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17 Juli 2018

EU and Industry Counting on Sustainable Chemistry

CO2 is replacing petroleum as a source for carbon in a joint effort to make the chemical industry more sustainable

Coming soon to a lab near you? Genetically modified cannabis

Scientists might be able to draw from new sources of cannabis compounds for research

Neues Bio-Material macht Kunststoff Konkurrenz

Forscher verbinden Pilz-Myzel und Hanffasern erfolgreich miteinander

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories celebrates the opening of Prodigy Textiles Co. Ltd., facility in Quang Nam, Vietnam

New facility will have the capacity, utilities, and security to support the planned capacity growth in Vietnam

BETO Publishes New Workshop Summary Report on Performance-Advantaged Biobased Chemicals

Bioenergy Technologies Office gathered stakeholder input on the research and development (R&D) necessary for novel biobased compounds and functional replacements

Carbon removal from atmosphere unavoidable for 1.5 degree target

Several new MCC studies find significant differences in the potentials and risks of negative emissions technologies

Soil ‘completely underestimated’ in EU climate strategy

While climate change takes a toll on agriculture and land use contributes to warming the planet, soils still find little attention from policymakers in their climate strategies

16 Juli 2018

It’s not a mistake, French tyre giant looks to wood products to replace oil

Michelin is driving the wooden wedge as it also works towards a future where 3D printing of rubber will allow cars to run on a single set of tyres for a lifetime

Europe’s bioplastics industry needs a level playing field

Many of the world’s leading companies are turning to bioplastics

Start-up turns sugarcane into eco-straws

Biodegradable straws of various sizes made from sugarcane

VTT developed a fully bio-based material to replace fossil-based plastics in thermally formable product

Being thermoformable, the material is well suited for various manufacturing processes and products

Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws Globally by 2020

Plastic straws to be replaced with new recyclable strawless lid and alternative-material straw options  

Erneuerbarer Kraftstoff aus der Kläranlage

Pilotanlage bei Barcelona produziert synthetisches Erdgas aus erneuerbarer Elektrizität und Kohlendioxid – Herzstück der Apparatur kommt von INERATEC, einem Spin-off des KIT

Kunststoffe mit biologischen Eigenschaften

Neue Fraunhofer-Projektgruppe erhält 2,5 Millionen Euro, um Polymeren Leben einzuhauchen

13 Juli 2018

Biorefineries will have only minimal effects on wood products and feedstocks markets

Biomass markets should be able to handle the increased demand

1st PHA-platform World Congress

The 1st PHA-platform World Congress will address the virtues and challenges of the new PHA-platform and will be held at September 4th and 5th in Cologne, Germany

Biodegradable plastic made from ‘tree glue’ could be on shelves within five years

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a way to turn lignin into a strong, moldable plastic

DEINOVE awarded by the bioeconomy community

DEINOVE won the “Most Innovative Technology” award, with PHYT-N-RESIST®, during the annual meeting point for IAR cluster members

A big step on the road to lignin-based aerogels

Material for test purposes can obtain highly porous insulating boards with excellent insulating properties - industrial

Ein großer Schritt auf dem Weg zu ligninbasierten Aerogelen

Hochporöse Dämmplatten mit hervorragenden Isoliereigenschaften – Industrie kann Material zu Testzwecken beziehen

Doing it Naturally

Composites made with bioresins and natural fibers have benefits beyond sustainability

New 45Q tax credit for CCS could stimulate ethanol plants to invest

Shortend Interview with Brad Crabtree, vice president of fossil energy of the Great Plains Institute

12 Juli 2018

The 10 green chemicals driving a disruptive new biobased industry

Comparing this UK list to the 2004 DOE list

Industrial Glucose: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Fluid Quip Process Technologies clean sugar technology

Jeff Robert gave this illuminating overview on Fluid Quip’s Clean Sugars Technology and concentrated CST syrups at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

Solar Fuels could become competitive in the 2030s

Renewable fuels as a valuable future alternative for current fossil based products

UK Government Grant to Develop World First Waste Carbon to Jet Fuel Project

Successful bid in Future Fuels for Flight and Freight competition

From LanzaTech to Sierra Energy and the latest research, syngas is on fire

What companies and researchers are doing around the world with syngas is simply amazing – a few highlights are covered in this article

