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23 Oktober 2018

First coffee capsule compostable at home

Organically based synthetic material with sunflower seed shells protects fossil resources

Erste heimkompostierbare Kaffeekapsel

Biobasierter Kunststoff mit Sonnenblumenschalen schont fossile Ressourcen

Covestro at the 2018 SEPAWA Conference in Berlin: Biobased film former for perfect hairstyling

Baycusan® eco E 1000 achieves the high level of synthetic products

Covestro auf dem SEPAWA Kongress 2018 in Berlin: Biobasierter Filmbildner für perfektes Hairstyling

Baycusan® eco E 1000 erreicht das hohe Niveau synthetischer Produkte

BIC Welcomes Updated European Bioeconomy Strategy as a Necessary Step Towards Reducing Global GHG Emissions

Consortium especially welcome the focus on scaling-up the bio-based sectors by supporting innovation and unlocking investments and markets

New GM canola varieties on way

TruFlex technology has been designed to eventually phase out Bayer’s Roundup Ready counterpart

The 40 Hottest Technologies of 2018 – as voting gets underway, the nominees in depth

All through this month, Digest subscribers have been voting on the 40 Hottest Transformative Technologies in the Advanced Bioeconomy

Artificial enzymes convert solar energy into hydrogen gas

The enzymes can utilize the cell’s own energy, and thereby enable hydrogen gas to be produced from solar energy

VIDEO: Meet Nouryon and the New DuPont

The new Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) and the new DuPont have been proactive in the renewable chemicals market

Strategies for Engineering Natural Product Biosynthesis in Fungi

This review briefly describes examples of the engineering of fungal NP biosynthesis at the global, pathway, and enzyme level using in vivo and in vitro approaches

22 Oktober 2018

Kaneka and VITO join forces to create bio-based and better quality polymers

Collaboration is part of an ambitious VLAIO [Flemish agency for innovation and enterprise] project worth 2.5 million euros

Frost & Sullivan verleiht Auszeichnung an Bio-on für die beste Innovation in der Kosmetikbranche

Mikrokügelchen aus Biokunststoff stellen "nachhaltige Alternative zu synthetischen Polymeren dar, und zwar nicht nur bei Kosmetikprodukten"

Frost & Sullivan gives award for best innovation in the cosmetics sector to Bio-on

Bioplastic microspheres patented by Bio-on are "incredibly versatile" and are "a sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers for use in not only cosmetics"

Kompostierbare Verpackungen aus Bioplastik: Diese Tüten sind aus Zucker

Das funktioniert – nur die deutsche Bürokratie macht nicht mit

Minister defends Finland’s push to clear forests for biofuels

Finland's Economic Affairs Minister says government's flagship programme to promote biofuels use is sustainable, despite IPCC statements to the contrary

Lightweight hemp-based biomaterials gain momentum

Faurecia to show the significant energy and environmental benefits of its NAFILean biocomposites in new figures

10 bioplastic projects made from algae, corn starch and other natural materials

Numerous designers are experimenting with bioplastics made from environmentally friendly materials - from corn starch to beetle shells

‘Bio-fishing’ for rare earths: How protein fragments can be used for the recycling of electronics waste

The methods can also be used to extract important metals such as copper and gold from the tailings of mines or to sort and reuse plastics

Bio-Angeln für Seltene Erden: Wie Eiweiß-Bruchstücke Elektronik-Schrott recyceln

Mit den neuen Methoden können wichtige Metalle wie Kupfer und Gold aus dem Abraum von Bergwerken gewonnen oder Plastik sortiert und wiederverwendet werden

An interview with Marcel Lubben, Reverdia. “The bioeconomy is a long-term commitment”

In this exclusive interview Marcel Lubben talks about Reverdia and his expectations related to the new EU bioeconomy strategy

19 Oktober 2018

A new bioeconomy strategy for a sustainable Europe

New action plan to be discussed at a conference on 22 October in Brussels  

Eine neue Bioökonomie-Strategie für ein nachhaltiges Europa

Neuer Aktionsplan soll auf einer Konferenz am 22. Oktober in Brüssel erörtert werden

TOP Erstes thermoplastisches Polyurethan auf Basis der CO2-Technologie

Neue Polyole verringern Kohlenstoff-Fußabdruck - Weitere TPU-Entwicklungen für die Textilanwendung und Oberflächengestaltung

TOP First thermoplastic polyurethane based on CO2 technology

New polyols reduce carbon footprint - Further TPU developments for textile application and surface design

Schluck für Schluck die Welt retten!

