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24 August 2016

NEC bioplastic echoes traditional Japanese lacquerware

Innovative cellulose resin material is made from grasses, trees and other non-edible plants

The Growth of Iowa Biotech

The state’s industry draws inspiration from medicine as well as agriculture

In Canada a new Centre for Commercialization of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation

Announcement of Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for FedDev Ontario

The year of bio-based packaging

Sustainable living is growing and with it, interest in going beyond recycling

Copying Biomolecules and Maximizing Innovation Potential

Research lab receives more than 1.6 million euros from the German Ministry of Education and Research

Biomoleküle kopieren, Innovationspotenzial ausschöpfen

Arbeitsgruppe erhält mehr als 1,6 Millionen Euro vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

23 August 2016

Europe Aims to Close Loophole on Wood Energy

New report from European officials acknowledges the environmental impacts of their growing reliance on wood energy

Prices for rapeseed, soybean and sunflower oil have converged: UFOP

Feedstock supply could become increasingly difficult and more expensive in the coming months

CEQ guidance addresses biogenic emissions from land management

Considering the new guidance, many projects and programs have the potential to emit or sequester GHGs and may be affected by climate change

Kooperation von Evolva mit US Navy legt Fokus auf Resveratrol-basierte Verbundmaterialien

Tests mit Materialien auf Basis einer Spezialformulierung von Evolvas Resveratrol laufen

Evolva’s collaboration with US Navy to focus on resveratrol-based composites

Testing underway of materials fabricated from special formulation of Evolva’s resveratrol

Synthetic Biology: Engineering a Chemical Switch into a Light-driven Proton Pump

Swiss scientists developed solution to eliminating the short-circuit

Synthetische Biologie: Chemischer Schalter für Nano-Pumpe entwickelt

Schweizer Forscher entwickeln Lösung zur Ausmerzung von "Protonenkurzschluss"

22 August 2016

Vertellus to launch, spotlight new additive technologies for optimizing polymer properties and sustainability at K 2016

Products to be featured offer fresh solutions to multiple industry challenges.

Startschuss für die wissenschaftliche Begleitforschung zur stofflichen CO2-Nutzung

BMBF stellt 15 Millionen Euro im Rahmen der BMBF Fördermaßnahme CO2Plus bereit

The Building Block Builders: The Digest’s 2016 8-Slide Guide to BioAmber

Bio-succinic giant secured funding to construct of their next global-scale facility in Sarnia, Ontario

ASTM Plastics Committee to Revise Key Composting Standard

Specification does not describe contents of products or their performance with regards to compostability or biodegradability

European-funded Valor Plus project seeks to boost cellulosic biorefinery capacity

Improving by-product output through sustainable and integrated closed loop biorefineries

19 August 2016

New report on oxo-biodegradable recyclate fans flames of old controversy

TCKT concluded that there would be no negative effects including oxo-biodegradable recyclate into plastic products

When amber means caution but BioAmber means go: progress, prospects for the Sarnia’s Sultans of Succinic

About five key BioAmber trends and the venture’s progress

Merck erweitert sein Excipients-Portfolio um Polymere für Depot-Injektionsmittel

Unternehmensgruppe erhält Exklusivrechte auf den globalen Vertrieb der Expansorb®-Produktlinie biokompatibler und biologisch abbaubarer Polymere

Merck Expands Excipients Portfolio, Adding Polymers for Sustained Release Injectables

Company to be the exclusive, global distributor of the Expansorb® line of biocompatible and biodegradable polymers

Three Steps in the Right Direction

Top honors innovation competition for sustainability initiatives

Three bioplastics companies named winners of 2016 Innovation Competition

Think Beyond Plastic recognizes role of bioplastics in sustainable innovation

18 August 2016

Ecovative’s new engineered wood panels eliminate formaldehyde emission problem

MycoBoard is a new type of engineered wood panel that is completely safe to use and can help its users to meet sustainability goals

Mega-strong and very mobile: the marine super glue

Vienna researcher investigated this substance with enormous medical and engineering potential and thereby gained many new insights

Mega fest und voll mobil: Der Superkleber aus dem Meer

Wiener Forscher haben die Struktur dieses für Medizin und Technik vielversprechenden Materials durchleuchtet und dabei viel Neues entdeckt.

