs as the main barrier to growth of the biobased chemicals market

13 Februar 2019

Carbios and Carbiolice enter into a joint development agreement with Novozymes for long-term supply of enzymes at industrial-scale

Collaboration aims to act as a catalyst by making single use plastics environmentally-friendly and cost competitive

Algen als Gebäudeverkleidung

Algenvorhang ermöglicht CO2-Speicherung und Kühlung

European Commission welcomes ECHA’s opinion on restricting microplastics intentionally added to products

Dossier reviews available scientific information on hazards of microplastics, identifies their uses and emissions, and tries to assess the risks

Carbon pricing and digital tax find traction in Davos

At World Economic Forum, the issue of improving the tax system by fighting against tax havens and closing loopholes played an important role

Forscher entwickeln einen nachhaltigen Kunststoff aus Krabben und Baumfasern

Der ist biologisch abbaubar und schützt Lebensmittel besser als normales Plastik

China Pulp & Paper Industry – Macro Policies and Challenges

As the world 2nd largest economy, China is trying utmost effort to strengthen its macro policies to guide its Pulp & Paper players

“I can’t believe it’s not leather!” Veja debuts eco-friendly vegan kicks

Veja, a Paris based eco-company partners directly with organic cotton farmers in Brazil and Peru and with rubber tappers in the Amazon

No Carbon Left Behind: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to LanzaTech

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, gave this illuminating overview at ABLC Global 2018 in San Francisco

Novel unusual sugar from cyanobacteria acts as natural herbicide

Chemists and microbiologists at Tübingen University discover sugar molecule that inhibits the growth of plants and microorganisms and is harmless to human cells ‒ An alternative to controversial glyphosate?

Ungewöhnlicher Zucker aus Cyanobakterien wirkt als natürliches Herbizid

Chemiker und Mikrobiologen der Universität Tübingen entdecken Zuckermolekül, das Pflanzen und Mikroorganismen hemmt und für menschliche Zellen ungefährlich ist ‒ Eine Alternative für das umstrittene Glyphosat?

12 Februar 2019

World Health Organization recommends rescheduling cannabis, provides clarity on CBD

New report recommends several changes to how cannabis is scheduled, which could have significant implications for the cannabis industry

The European Industrial Hemp Association names Ms Lorenza Romanese as Managing Director

Lorenza is taking over Mr Michael Carus duties, who lead the association for the last 13 years

Eastman Naia showcases sustainable fashion at Première Vision

Eco-conscious cellulosic yarn poised to revolutionize womenswear