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17 August 2018

UK garden waste composters accepting Vegware’s cups and lids

Company expect, that soon UK householders and businesses in many regions will be able to put their compostable cups and lids even in their garden waste bins

Neue, umweltfreundlichere Perspektiven für Abgase aus der Stahlproduktion

Derzeit im Bau befindliches neues Stahlwerk wird die Abgase aus der Stahlerzeugung zur Herstellung eines umweltfreundlichen Transportkraftstoffs nutzen

Chinese scientists use transgenic silkworms to produce spider silk

Researchers reported, that targeted gene replacement system in silkworms make them produce spider silk with high efficiency

Bioökonomie-Allianzen mit Südostasien

Gemeinsame Forschungsverbünde zur Bioökonomie mit Südostasien fördern, ist ein Fokus einer neuen EU-Fördermaßnahme

Icrisat scientists exploring bioplastics from sorghum

Indian researchers are working with the humble drylands crop plant sorghum (jowar) and a bunch of microbial minions to help shape a bio-based plastic future

From food waste to biobased

In a Supersized first world economy, portions have gotten bigger, our waistlines keep growing, and food waste has become a widespread issue

New approach to terpene syntheses

The research group led by Professor Konrad Tiefenbacher from the University of Basel’s Department of Chemistry has now developed a synthesis concept for terpenes copied from nature

Neuer Ansatz zur Synthese von Terpenen

Die Arbeitsgruppe um Prof. Dr. Konrad Tiefenbacher vom Departement Chemie der Universität Basel hat nun ein der Natur nachempfundenes Synthesekonzept für Terpene entwickelt

16 August 2018

Harvest failures due to drought – ground-breaking innovations in food production in sight

Consequences of climate change require a fundamental restructuring of our food production

Ernteausfälle durch Trockenheit – Bahnbrechende Innovationen in der Lebensmittelproduktion in Sicht

Der Klimawandel erfordert eine grundlegende Neuorientierung der Lebensmittelproduktion

Kuraray and Sealed Air Team Up to Offer Plantic™ Bio-Based Food Packaging

Accelerating commitment to renewable solutions, recyclability and sustainability

Nachwuchswissen­schaftler der TU Dresden erforscht Hightech-Fasern aus Papier

Publikation liefert Grundlagen für Kohlenstofffasern aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Top 10 Biobased Summer Products

It's set to be a long summer, so here's our guide to enjoying it in a biobased way

Using microbes to convert CO2 to natural gas

DOE-awarded power-to-gas project to convert carbon dioxide directly to methane using renewable electricity - known as microbial electromethanogenesis (ME)

Papierbatterie ist biologisch abbaubar

US-Entwicklung ist leicht, billig und flexibel

Pyrolysis of Torrefied Biomass

Catalytic pyrolysis of torrefied biomass is a promising technology to convert biomass into useful chemicals

USDA solicits applications for loan guarantee program

The program provides loan guarantees to fund the development, construction, and retrofitting of commercial-scale biorefineries using eligible technology

15 August 2018

Beets and carrots could lead to stronger and greener buildings

According to engineers, root vegetables aren’t only good for the body. Their fibres could also help make concrete mixtures stronger and more eco-friendly

Rüben und Möhren für stabilere und umweltfreundlichere Gebäude

Nach Angaben von Ingenieuren ist Wurzelgemüse nicht nur gut für den Körper, denn ihre Fasern könnten auch zu stabileren und umweltfreundlicheren Betonmischungen beitragen

Study: Danimer PHA Verified as Reliable Biodegradable Alternative to Traditional Plastic Packaging

University of Georgia researchers find biodegradation of Danimer Scientific's polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) material similar to cellulose powder and food waste

Ein Haus aus Holz

FNR-Broschüre thematisiert den Holzbau

Modeling research identifies potentially profitable bioproducts

GLBRC researchers developed and used a multi-scale modeling process to identify 32 biochemicals as economically promising if maximum yields can be achieved

How a humble Australian bee could help the world’s plastic problem

NZ Biotech start-up Humble Bee aims to take the nesting material from Banksia bees to produce a water-repellent and flame-resistant form of natural plastic

Swedish research breaks new ground – closer to a commercial paper battery

BillerudKorsnäs and Uppsala University are making paper batteries a reality, paving the way for energy storage in packaging materials.

