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22 März 2019

AFYREN and the SPI industrial projects fund, operated by Bpifrance, announce the creation of an industrial company, AFYREN NEOXY

Companies unveil new organic acids biomolecule JV to help press ahead with bio-based plant

Wild gewachsener Bio-Kaffee kommt in die Kapsel

Der Service-Bund präsentiert eine neue Kaffee-Sorte, die unter anderem in einer biologisch abbaubaren Kapsel erhältlich ist

DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2019

Anyone with an interest in natural fibres is welcome to join DNFI by registering on the web site

Turning algae into fuel

University of Utah engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrude

Durchbruch bei Biodiesel aus Algen erzielt

US-Wissenschaftler der University of Utah haben nun wirtschaftliches Verfahren entwickelt

CCU, Carbon Capture and Utilization, even better than biomass as a feedstock

One of the most important objectives proposed by many CCU experts would be mandatory quota for CCU kerosene

Inventors of bullet-proof wood create fire-proof wood

University of Maryland researchers show that their process to create bullet-proof wood through densification also confers fire-resistant properties

Converting biomass by applying mechanical force

Nanoscientists discovering a new reaction mechanism to cleave cellulose efficiently and environmentally friendly

Mit mechanischer Kraft Biomasse umwandeln

Nanowissenschaftler decken neuen Mechanismus auf, um Cellulose wirksam und umweltschonend zu spalten

21 März 2019

TOP Winners of innovation award “Best CO2 Utilisation 2019” by Covestro and nova-Institute chosen

First-time innovation award “Best CO2 Utilisation 2019” goes to Carbicrete (Canada) for cement-free carbon-negative concrete. The second winner is Nordic Blue Crude (Norway), with synthetic kerosene, petrol and diesel, and the third winner is b.fab (Germany) with an innovative biotechnology based on synthetic biology

TOP Innovationspreis von Covestro und nova-Institut für die beste CO2-Nutzung 2019 verliehen

Der erstmalig verliehene Innovationspreis „Best CO2 Utilisation 2019” geht an Carbicrete (Kanada) für zementfreien Beton. Zweiter Preisträger ist Nordic Blue Crude (Norwegen) mit synthetischem Kerosin, Benzin und Diesel aus CO2 und der dritte Gewinner b.fab (Deutschland) mit innovativer Biotechnologie auf Basis synthetischer Biologie

The RepescaPlas project to continue to seek a new life for litter collected from the sea in its second year

About 8,000 items were characterised by typologies, counted and classified according to categories

Paper waste as building block for the circular economy

Cell-U-Value project shows how industry can become more carbon neutral

100%-compostable EcoBottle with thin-layer PHA interior

Could this paper-based bottle be a solution to the world’s plastic bottle crisis?

Elektrokatalyse: Wasserspalter mit Multi Tasking-Talent

Edelmetall-freier Komposit-Katalaysator spielt Doppelrolle

5 Minutes With… Peter Jürgens from REDCert

Interview with Liz Gyekye from Bio Market Insights, to find out more about sustainable biomass, bioliquids and biofuels in Germany and Europe

EU publications: Bio-based products

From idea to market “15 EU success stories” - Study

China’s ‘King of Plastic Straws’ invests $15M in new factory as market shifts

By the end of 2018, PP straw production had plunged to 60 percent, paper jumped to 20 percent and PLA rose to 15 percent

20 März 2019

Lygos Awarded Three Innovation Research Grants to Advance Applications for its Portfolio of Sustainable Specialty Biochemicals

Latest funding from DOE, USDA and NSF further validates company’s commitment to replacing toxic petrochemicals, reclaiming local manufacturing and reviving industrial chemical innovation  

Asian countries: strong roadmaps to bioeconomy

Kick-off meeting for the next Global Bioeconomy Summit was concluded this week in Beijing

Asiatische Länder: ehrgeizige Pläne zur Bioökonomie

Kick-off-Meeting für den nächsten Global Bioeconomy Summit endete in dieser Woche in Peking

Novel engineered high performance sugar beetroot 2D nanoplateletcementitious composites

Nanoplatelets synthesized from sugar beetroot waste can be used to significantly enhance the performance of cementitious composites

Warum Karotten die Betonindustrie retten werden

Lancaster-Ingenieure wollen eine einfache und günstige Methode gefunden haben, um Beton stabiler und umweltverträglicher zu machen

Production begins at Sebacic Oman’s project in Duqm

Operational start of the Sebacic Refinery is paving the way for Duqm to enter the era of heavy industries

A game changing resource for the environment

Rice husks offering almost unbelievable abilities and don't apply only to the construction industry

#BIO2019 Education Programming Taking Shape

The program will explore a diverse array of subjects from business development to the latest scientific discoveries and cutting-edge topics

19 März 2019

TOP Call for EU to stop subsidies for fossil fuels to help bio-based materials sector and the circular economy

“Please stop all subsidies to fossil fuels. In 2016, €56 billion went from EU member states to fossil fuels.”

