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29 April 2016

Twitter Recap: Nova Institut Bio-Materials Conference 2016

Tecnon OrbiChem presented its Bio-based chemicals overview at the 9th Nova Institut International Conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, Germany

MHG Appoints New CEO of Company

Former President and CEO of Armor Holdings Products LLC Joins the Biopolymer Company

Borregaard: EU support for commercialisation of Exilva granted

Grant Agreement now approved and signed by the EU Commission

Palm residues can be removed from plantations without negative effects, says Malaysian study

Availability, use, and removal of oil palm biomass in Indonesia

28 April 2016

GW Pharmaceuticals receives Orphan Drug Designation from FDA for Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabis-derived epilepsy drug now available for patients affected by rare form of the disease

Covestro in der Kritik – Ist die stoffliche Nutzung von Kohlendioxid Öko-Schwindel?

Umweltschützer sind gegen „Dream Production“-Projekt von Covestro

First ever Nordic PEFC-certified building project

Mäihä, a wooden apartment block, to be unveiled at the Seinäjoki Housing Fair in Finland

Dibbiopack, four years of collaborative work in the field of Bioplastics Smart Packaging

Multifunctional smart-packaging from bioplastics for the 3 most relevant sectors involved in their use: food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical

DIBBIOPACK – erfolgreiche europäische Kooperation bringt bioabbaubare, smarte Verpackungen voran

Mit ihren adaptierbaren Eigenschaften sind die neuen Verpackungslösungen ein wichtiger Schritt hin zu nachhaltigem, umweltfreundlichem, schonendem Gebrauch von Ressourcen

27 April 2016

CO2 Can Be Part of the Solution

Interesting group of presentations focused on the use of sunlight and carbon capture at BIO’s World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Verpackungen aus Pilzschaum

Ikea will airpop® gegen Biomaterial tauschen

Acme-Hardesty and Green Biologics, Inc. Announce Distribution Agreement

Renewable, bio-based chemicals widening Acme-Hardesty’s product line based on renewable palm and castor feedstock

What do we do about palm oil?

Alternatives have been slow in coming, but alternatives there are of great promise

Methanol as a chemical platform: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Enerkem

Slide deck presented from Enerkem Senior Vice President can be seen below

26 April 2016

nova experts introduced: Dominik Vogt

Head of Department Communications

Fast & Flexible: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Renmatix

Plantrose process lowest cost method for converting wide range of non-food biomass into cellulosic sugars

Bio-based agreement in Canada between Comet and BioAmber

Dextrose to be produced from agricultural residues using Comet’s innovative technology

Composite panel market to grow 4.21% in 2016

Increased usage of engineered wood panels in cabinetry, furniture, flooring and other products is helping spur the growth

Temocillin Disodium Salt in Bulk is Available at BOC Sciences

New company's official launch of several chemicals as a beginning point, custom service as another aspect to expanding

Kläusli, Ava Biochem: The bioeconomy is the biggest chance we have to decarbonise our world

Thomas Kläusli, Chief Marketing Officer at AVA Biochem and AVA-CO2, talks to Il Bioeconomista

25 April 2016

Growing markets for Hemp Food and Pharmaceuticals – potential Billion € markets in Europe

Increasing demand from the hemp food, nutritional supplement industries and the pharmaceutical sectors

Wachsende Märkte für Hanflebensmittel und Pharmazeutika – Milliarden-Umsätze in Europa möglich

Steigende Nachfrage im Lebensmittel- und Nahrungsergänzungsmittelbereich und der Pharmaindustrie

BRAIN and Südzucker cooperate in the field of CO2 utilisation by microorganisms

Researchers alliance two-stage process was successfully developed at laboratory scale

BRAIN und Südzucker kooperieren bei der stofflichen Nutzung von CO2 durch Mikroorganismen

Forschungsallianz konnte zweistufigen Prozess erfolgreich im Labormaßstab entwickeln

Paints Launched By Mäder Based On Reverdia’s Biosuccinium™

Innovative paint range responds to growing consumer demand for safe and environmentally friendly products

Wertvolle Ressource Holz effizienter nutzen

Mit Kaskadennutzung ließe sich doppelte Dividende erzielen

Aethic first to use new clear MATER-BI packaging film

New material to debut with Aethic’s next production run of sunscreens and face creams

