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17 Oktober 2017

Víctor Infante talks about: ASEBIO Report 2016

CEO of Bionaturis Group: "We have gone from the time when the “big fish eats the small one” to the “fast fish eats the slow one"

Scientists develop electro-organic synthesis that allows sustainable and green production of fine chemicals

Innovative contribution to the energy transition

Wissenschaftler entwickeln elektroorganische Synthese für nachhaltige grüne Herstellung von Feinchemikalien

Innovativer Beitrag zur Energiewende

Bio-basiertes Elastomer Septon Bio: Zucker für extra viel Grip

Entwicklung des Spezialchemie-Herstellers Kuraray in Kooperation mit Amyris überzeugt in vielfältigen Anwendungen

Breakthrough in direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals

University of Liverpool researchers report a very unique plasma synthesis process for the direct, one-step activation of carbon dioxide and methane into higher value liquid fuels and chemicals

Energiewende: Technologieoffener Ansatz bietet am meisten Vorteile

dena gibt mit Leitstudie Integrierte Energiewende Empfehlungen für Koalitionsverhandlungen

Member states seek to water down food waste proposal

Member states have been trying to exclude pre-retail food waste from the directive and avoid specific deadlines

EU-Länder wollen Vorschlag gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung verwässern

Die Abfälle im sogenannten Pre-Retail-Bereich machen 59 Prozent aller Lebensmittelabfälle in der EU aus

Modern Meadow launches biofabricated leather

Modern Meadow is currently partnering with world-class brands across luxury and consumer goods categories to grow products of Zoa

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Biotech Beer!

Not only can biotechnology help produce beer, it can also improve it

16 Oktober 2017

TOP Biofuels phase-out will raise demand for feed imports, industry warns

EU executive decided to cut the cap on biofuels in transport from 7% to 3.8% EU

Ein Papier, das Kupfer aufspürt – Biosensor für Schwermetalle

Empa-Forscher entwickeln Nachweismatrix aus mikrofibrillierter Zellulose

Study: Sunlight and the right microbes convert Arctic carbon into carbon dioxide

Oregon State and University of Michigan research identified compounds that microbes prefer using high-resolution chemistry and genetic approache

The Impact of Systems Biology on Bioprocessing

About the current impact of systems biology and challenges of closing the gap between bioprocessing and more traditional methods of chemical production

“Charter for Wood 2.0“: Charta für Holz 2.0-Broschüre ab sofort auch auf Englisch verfügbar

Im Kontext aktueller nationaler und internationaler Strategien liefert die Charta wichtige Argumente für Entscheider und Multiplikatoren

Building Blocks from Biocrude: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to High Value Methoxyphenols

Demonstrating that remaining biocrude fractions can be upgraded into biofuels

Studies Show Crop Residues Provide a Billion Dollar Business Opportunity

New economic impact analyses highlight the untapped value of crop residue byproducts of ethanol production for agricultural states

New biomaterial could replace plastic laminates, greatly reduce pollution

Compostable material could eliminate millions of tons of petroleum-based plastic annually

13 Oktober 2017

Finnish packaging material innovation awarded as the best green packaging in Monaco

Sulapac® replaces plastic with fully biodegradable patented solution

Improving air quality with soy

Air pollution is a major public health issue worldwide. Could bio-based filters be the answer?

New efficient catalyst for key step in artificial photosynthesis

Process sets free protons and electrons that can be used to make fuels

Frankfurter Buchmesse: Lautsprecher aus Papier wollen den Buchmarkt erobern

Projekt "Sprechendes" T-Book wird vom Bundesforschungsministerium gefördert

WooDoo: Transparentes Holz

Thermoformbarer Holzwerkstoff für Architektur, Möbeldesign und Fahrzeuginterior

Green Biologics’ renewable chemicals granted Kosher and Halal certification

Company’s n-butanol and acetone can now serve as ingredients for the growing markets for kosher and halal consumer goods

Fuel from waste and electricity

Production of drop-in fuel from complex biomass and electric energy by combined microbial and electrochemical conversion

Kraftstoff aus Abfällen und Elektrizität?