Unicef cuts tens of millions of plastic bags from circulation in Africa, report shows

Unicef replaced bags for its health and education kits with bags made of corn husk that are 100% bio-compostable

11 Juli 2018

Bio-Based Industries to support the SDGs under HORIZON EUROPE

New position paper of Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) illustrates the strong link between the SDGs, the bioeconomy and the Bio-Based Industries with concrete examples

Expansion of agricultural land reduces CO2 absorption

Study about the impact of changes in land use on the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – publication in Environmental Research Letters

Ausdehnung von Ackerflächen reduziert CO2-Aufnahme

Studie zur Auswirkung veränderter Landnutzung auf die Kohlendioxid-Konzentration in der Atmosphäre – Veröffentlichung in Environmental Research Letters

Bacteria-powered solar cell converts light to energy, even under overcast skies

UBC researchers have found a cheap, sustainable way to build a solar cell using bacteria that convert light to energy

Jennewein Biotechnologie to build new R&D centre for synthetic organisms and microbiome research in Bonn, Germany

A new R&D centre for microbiome research and designer microorganisms

LignoTech Florida plant officially opened

On 26 June LignoTech Florida’s new lignin plant in Fernandina Beach was officially opened

Toyota wins dismissal of suit over rodent-damaged soy-based wiring

Filed in August 2016, the lawsuit said the insulation is soy-based rather than petroleum-based, which makes it attractive to hungry rodents

10 Juli 2018

Number of Builders Reporting a Shortage of Framing Lumber Surges

Top five items on the 2018 shortage list are made of softwood lumber or steel, both of which have been targeted by the Administration with new import tariffs

Gevo Adopts DSM’s eBOOST™ Yeast for Ethanol

A step forward to improving profitability at Gevo’s Luverne Facility

New Wilmar-NUS joint lab to drive innovation in food-tech and sustainable biochemicals

S$110 million research facility will deepen knowledge of good macronutrients and micronutrients, food products and ingredients, as well as design eco-friendly ‘bio-factories’ to produce industrial biochemicals

Chemists report biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative

Colorado State University polymer chemists have taken another step toward a future of high-performance, biorenewable, biodegradable plastics

Waste to Taste: TN Researchers Create Edible Plates From Jackfruit Skins, Seeds!

What if you could eat your plate after you finish your food, just like you do with ice-cream in cones?

Ambitious alliance mobilizes value chain for bio-based polymers

Is a sustainable value chain for plastics even possible?

9 Juli 2018

New world record for direct solar water-splitting efficiency

Tandem solar cell of III-V semiconductors with a catalyst of rhodium nanoparticles and a crystalline titanium dioxide coating

Neuer Weltrekord bei der direkten solaren Wasserspaltung

Tandem-Solarzelle aus III-V-Halbleitern mit Rhodium-Nanopartikeln und kristallinem Titandioxid

From emissions to a valuable feedstock for plastic precursors

The new project BioCOnversion unites multidisciplinary expertise from academia and industry in a cross-border consortium to make CO-containing process gases available for the production of added-value chemicals

From Synthesis of Artificial Cells to Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology Opens New Doors of Opportunities

There are very few fields that are as versatile

Opportunity for industrial experts on zero waste biorefineries

Zelcor summer school: "Zero waste biorefineries: technical advances and sustainability assessment"

Yield10 Researchers Publish Research in Plant Cell Reports Describing the Development of its Camelina Platform as a Model Crop for Novel Yield Trait Discovery

Camelina itself may be of interest as a commercial crop in the future

Scientists create Biodegradable, Paper-based Biobatteries

The proposed design is easy to produce, low-cost, flexible and more efficient than previously proposed paper-based batteries

6 Juli 2018

More sustainability through industrial biotechnology

Project has developed recommendations for the broad deployment of industrial biotechnology and has drawn up future scenarios

Mehr Nachhaltigkeit durch industrielle Biotechnologie

Projekt hat für eine breite Anwendung industrieller Biotechnologie ausgearbeitet und Zukunftsszenarien entworfen