ASTM Completes Revision of Standard Specification

Gevo’s Alcohol to Jet Fuel Now Eligible to be Used for Commercial Flights

22 April 2016

West Fraser’s first-of-a-kind lignin recovery plant now on stream

The first commercial-scale plant in Canada to produce technical lignin for the development of sustainable, new, value-added products came on stream

Biotech/GM Crops Planted on Two Billion Hectares from 1996 to 2015

Farmers Reap >US$150 Billion from Advances in Biotech Crops over 20 Years

Emery Oleochemicals Opens Technical Development Center and strengthen innovation in sustainable, bio-based polyol solutions

Realization of this project underscores company's commitment to growing its product portfolio in sustainable, high-performance polyol solutions

ELIX Polymers wins “Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award” for ECO ABS-NF

New natural fibre reinforced compound cuts customer carbon footprints without sacrificing processability and performance

Firmenumfrage 2016: Deutsche Biotech-Branche zeigt nachhaltiges Wachstum

Die deutschen Biotech-Firmen können auf ein wachstumsstarkes Jahr 2015 zurückblicken und stoßen auch im Ausland auf wachsendes Interesse

21 April 2016

Crowdfunding for medical cannabis – “Say yes to cannabis as medicine”

The charity “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)” kicks off crowdfunding for a world wide information campaign

Weltweites Crowdfunding für Cannabis als Medizin gestartet: “Say Yes to Cannabis as Medicine”

Gemeinnütziger Verein “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)“ startet Crowdfunding für weltweite Informationskampagne in den wichtigsten Weltsprachen

Latex glove makers react calmly to proposed FDA ban

Major manufacturers already are moving quickly away from powdered gloves

Recyclable, sugar-derived foam — a renewable alternative to traditional polyurethanes?

Minnesota researchers develop recyclable foam by using a new sugar-derived material

Circular economy: New Regulation to boost the use of organic and waste-based fertilisers

FAQs: The Commission presents first deliverable of Circular Economy Package with new rules on organic and waste-based fertilisers in the EU

15 recommendations for an increased uptake of bio-based products in public procurement

Report, launched at the BioEconomyUtrecht2016 stakeholder conference, states that benefits are reciprocal

Destructive biofuels and wood-based biomass out of next Renewable Energy Directive say 115 organisations to EU renewables consultation

EU intends industrial bioenergy, i.e. biofuels and wood-based biomass, to continue playing a major part in its new renewable energy strategy

20 April 2016

Green Biologics partner with Nexeo for US distribution of n-butanol and acetone

Nexeo  will be Green Biologics’ national distributor in a number of key markets including CASE, HI&I, PCI and energy chemicals

Bioeconomy 2.0 will help lead the EU’s renewable revolution – with the right support

European Bioeconomy Alliance calls on the EU to lead a worldwide transition towards a renewable, low-carbon economy

Revolution in Food Packaging. The Milk Carton goes Bio

Minerv PHA Extrusion Coating project aims to develop specific, eco-sustainable and, now fully biodegradable formulations

Forest Products Society Wood Products Convention to cover technology advances, market opportunities

Researchers share the latest advances in wood processing, bio-mass, nanotechnology, adhesives, and composites

The Bioeconomy: The Netherlands in Pole Position

Which three main measures Europe needs to foster the growth of the bioeconomy?

19 April 2016

Winners of the First Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge Announced

The challenge aims to promote projects that offer environmentally friendly and sustainable processes, products and resources applicable for use in developing countries

Gewinner der ersten Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge stehen fest

Gefördert werdne Projekte, die an umweltfreundlichen und nachhaltigen Prozessen, Produkten und Ressourcen arbeiten, die in Entwicklungsländern anwendbar sind

Überraschung im Wald: Bäume tauschen untereinander Kohlenstoff aus

Neuer Report zeigt auf, dass "Wald mehr als die Summe seiner Bäume" ist

Forest Discovery: Trees Trade Carbon Among Each Other

New report shows that "Forest is more than the sum of its trees"

Award-winning biodegradable agar packaging could replace plastic

Agar Plasticity project explores the use of seaweed-derived biodegradable substitute for conventional plastic packaging