Wissenschaftler zeigen, dass es möglich ist, aus komplexer Biomasse und elektrischer Energie drop-in Kraftstoff zu produzieren

12 Oktober 2017

Total Corbion PLA at Fakuma: bioplastic innovations from coffee capsules to sushi platters

Visitors are welcome to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee brewed from a PLA coffee capsule and served in a PLA cup

Neuer Leitfaden zur Trocknung von Arzneipflanzen

Im Fokus stehen Maßnahmen zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz unter primärenergetischen und wirtschaftlichen Gesichtspunkten

UPM Raflatac launches new plant-based PE film for home and personal care applications

RafBio PE performs just like standard PE film, and its excellent flexibility makes it ideal for squeezable bottles and contoured containers

Modern Meadow Launches Zoa, the First Ever Biofabricated Leather Material Brand

After five years of research and development in the lab, Modern Meadow is excited to share a series of product prototypes with the public, and unveil the brand: Zoa

Leder aus der Petrischale

Modern Meadow präsentiert weltweit erstes biotechnisch hergestelltes Leder

Meet the Transgenic Silkworms That Are Spinning out Spider Silk

Michigan-based polymer development company KBL using silkworms to produce spidersilk

SC Johnson to Acquire Method and Ecover

According to SC Johnson, it has an ongoing dialogue about chemicals, disclosure and so-called natural products

German researchers boost metabolism of baker’s yeast to improve yields

Artificial transporter enzyme complexes improve sugar utilization in baker’s yeast

11 Oktober 2017

Could wood pulp make cars lighter and more efficient?

Car parts of the future could be made out of a surprising material. Wood.

Braskem renews contract with Sojitz Pla-Net for the supply Green Plastic

Partnership will increase the availability of renewable products in the region, serving more than 100 customers and different markets

Innovative biobasierte Schmierstoffe werden gezielt gefördert

Aktueller Forschungsaufruf des BMEL veröffentlicht

Top 10 wood waste projects – Not letting waste go to waste

All around the world scientist's projects are taking the leftovers and turning them into something valuable

Is the EU serious about sugar reform?

World global sugar producers are effectively locked out of the European market

New Light for Phytochemicals

New technology will open new avenues for natural modulation of medicinal and crop plant metabolomes for better colour, flavour, fragrance, and antioxidant properties

Mikroplastik in Meeren: Hochschule Niederrhein forscht an biologisch abbaubarer Sport-Kleidung

Verschmutzung durch winzige textile Fasern, die sich beim Waschen lösen und mit dem Abwasser in die Weltmeere gelangen

10 Oktober 2017

nova Session “Sustainability of first and second generation crops for the chemical and plastics industry – going beyond the food vs. fuel debate”

22 November 2017, 10:00 - 16:30 h, Terminal 1, Airport Cologne/Bonn

Production of 400,000 t of Biocomposites in Europe for Construction, Automotive, Furniture and Consumer Goods

The Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC) will be the largest industry meeting on biocomposites worldwide, 6 and 7 December 2017 in Cologne, Germany

New Biorizon project on pyrolysis-based application of lignin-rich residues

Char and pyrolysis oil fractions are obtained which can serve as a bio-based additive or substitute of fossil based compounds in higher-value applications

iPACKING-GREEN by PAPACKS & GOERNER GROUP – Intelligent “green” packaging

Innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable - Sustainable packaging is on the rise

iPACKING-GREEN by PAPACKS & GOERNER GROUP — Intelligente „grüne“ Verpackungen

Innovativ, umweltfreundlich und nachhaltig — Nachhaltige Verpackungen sind auf dem Vormarsch

Success in succinic, succinctly: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to BioAmber

Second quarter 2017 results generated BioAmber’s largest quarterly revenue ever

EU ‘confident’ sugar sector prepared for end of quota

Sugar beet is often one of several arable crops that farmers produce, making them more resilient to sudden price drops

Study: Consumers see value in biodegradable food packaging

Consumers ranked biodegradability attributes just as important as sustainability and recyclability attributes

Grüner Wasserstoff für die Energiespeicherung

Neuartige Elektrodenmaterialien sollen die effiziente Wasserstoffherstellung aus regenerativen Energiequellen preiswerter machen