Sektorkopplung mit minimaler Rechtsänderung voranbringen

Mit einer neuen Experimentierklausel im EnWG sollte der wirtschaftliche Betrieb von Power-to-X-Modellen ermöglicht werden, so das Ergebnis einer Studie

Biosolvents solving challenges– from dry cleaning and cleaning shorelines to biomass and biofuel production

Biosolvents are looked at as an environmental win-win - as well as a win for better performance and safety with lower toxicity issues

Kunststoff-Extrudierer SLS verarbeitet Öko-Granulat zu hochwertigen Bodenprofilen

„Das duftet sogar nach Heu und Gras“

Butagaz and Global Bioenergies announce their first delivery of bio isobutene, a bio-sourced gas, to the Héraclès Winery

France’s biggest organic wine cooperative sharing the commitment to reducing the footprint of energy consumption

Cove launches biodegradable alternative to plastic water bottles

Spring water in Cove biodegradable PHA bottles will be available to Californians from May, 2019

Biological Conversion of Amino Acids to Higher Alcohols

In this review, we describe the pathways and regulatory mechanisms involved in amino acid bioprocessing to produce higher alcohols and the effects of amino acid supplementation as a nitrogen source for higher alcohol production

18 März 2019

The many ways of turning coffee waste into valuable materials and products

Do you know some successful application? We’d be happy to hear from you!

French Company: We Can Infinitely Recycle PET Plastics Using Enzymes

Innovative Carbios process relies on enzymes, a biological catalyst, designed and optimized to infinitely recycle PET plastics

Green & Light and BASF developed Elastoskin® based paper honeycomb car trunk floor

The world’s first design with Elastoskin® based paper honeycomb trunk floors

Green & Light und BASF: Innovative Materialkombination mit Elastoskin® und Elastoflex® E

Weltweit erstes Design von Elastoskin® und Papierwaben für Ladeböden

Green biorefinery technologies based on waste biomass

Turning waste streams from being environmental threats into valuable resources could make a real difference for our planet and those that live on it

Bananatex: Weltweit erstes technisches Gewebe aus Fasern der Bananenpflanze entwickelt

Label Qwstion aus Zürich nutzt Abacáfasern, um daraus Taschen und Rucksäcke herzustellen

Renewables Take the Lead: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Neste

Contents: year 2018 review, group financials, segment reviews, current topics and more

Capturing carbon directly from the air – that has a future

Study under MCC leadership analyzes energy requirements for negative emissions technologies

CO2 direkt aus der Luft einfangen – das hat Zukunft

Studie unter MCC-Federführung analysiert Energiebedarf von Technologien für „negative Emissionen“

15 März 2019

Heading for a circular economy and sustainability with biobased and biodegradable plastics

FKuR emphasizes the excellent suitability of biobased thermoplastics for conventional material recycling, where this property generates added value for the end product

Mit biobasierten und biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoffen zur zirkulären Kreislaufwirtschaft und zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit

FKuR sieht biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffe als effiziente und praxisbewährte Lösungen für all jene Anwendungen, wo diese Eigenschaft einen Zusatznutzen für das Endprodukt generiert

Creapaper gewinnt den IKU Innovationspreis Klima und Umwelt 2017

Viele Unternehmen aus dem Lebensmittelbereich setzen bereits flächendeckend Verpackungen mit Grasanteil ein

First Plant in the Works to Turn Dairy Byproducts Into Plastics

Supported by the EU project AgriChemWhey, Glanbia Ireland plans to scale up biorefinery technology

PICEA™ Tube von Neopac für die Marke Bamse erhält Auszeichnung für Nachhaltigkeit bei der PCD Paris

Tube besteht zum Grossteil aus Fichtenholzabfällen, kombiniert mit einer speziell für Neopac entwickelten Kunststoffmatrix aus zuckerbasierten Rohstoffen

High Tide for Brontide – Genomatica’s Butylene Glycol and its markets

Company comes with an affordable way to make BG from renewable sources

Leichte Transportboxen aus Biokunststoff

Neues Material aus biobasierten Kunststoffen für den Einsatz in Hohlkammerstegplatten

The Competitive Edge: BioBTX

BioBTX has developed the so-called Integrated Cascading Catalytic Pyrolysis technology, a novel form of ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis