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22 September 2017

Dandelion rubber tyre developed by WUR and Vredestein

Innovative prototype is the result of a EU joint initiative called DRIVE4EU

Unique electric scooter from biobased materials launched

The Be.e is the first electric scooter that was designed, developed and manufactured, with structural parts made from biocomposites

SKZ auf der FAKUMA 2017: Biokunststoffe im Fokus

Das SKZ untersuchte Prozess- und Verarbeitungsparameter für eine Vielzahl von Biokunststoffen. Die Ergebnisse werden auf der FAKUMA präsentiert

Lenzing Opens New Application Innovation Center in Hong Kong

Expansion of cooperation with partners along the value chain in Asia

Lenzing eröffnet neues Applikations- und Innovationscenter in Hongkong

Ausbau der Kooperation mit Partnern der textilen Wertschöpfungskette in Asien

Unlocking Marine Biotechnology in the Developing World

New technologies will be necessary to harness marine biodiversity, and collaboration across government, academic, and private sectors will be crucial

21 September 2017

Geneva Airport is first to advance Carbon War Room-SkyNRG ‘Airport Approach’

Geneva Airport has committed to introduce sustainable and renewable jet fuel for aircraft operations starting late 2018

Hints from hemoglobin lead to better carbon monoxide storage

Newly created material can absorb carbon monoxide far better than other materials

Lebensmittelkühlung durch Bio-Abfall

Fraunhofer UMSICHT setzt mit Partnern aus Deutschland und vor Ort in Indien die Idee einer Bio-Kälte-Anlage um

Recycled film quality negatively affected by degradable plastics from Southern Europe

Even very low quantities of degradable plastics that end up in the traditional plastic waste streams have a significant, negative impact on recycled plastics

Targeted Microbial Development: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to biological upgrading of biomass sugars

A NREL-led research team is investigating the engineering of  Zymomonasfor 2,3 butanediol production

20 September 2017

BioAmber Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors is pleased to have found an individual with an ideal industry background as well as public company experience

Corbion approved as highest bidder in sale of innovative microalgae specialist TerraVia

United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware authorized TerraVia to consummate the sale to Corbion

Biokunststoffe nachhaltig färben

Susbox des Farbexperten Finke gibt auf der Fakuma einen Überblick zur Einfärbung biobasierter und bioabbaubarer Kunststoffe

Under EU attack, top palm oil producers rethink trade strategy

Increasing fire in Europe over its impact on forest destruction, encouraging producers to look at new markets

Researchers invent new one-step process for extracting sugars from biomass

Their new process requires only one step to separate out the sugars from the lignin

19 September 2017

Reasonable guidance values for THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in food products

Position paper of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

FAKUMA 2017 – Thermoplastic elastomers for a safe and healthy environment

Hexpol TPE to bring expanded range of Dryflex Green biobased TPE to Fakuma 2017

FAKUMA 2017 – Thermoplastische Elastomere für gesunde und umweltfreundliche Anwendungen

Hexpol TPE will erweitertes Produktsortiment seines bio-basierten Dryflex Green TPE präsentieren

Fasern für die Landwirtschaft

Kunststoff-Vermeidung in der Landwirtschaft ist ein wichtiges Thema. Lenzing bietet mit seinen Innovationen aus Tencel-Lyocellfasern eine ökologisch bessere Alternative

Gebäude mit Strohballen dämmen

FNR-Broschüre in aktualisierter 2. Auflage erschienen

Finnish toymaker switches to eco-sustainable plastic

Plasto launched their own toy range in spring 2017, comprised of toys made from Braskem’s biobased I'm Green PE

Södra commences biofuel production

The long-term aim is to further increase production for passenger, truck and ship transport

18 September 2017

Airline industry could fly thousands of miles on biofuel from a new promising feedstock

Illinois researchers have developed sugarcane that produces oil, called lipidcane, that can be converted into biodiesel or jet fuel in place of sugar

A sweeter way to make green products

Researchers invent novel process for extracting sugars from wood

Die Brillen werden “Bio” – Partnerschaft zwischen Bio-On und Kering Eyewear

Die beiden Firmen wollen zusammen Untersuchungen zu umweltverträglichen Materialien durchführen, die den Eigenschaften der bisher in Brillen verwendeten Kunststoffen ebenbürtig sind und sie übertreffen

Zero Waste: Wie aus Kartoffeln und Tomaten Verpackungen werden

Verpackungen zum Aufessen: In den USA und Europa wird an komplett kompostierbarem Biokunststoff geforscht – den man sogar mitessen kann

Some MEPs blast new RED proposal for lack of basis on scientific evidence

REDII proposal it not evidence based in its push away from conventional biofuels

15 September 2017

New oxygen scavenger for biobased multilayer packaging films?

Fraunhofer IVV looking for partners to take the next step towards market implementation

Clariant achieves best-in-class rankings in 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Company among top four percent of companies in the global chemical sector

Clariant erreicht Bestbewertungen in ihrer Branche beim Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2017

Unternehmen unter den führenden vier Prozent der Unternehmen in der globalen Chemiebranche

Potential Carbon Capture Game Changer Nears Completion

If it works as expected, the Net Power natural gas demonstration plant will capture carbon at nearly no cost

EU warned against renewables law ‘subverting’ the circular economy

European Commission proposal to revise the Renewable Energy Directive will be voted on by the European Parliament’s environment committee on October 11-12

Researchers develop 3-D-printed biomaterials that degrade on demand

Could be useful in fabricating microfluidic devices, creating biomaterials that respond dynamically to stimuli and in patterning artificial tissue

14 September 2017

Midwestern Pet Foods launches new Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM brand pet food line offering sustainable packaging utilizing Braskem’s I’m Green Polyethylene

Expanding its portfolio of pet food lines, Midwestern Pet foods adds sustainable packaging to its story to further increase its presence in the growing pet nutrition market

Bakterien wandeln giftige Salze in Bioplastik um

Lösung zur Beseitigung von hochproblematischen Industrieabfällen

Turning industrial waste into medical-grade, biodegradable plastic

Murdoch researchers found an environmentally friendly solution for the use of oxalate, one of the major waste products of the alumina industry

Transforming Wood into Food

Finland researcher thinks that sawdust could be a part of the answer to the world’s need for food

Glasses go ‘BIO’. Partnership between Bio-On and Kering Eyewear

Bio-on and Kering Eyewear join forces to develop new biomaterials

13 September 2017

AkzoNobel and Itaconix to develop bio-based chelates for the detergents industry

The second partnership stemming from a joint development agreement aims to develop innovative bio-based chelates for use in the detergents and cleaners markets

Bio-waste valorisation

Major study says, European Union produces approximately 700 million tons of bio-waste annually

Schallplatten aus Bioplastik pressen

Mit Schallplatten aus dem Biokunststoff PLA will ein Hallenser Designstudent der Musikscheibe zu einem nachhaltigen Comeback verhelfen

Plastic Stretches Towards the New: Top 10 Trendlines in Bioplastics

What’s the promise, who’s making progress? And when, where, how, and costing how much?

GA used as oxygen scavenger in new bio-based packaging

TUM and Fraunhofer researchers developed a multilayer bio-based packaging film for the packaging of food products with high water activity

12 September 2017

BillerudKorsnäs invests in cold chain packaging company Vericool

Aim is to work closely with companies and actively contribute to developing new solutions in the packaging value chain

Stepping up commitment to Caprolactone market by upgrading Capa™ plant in Warrington, UK

The new investment will future proof the production and even further increase security of supply

Bamboo Bikes Beijing: Nachhaltige Mobilität mit natürlichen Konstruktionswerkstoffen

Vor allem junge Chinesen wollen die Situation ändern und investieren in die Entwicklung umweltfreundlicher Mobilitätssysteme

Huskers bring the heat to improve biodegradable plastics

New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Jiangnan University found that raising and slowly cooling down bio-plastic fibers temperature to greatly improve the resistance to heat and moisture

Fermentation Frontiers: Top 10 Trendlines in industrial biotech fermentation

The targets are diversifying and cellulosics themselves are shifting gears from process to feedstocks

11 September 2017

Effizientere Rohstoffnutzung mit Hilfe von „molekularen Fließbändern“

Künstliche Transporter-Enzymkomplexe steigern Zuckerverwertung in Bäckerhefe