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30 September 2016

Global Bioenergies joins Preem, Sekab and Sveaskog in the “bio-based gasoline project” in Sweden

Consortium will study various plant scenarios to profitably convert forestry products and residues into bio-isooctane

JetBlue Announces One of the Largest Renewable Jet Fuel Purchase Agreements in Aviation History

Preparing for a Lower Carbon Future, Airline Partners with SG Preston to Purchase Renewable Jet Fuel

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New Bio Plastics and Resins

Some highlights of the more significant developments in the biopolymer and plastics sector in the past year

Strategic Consortium announced to commercialize Virent’s BioForming Technology for low carbon fuels and bio-paraxylene

Companies focused on the development of the first commercial production facility for the BioForming process  

29 September 2016

Biobased materials and chemicals driven by performance

Interview with Ross Kozarsky, Lux Research Senior Analyst and co-author of the recent report

Bioelastomeric composite foam filters lead and mercury from contaminated water

Italian researchers found coffee grounds incorporated in a foam filter an innovative way to reduce the huge amount of environmental waste

Towards more efficient CO2 capture

NABPIL project focusing on Polymeric ionic Liquids with significant sorption efficiency

Auf der Suche nach Wegen zur wirkungsvolleren CO2-Abscheidung

Projekt NABPIL entdeckt polymere ionische Flüssigkeiten als Medium mit hoher Sorbtionsleistung

Strategic Intent: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Novozymes

Look at direct investments, partnerships and alliances with companies

nova experts introduced: Barbara Dommermuth

Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)

Wider den Fleck

Chemiedoktorandin generiert neue Zellulosederivate für Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelindustrie

28 September 2016

New €5.83 million project to boost growth for biobased SMEs and Start-ups in North-West Europe

BioBase4SME network to advise SMEs from across North-West Europe on how to develop new ideas into marketable products

IKEA and Neste Join Forces to Commercialize Bio-Based Plastics

Partnership highlights the major trend in multinational corporations being key drivers for commercialization of bio-based products

Soll Plastikgeschirr in der Schweiz verboten werden?

In Frankreich dürfen bald keine Wegwerfbecher und -teller aus Plastik mehr benutzt werden. Greenpeace fordert, dass die Schweiz nachzieht

Answers to your questions about Renewables and the Advanced Bioeconomy

Ron Cascone has provided the answers — and in few cases, Digest's editors have expanded on some of the themes from the journalistic point of view

Amyris & Ginkgo Bioworks Complete Collaboration Agreement to Accelerate Commercialization of Bio-Based Products

The agreement finalizes details of how the two companies will jointly develop cultured products more efficiently and cost effectively, accelerating time to market

27 September 2016

Bioelectrochemical Power-to-Gas: State of the Art and Future Perspectives

German researchers find convenient way of storing renewable surplus electricity in the form of methane

Renmatix bags $14m from Bill Gates, Total

Plantrose process will enable a multitude of renewable process technologies to access the markets

Wenn Landwirte ökologische Kompensation selbst durchführen…

Produktionsintegrierter Naturschutz mit nachwachsenden Rohstoffen ist reif für die Praxis – IfaS veröffentlicht Leitfaden

GreenPoxy® bio resins facilitate sustainable production practices for ZAG™ skis

Sicomin's GreenPoxy® range is now available to customers in industrial quantities

Cooper Tire and Consortium Partners Report Significant Progress on Grant to Develop Guayule Polymer for Tire Applications

The 100 percent guayule-based concept tire will undergo extensive technical evaluation following its production

26 September 2016

Emery Oleochemicals to Showcase New EMEROX® Polyols for C.A.S.E. Market at 2016 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

Ongoing innovation and development investments result in polyurethanes that are engineered for performance and sustainability

Biobased Economy opportunities for North-Netherlands

Renewable resources for the regional production of ‘green’ chemicals, plastics and animal feed

Valuable new biopolymers from crustacean shells

Fraunhofer researchers and partners develop process aiming sustainable use of chitin waste

Wertvolle, neue Biopolymere aus Krabbenschalen

Fraunhofer Forscher und Partner entwickeln Prozess zur Nutzung von Chitin-Abfällen

Method for biotechnological production of aminolevulinic acid via 1-precursor methanol

PROvendis, University of Bielefeld offering access to rights for commercial use and opportunity for further co-development

