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27 April 2015

PZ Wilmar set to make Nigeria global leader in oil palm production

Company's goal is to restore Nigeria to its former position as world leader in oil palm production

BMBF: Ideenwettbewerb “Neue Produkte für die Bioökonomie”

Erster Stichtag für neue Produktideen sowie erste Machbarkeitsuntersuchungen ist der 15. August

Neues BIOPRO Magazin erschienen

Das BIOPRO Magazin ist kostenlos und kann online bei der BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg bestellt werden

Plastverarbeiter: Rohstoff-Basis für Biokunststoffe

Molekülbaukasten aus erneuerbaren Rohstoffen für biobasierte Kunststoffe

Netherlands: ECN invention reduces cost of biofuel

Research institute seeking companies to improve and apply the technology

Can you believe this dress is made from beer?

A dress made from fermented beer and bacteria is going to be put on display at the World Expo 2015 in Milan

Zebulon company develops wine industry’s first carbon-neutral synthetic cork

Nomacorc company making a cork that does not only enhance a wine's flavor by controlling the oxygen flow, but also have a minimal impact on the environment

China Steel green-lights commercial-scale LanzaTech advanced biofuels project

Phase 1 will produce 17M gallons/year of gasoline blendstock and ethanol; in Phase 2, a 34M gallon facility.

Alternative fuels: sunfire now produces synthetic fuel from air, water and green electrical energy

German Federal Minister of Education and Research receives the first litres / Car manufacturer Audi confirms the fuel’s eco-friendliness

Mobilitätsrevolution: sunfire produziert erstmals Dieselkraftstoff aus Wasser und CO2

Dresdner Cleantech-Unternehmen löst Versprechen vom 14. November ein

24 April 2015

Simulationsberechnungen für Automobilbauteile aus naturfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen künftig möglich

Ford ermittelt mit 10 Partnern grundlegende Daten und entwickelt praxistaugliches Modell für die Spritzgieß- und Crash-Simulation

Biome Bioplastics leads £3m sustainable chemicals development programme

Researchers consortium to harness industrial biotechnology techniques to produce bio-based chemicals from lignin at a scale suitable for industrial testing

Sofinnova Partners announces Renewable Chemistry Start-up Award

Award is open to start-up companies with a revenue of less than $5M, who are active in renewable chemistry, industrial biotechnology or renewable fuels

Künstlicher Kautschuk – So leistungsstark wie aus der Natur

Vier Fraunhofer-Institute wollen synthetischen Kautschuk so optimieren, dass dieser so leistungsfähig wird wie Naturkautschuk

Plastik und Treibstoff aus CO2

Die Bundesregierung wird mehrere Milliarden Euro in innovative Technologien investieren, die sich mit nachhaltiger Entwicklung beschäftigen. Zum Beispiel mit der Herstellung von Treibstoff aus dem Treibhausgas CO2.

Ginkgo Solar Tree, a solar powered phone and tablet charger made from biobased plastics

Unique Ginkgo tree solar charger is made by XD Design from eco-friendly plastic and bamboo

False claims of so-called biodegradation-promoting additives are dangerous for the environment

MSU research found no evidence that any of the tested additives promoted and/or enhanced biodegradation

Iowa bill aims to create tax credit for renewable chemicals

If signed into law, the credit would be available retroactively to Jan. 1, 2015 and would expire after calendar year 2025

Naturstoffe: Sandelholz-Gelb erstmals chemisch synthetisiert

LMU-Forscher bauen erstmals biomimetisch den Naturstoff Santalin Y im Labor nach und entdecken dabei einen neuen chemischen Reaktionsweg

23 April 2015

Beet residues used to perfection

Dutch pilot biorefinery to be explored in producing high-performance fibers, specialty sugars, sugar acids and recovering oligosaccharides from pulp

Biobased plastics prices during Hannover Messe

Holland Innovation Award for Janssen Precision Engineering and Greijn Form Technics

Invista says market is slowly warming up to biobased Lycra fiber

Company is currently examining the possibilities of developing a 100% bio spandex fiber

Arla chooses 100% renewable Tetra Rex Bio-based for Eko brand organic milk

"Tetra Rex Bio-based offers customers a fully renewable package made from materials that can be traced back to their plant-based source."