Synthesis of pharmaceuticals with light

A novel synthesis method for organic substances without the need of toxic heavy metals

Wirkstoff-Synthese mit Licht

Eine neue Synthesemethode für organische Substanzen kommt ohne giftige Schwermetalle aus

14 August 2018

Techmer PM designs biopolymer for Chicago installation

Two projects showcasing the benefits of marrying advanced material technology with Branch’s method for 3D printing architectural components

Bio-on chooses Siemens control and supervisory systems to develop Industry 4.0 in the bioplastic sector

World's first plant producing special bioplastics for cosmetics uses: biopolymer micro-spheres made by fermenting non-pathogenic bacteria fed on plant waste

Sustainable building construction: municipalities go wood

More and more cities rely on timber constructions, which have long been used in the high-tech sector

Nachhaltiges Bauen: Gemeinden auf dem Holzweg

Immer mehr Städte setzen wieder auf Holzbau, der längst im Hightech-Bereich angekommen ist

100% carbon to products: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to White Dog Labs

White Dog Labs CEO Bryan Tracy gave this illuminating overview of the technology, the promise and progress to date at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

China Is Blaming Canada For Its Cannabis Problem But Is Producing 50% Of The World’s Supply

There are no official figures for the amount of the plant China produces each year, but plantations are flourishing — both for commercial and illicit drug use

The Top 10 advances in renewable butanol: what’s speeding up, where are the slow-downs?

In its isobutanol and n-butanol versions, we’ve seen numerous companies set forth on a butanol journey and we have yet to see massive commercial volumes of it

Cannabis, canola, solids, hog fuel, wheat: what’s new with food and feedstocks?

Feedstock that is — crops and residues of the municipal, industrial, agricultural and forest type

13 August 2018

Driving on bark, building with nutshell

Towards the enhanced valorisation of European lignocellulosic biomass for a bio-based economy

Autofahren mit Baumrinde, Bauen mit Nussschalen

Auf dem Weg zu einer besseren Verwertung von Lignocellulose als nachhaltigem Rohstoff für die biobasierte Wirtschaft

Sulapac won Scanstar packaging competition

Kohinoor jewellery packaging is made of FSC-certified wood and natural binders

Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself

First international study to compare across models the effects of climate change on agriculture with the costs and effects of mitigation policies

Welcome to the ninth RoadToBio newsletter

Presentation of the latest events results, asking for your opinion on key barriers for bio-based chemicals and a little dig deeper into the dedicated polymer chemicals

Berliner Startup bringt den ersten Insektenriegel in Bioqualität auf deutschen und österreichischen Markt

Ab dem 25.Juli 2018 gibt es in insgesamt 60 Filialen der BIO COMPANY und bei basic Bio den Insektenriegel INSTINCT zu kaufen

France grants to two renewable isobutene derivatives the benefit of public support for sustainable biofuels

Bio-isobutene will be converted on-site into renewable, sustainable compounds, which will be directly usable by distributors to formulate quality gasoline

Pretreatment of lignocellulosic wastes for biofuel production: A critical review

Different pretreatments used for biofuel production in recent years

10 August 2018

Cortec’s EcoLine® Biodegradable Drilling Rod Grease to Replace Petroleum-Based Counterpart

Biobased, biodegradable grease is recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas near waterways

Medical Cannabis – New Developments in Germany, the EU and Canada

Peter Homberg, CEO of Dentons, is speaking about interesting developments, explained the situation with Canada, and discussed recent progress in other European countries

BBI JU features in a Spanish study on “Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development”

New publication highlights the role of BBI JU as an opportunity for the development of a sustainable, competitive and innovative bio-based industries sector in Europe

Quantencomputer simuliert chemische Bindungen

Die Quantensimulation von chemischen Prozessen könnte viele Probleme in der Chemie lösen helfen und Impulse für Materialwissenschaft, Medizin und Chemie geben

Braskem launches new renewable resin in Allbirds shoes

New product is the first with its characteristics to be made from sugarcane, and should supply the footwear, automotive, flexible packaging industries, as well as others

Researchers investigate new biobased fibers

A research team at North Carolina State University says biobased glucaric-acid or lignin additives can dramatically increase the toughness of polyvinyl alcohol fibers

New catalyst with a dual function

Plastic production with this catalyst would be sustainable and would also enable the creation of hydrogen as a potential energy source

Neuer Katalysator mit Doppelfunktion

Die Kunststoffproduktion mit diesem Katalysator wäre nachhaltig und würde gleichzeitig den potenziellen Energieträger Wasserstoff entstehen lassen