TECNARO präsentiert auf der FAKUMA 2018 (16.-20.10.2018 Halle A1 Stand A1-1201) spektakuläre neue Anwendungen aus ARBOFORM®, ARBOBLEND® und ARBOFILL®

Millions in funding and partnerships bolster Genomatica’s personal care ingredient business

$90 million financing to accelerate new products; strengthens Ginkgo partnership

China’s Soy Appetite Is Leaving Brazilian Crushers Empty-Handed

Some plants halt operations and plan to resume only next year - Crush margins are negative since mid-September, Cepea says

3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?

To date, most 3D printed buildings have been built from concrete. Could bioplastics be a more sustainable option?

Jacobs Confirms Anellotech’s Bio-TCat™ Process Leads to Significant Carbon Emission Reductions Compared to Petro-based Aromatics

Jacobs verified that renewably-sourced Bio-TCat products enable significant GHG reductions when compared to identical chemicals currently made from crude oil

Scaling up biobased BTX: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Anellotech

Anellotech CEO David Sudolsky gave this illuminating overview of the technology’s progress and promise as part of The Early Stage webinar series

18 Oktober 2018

Dupont completes expansion Sorona production capacity

Investment is reflective of the growing demand for Sorona polymer throughout the carpet and apparel markets

Biotech companies find a sweet spot in food ingredients market

Future development in sweeteners will focus almost entirely on finding new natural sweeteners

Global vegetable oil production set to reach new peak

According to USDA forecast, 2018/19 world vegetable oil production will probably rise more than 3 per cent from the previous year

Self-healing material can build itself from carbon in the air

Taking a page from green plants, new polymer “grows” through a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide

Selbstheilendes “Wundermaterial” frisst CO2

Klimagas wird zielgerichtet genutzt, damit der innovative Stoff wächst und auch erstarkt

UPM’s good news bear brings completed EIA on Kotka Biorefinery and more

With fuels produced from forestry waste, the company could provide 30% of Finland’s diesel demand

Welcome to the tenth RoadToBio newsletter

This issue to sight results of the analysis of business cases for the nine bio-based chemicals which could represent an opportunity for European chemicals industry

Finnish pilot develops a new solution for sustainable forestry

​New unique mobile application puts forest Big Data to more efficient use

Biorefinery Monitoring: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Bioeconomy Materials Flows & Assessment

A group led by the Danish Institute of Market Analysis gave this overview of a bioeconomy monitoring system, as part of a IEA Bioenergy Task 43 workshop

17 Oktober 2018

UK Parliament to dramatically reduce plastic use through new compostable products

In-vessel composting method will use a combination of heat and microbes to turn the waste into compost fit for any garden

Global Bioenergies reaches 87% of yield target in Isobutene process

Yield and productivity have reached a threshold meeting the expectations for profitable exploitation of the process at commercial scale

Henkel announces ambitious targets for sustainable packaging

Expanded strategic framework promoting a circular economy

Henkel setzt sich ambitionierte Ziele für nachhaltige Verpackungen

Erweiterte Verpackungs­strategie fördert Kreislauf­wirtschaft

Virgin Australia Leads Effort to Use Gevo Renewable Jet Fuel at the Brisbane Airport in Queensland, Australia

Great opportunity to develop a thriving sustainable fuels industry, which will help to reduce emissions and drive investment and jobs growth in Australia

Parkdale Mills and Intrinsic Textiles Team Up To Reduce Synthetic Microfiber Pollution and Textile Waste

CiCLO textile technology allows polyester and other synthetic materials to biodegrade like natural materials

LignoLoc: the first collated nails made of wood

Nails can be recycled or reclaimed with the wood itself and no separating process is necessary

Canadian Marijuana Legalization Day – Can Pot Save Synthetic Biology From the Next Biotechnology Crater?

This represents a huge opportunity compared to where Synthetic Biology has been operating, i.e. commodity chemicals for industrial applications

Redesigning poplar trees to take the drought … and the salt and the heat

Improving poplar biomass production under stress conditions

16 Oktober 2018

Cortec® Releases Biobased Alternative to Banned Paint Strippers

Green chemistry paint strippers designed to remove coatings, inks, and resins from metals, concrete, and wood surfaces

New renewable building blocks for step growth polymers

The GREEN-CHEM network at Ghent University developed new building blocks for a vast variety of step growth polymers