TerraVia sells Algenist

As part of the transaction, TerraVia will continue to be an ingredient supplier for the Algenist brand

Amyris: The New Colossus aims to unlock its Golden Door

Company sees 33% of its immediate growth coming from the health care sector

American Science and Technology receives new patent for method to increase the efficiency and profitability of Organosolv processing of lignocellulosic biomass

New patent will increase the incentives to use renewable resources for chemical production

17 August 2016

Gencor Pacific invests $1M in Algae.Tec

Investment enabling Algae.Tec to accelerate the development of its production capacity and improve the efficiency of its nutraceutical plant

50 Hot Bio-Based Companies, 50 Quick Takes

Which goals and projects should be considered top-priority in the coming years besides solar, wind and hydro-based companies in regards to upgrading biomass?

BioAmber reports increased biosuccinic acid sales

Company made excellent progress in the plant's reliability and performance

“In Muttenz steht die weltweit grösste Anlage zur Produktion von 5-HMF aus Biomasse”

i-net Interview mit Thomas Fischer zeigt auf, wie aus Biomasse Zucker und Wasser das Molekül 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) wird

“Muttenz is home to the world’s largest plant for the production of 5-HMF from biomass”

i-net interview with Thomas Fischer about how biomass sugar and water can be converted into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF)

16 August 2016

EPF: Economic Review of the Wood-Based Panels Industry in 2015

Figures giving extensive compilation of industry statistics collected by the federation

Organic Acids: Key Facilitators of the Bio-economy

Lorenz Bauer, PhD, Lee-Enterprises Consulting, giving a comprehensive overview

NATURE grip: KIPP fertigt Griffe aus Bio-Kunststoff

Vollständig recyclebare Bedienteile auf Holzbasis sind beständig gegen Säuren und Laugen

Gevo reduces 2016 isobutanol production target

For the second quarter of 2016, the company reported a net loss of USD 21.5 million

Gasoline additives from sugar

Global Bioenergies aims to produce isooctane and ETBE for the first time from purely renewable ressources

Benzinzusatzstoffe aus Zucker

Global Bioenergies lässt erstmals Isooktan und ETBE  aus rein erneuerbaren Rohstoffen herstellen

nova-Newsletter August 2016

Your monthly update on nova-Institute's activities

15 August 2016

York chemists lead breakthrough in carbon capture

Starbons keeping great potential on large scale high CO2 adsorption from waste biomass

Feedstocks for the Bioeconomy: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Behind the Scenes look at the Billion Ton report

Matthew Langholtz of Oak Ridge National Laboratory gave a view at scope and findings

Resource conservation with Bio-Flex® FX: New blends allow for considerable reduction in thickness for compostable films

FKuR launching packaging films with particularly low thickness and, at the same time, high puncture resistance

Ressourcenschonung mit Bio-Flex FX: Neue Blends ermöglichen beachtliche Dickenreduktion bei kompostierbaren Folien

FKuR bringt Folien auf den Markt, die flexible Verpackungen mit besonders geringer Dicke und zugleich hoher Durchstoßfestigkeit ermöglichen

Food-Based Textiles: “A-Peel” as Alternative to Leather

Leather-like alternatives gaining increasing popularity for a number of reasons

12 August 2016

HyMedPoly project targets drug-free antibacterial hybrid biopolymers for medical applications

HyMedPoly aims to develop new therapies based on biomedical drug-free antibacterial polymers and inorganic materials for drug-free antibacterial hybrid biopolymers for infections

Solegear and r-pac International to Deliver Plant-Based Packaging for Latest Leading Smartphone Case

A forecasted 600,000 units to be produced for major US-based consumer electronics retailer

Emery Oleochemicals: Neues Anwendungstechnikum für „Green Polymer Additives“

Erneuerbare, innovative Polymer-Additiv-Lösungen für Spitzenwachstumsmärkte