Ozinga Installs CarbonCure CO2 Recycling Technology

Chicago family business known for quality and service reinforces its commitment to sustainability

23 September 2016

Mercurius Biorefining and University of California, Davis to Develop Technology for Low-Cost FDCA Production

First-of-its-kind technology operating from raw biomass

Hochdurchsatz von Zucker für die mikrobielle Umsetzung in Biosyntheseprodukte

Neu entwickeltes Verfahren mit Escherichia-coli-Stämmen bewirkt Produktivitätssteigerung um das zwei- bis dreifache

TOP Lux Research: New Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Offer Performance Advantages Over Petro-Based

While bio-based solutions earned past skepticism, the next generation can offer high value in specialty chemicals, biopolymers and advanced materials

Borregaard invests in bioethanol plant upgrade

Borregaard has decided to invest NOK 63 million in a project which includes an upgrade of the bioethanol plant and a facility to capture and store biogas

Bio-based PET market size over $13bn by 2023

A new report from Global Market Insights Bio-based Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Market size was 496.0 kilo tons in 2015

22 September 2016

Führende Konferenz zu Treibstoffen, Chemikalien und Polymeren aus CO2-Nutzung in Köln

Große Visionen – und echtes Potenzial

Leading conference on fuels, chemicals and polymers from CO2 utilization in Cologne

Big visions – and real potential

Seven-figure grant for Finnish researcher producing carbon fiber from wood

Michael Hummel, the recipient of the much sought-after ERC Starting Grant, knows that there is a great need for more affordable carbon fibre

Thailand’s circular, biobased economy: home grown bioplastics set to improve efficiency of local rubber agriculture

Biodegradable root growth container to bring threefold benefits to the Thai rubber industry

Proteine statt Plastik

Forscher haben Folie aus Milchprotein erfunden, die Plastikverpackungen Konkurrenz machen könnte

Maßgeschneiderter Diamant für die kontinuierliche Photokatalyse zur Umwandlung von CO2

Nationale Forschungskooperation will Mikroreaktorsystem für die umweltfreundliche Nutzbarmachung von CO2 entwickeln

Tailor-made diamond for the continuous photocatalysis allowing CO2 conversion

National research cooperation to develop a microreactor system for environmentally friendly utilization of CO2

Unilever buys Seventh Generation

The planned deal will give Unilever a foothold in the US market for diapers and tampons in addition to detergents and hand soap

21 September 2016

Renmatix Secures $14M Investment from Bill Gates and Total, the Global Energy Major, In Concert with Signing of 1 Million Ton Cellulosic Sugar License

According to Gates, Renmatix provides an innovative process that is an exciting pathway to pursue

Evonik brings the “Kö” into the exhibition halls of K 2016

Garments are made 100 percent of innovative biopolyamide fibers based on VESTAMID® Terra

Evonik bringt die Kö in die Messehallen der K 2016

Kleidungsstücke bestehen zu 100 Prozent aus neuartigen Biopolyamid-Fasern auf Basis von VESTAMID® Terra

Who is shortlisted for the Bio-Based Americas Innovation Awards 2016?

Winners will be announced at Bio-Based Live in San Francisco on 27th September

Novozymes acquires Organobalance GmbH to strengthen position in microbial solutions

Organobalance GmbH specializes in microbial screening and assay development, and will complement Novozymes’ existing platform with applications across industries

Novozymes übernimmt deutsche Organobalance GmbH – Position auf dem Markt für mikrobielle Lösungen ausgebaut

Die auf mikrobielle Screening-Verfahren und Bioassay-Entwicklung spezialisierte Organobalance GmbH soll Novozymes’ existierende Plattform mit Anwendungen für verschiedenste Industriezweige vervollständigen

20 September 2016

TOP Low Carbon Fuel Project Achieves Breakthrough as LanzaTech Produces Jet Fuel from Waste Gases for Virgin Atlantic

World’s first jet fuel derived from waste industrial gases from steel mills via a fermentation process

Virgin ♥ LanzaJet fuel: “A real game changer for aviation,” says Branson

New LanzaTech's Lanzanol works in passenger cars and drops carbon by 80 percent

Bayer and Monsanto to Create a Global Leader in Agriculture

Merger realizes a shared vision of integrated agricultural offerings, delivering enhanced solutions for growers and creates a leading innovation engine for the next generation of farming