NABU-Studie: Plastikflut in Deutschland wird bis 2030 erheblich anwachsen

Nur durch massive Eingriffe kann Trend zu immer mehr Plastik gestoppt werden

Kleider aus Milch: Wie ein Startup aus Hannover die Textilindustrie umkrempelt

QMilch wird GreenTec Award in der Kategorie Produktion am 29. Mai in Berlin verliehen

Seedling grid recommended for coherent design of compostable (biowaste) bags

Uniform design to help consumers to identify certified bags for the organic waste collection

Air Liquide starts up a large hydrogen production unit in Germany

Bayer MaterialScience secures supply of raw materials for the production of polyurethane foam at the Dormagen site

Air Liquide eröffnet große Wasserstoff-Produktionsanlage in Deutschland

Bayer MaterialScience sichert sich Rohstoffversorgung zur Produktion von Polyurethanschaumstoff am Standort Dormagen

Researchers use plant oils for novel bio-based plastics

Researchers have developed a new way to use plant oils like olive and linseed oil to create polyurethane, a plastic material used in everything from foam insulation panels to tires, hoses and sealants

Biofuels Digest’s 2015 5-Minute Guide

The potrait of DuPont Industrial Bioscience

22 April 2015

TOP nova-Institute and Patentopolis announce partnership

Dissemination, TEE and IP management in European projects for the bio-based economy

TOP nova-Institut und Patentopolis geben Partnerschaft bekannt

Zusammenarbeit in Dissemination, TEE und IP in europäischen Projekten zur bio-basierten Ökonomie

Bioplastics News: Review of the 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

Detailed review of the 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials, 13-15 April 2015, Cologne, Germany

“Droops”-Kaffeekapseln lösen sich in Wasser auf

Neues Produkt wirkt Umweltbelastung durch Zuckerüberzug entgegen

Perstorp launches Capa™ Lactide 8000 Series polyols for high-performance sustainable polyurethanes at UTECH Europe 2015

All four new high performance polyols are liquids at room temperature with improved solubility

Ingested plastics spread beyond stomach – in everyone

Among the issues discussed at the 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, was the problem of microplastic particles - plastic fragments smaller than 1mm - in the marine environment

MaxSynBio – Max Planck research network in Synthetic Biology

Scientists collaboration project aiming to build new biomimetic structures that should imitate the functions of biological cells

MaxSynBio: Der Baukasten des Lebens

Mit einem Festakt in Berlin am 16. April hat das Forschungsprogramm MaxSynBio zur Synthetischen Biologie offiziell begonnen

Cotton Incorporated on market fundamentals & recent price developments

In its latest Monthly Economic Letter, Cotton Incorporated, explored market fundamentals & recent price developments

Cotton Incorporated publiziert Marktdaten und aktuelle Preisentwicklungen

Cotton Incorporated beschäftigt sich in seinem aktuellen monatlichen Wirtschafts-Newsletter mit Marktdaten und Preisentwicklungen

Wood biorefinery equipment on the auction block April 14

Equipment from late model lab assets and a 2009-2012 biomass biorefinery pilot plant is available for purchase

21 April 2015

TOP Carbon Footprint and Sustainability of Different Natural Fibres for Biocomposites and Insulation Material

nova-Institute publishes first results of the sustainability assessment within the project MultiHemp, full report online

Schmelzspinnfasern auf der Basis kompostierfähiger Biopolymere im Automobilbau

Forschungsverbund kreiert neuartige Composites für Autoinnenraum-Anwendungen

Melt spun fibers based on compostable biopolymers for application in automotive interiors

Research collaboration to compose bio-based composites tested as door panel in BIOFIBROCAR project

Cardia Bioplastics: Fusion mit Stellar Films zur Secos Group

Investitionen in die weitere Entwicklung des Werks im brasilianischen São Paulo gestoppt

Cardia-Stellar merger to proceed

Secos to be the new holding company name, but business brands Cardia Bioplastics, Stellar Films and Akronn will remain

Neues Projekt schützt Heilpflanze “Arnika” in Bayern

Vorhaben aus dem Bundesprogramm Biologische Vielfalt sollen demonstrieren, welchen Nutzen Investitionen in die biologische Vielfalt mit sich bringen

CEO: We are moving away from the fossil age

Feike Sijbesma, CEO of Royal DSM, about how a climate change future will look

Canada’s growing biobased economy to be showcased at the 2015 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Montreal

Brent Erickson: “We look forward to bringing BIO’s World Congress back to Montreal, where Canadian and American industrial biotechnology companies have formed strong partnerships over the years.”

Neue Nachwuchsforschergruppe an der RUB: Verfahren zur Produktion von Chemikalien aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen entwickeln

Land NRW fördert Projekt mit rund 1,2 Millionen Euro