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nova wächst weiter: Wir suchen 3 neue Mitarbeiter/innen für die Bereiche Bioökonomie, Ökobilanzierung und Dissemination

Vollzeit, Standort Hürth bei Köln

17 August 2017

TOP A smart, faster path to Zero Lifecycle Emission

Advances from the EU in direct carbon capture from air

Strom zu Gas-Anlage der Thüga-Gruppe hat alle Erwartungen übertroffen

Dekarbonisierung verschiedenster Sektoren via SzG möglich

Climate change – silver fir beats Norway spruce and European beech

In future, Norway spruce should generally be used reluctantly, and only be promoted on sites featuring good water supply

Klimawandel – die Tanne sticht Fichte und Buche aus

Die Fichte sollte an allen Wuchsorten künftig zurückhaltend verwendet und nur auf gut wasserversorgten Wuchsorten gefördert werden

The Bioeconomy Investor and the decline in information channels, company awareness and fundamental research

16 August 2017

The electrochemical approach: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Upgrading Biorefinery Waste to Industrial Chemicals and Hydrogen

Staser’s team prepared these slides for DOE’s 2017 Project Peer Review meeting

Ein Herz aus Spinnenseide

Forscher der Universitäten Bayreuth und Erlangen legen den Grundstein zur künstlichen Produktion von Herzgewebe

Advanced Fermentation Agitation with Methanotrophs and Other Organisms

Gregory Benz, a member of Lee Enterprises Consulting, special to The Digest

Tuning für Naturwerkstoffe

Knackpunkt für die Industrialisierung von Naturstoffen sind Verfügbarkeit und konstante Qualität

Problembewusstsein zu Mikroplastik in der Umwelt

Die Umweltbelastung durch Pestizide wird durch deren Mikroverkapselung deutlich reduziert

15 August 2017

Bioplastics for the railway sector and the orange juice packaging from wastes of the juice industry

MIPLASCOE project aiming on the recovery of citrus wastes by microbial fermentation and the synthesis of bio-polyesters

Den Rohstoff Lignocellulose verwerten

LXP-Group-Geschäftsführerin Katrin Streffer erklärt im Interview, wie das LX-Verfahren im großtechnischen Maßstab ökonomisch umgesetzt werden kann

Croda Acquires Research Enterprise Enza Biotech

Enza Biotech’s patented technology will enhance Croda’s well-established natural and renewable product portfolio

Mehr Arzneipflanzen in Deutschland anbauen – die Nachfrage ist da

Vorträge der 3. Tagung „Arzneipflanzenanbau in Deutschland – mit koordinierter Forschung zum Erfolg“ jetzt als e-Book erschienen

Aemetis Signs Agreement for Advanced Gasification Technology to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol

Under the Master Agreement, Aemetis has predominant exclusive rights to use the InEnTec gasification equipment and technology for cellulosic ethanol production

Nigeria: Nation Can Make Billions From Cassava Export – Expert

Nigeria could earn billions in foreign currency from its 47 million tonnes of cassava tubers produced annually, a university don, Prof. Aloy Ezirim has said

14 August 2017

MATER-BIOTECH organizes an open day at its innovative plant

The event is organized by the Bio-Qed project

Biobased building blocks: an update

Biobased specialties fit the requirements of a developing industry, but require more people with know how to formulate and understand what their end market needs

2017 DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation Given for PLANTIC R

Bio-based Barrier Film PLANTIC R was recognized for its environmental friendliness and recyclability

Carbon Nitride Aerogels for the Photoredox Conversion of Water

Freestanding aerogels with high photocatalytic activity to enable hydrogen evolution and H2O2 production under visible light irradiation

Leichte Katalysatoren für die künstliche Photosynthese

Aerogele aus Kohlenstoffnitrid vermitteln die photokatalytische Umwandlung von Wasser

EU will weniger Raps im Tank

Mit Biodiesel der Umwelt und den Bauern helfen - eigentlich ein guter Plan. Aber jetzt droht der Absturz

Climate-Neutral Driving: Continental Successfully Tests the Synthetic Diesel Fuel OME

In the Continental diesel car, a 15 % OME share reduces CO2 emissions by approximately eight grams per kilometer

Klimaneutral fahren: Continental testet erfolgreich synthetischen Diesel-Ersatzkraftstoff OME

Beim Diesel-Versuchsfahrzeug von Continental reduziert ein 15-prozentiger OME-Anteil die CO2-Emission um 8 Gramm pro Kilometer

U.S. ethanol makers steer away from fuel, reach for booze

ADM and Green Plains said on Tuesday they are converting fuel-ethanol capacity into beverage and industrial alcohol production, as well as idling some mills

11 August 2017

5 minutes with Reyna Bryan, Director of Strategy, Elk Packaging

Reyna provides an insight into sustainable packaging market and how demand has changed in recent years

Startup commercializes soy microbead to provide safe, ecofriendly alternative to plastic microbeads used in cosmetic, soap products

SoyFoliate's microbead innovation could offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic microbeads

Soja statt Plastik für umweltfreundliche Kosmetik

Biologisch abbaubare Mikroperlen für verträglichere Körperpflege

Don’t be selfish, save the shellfish! Shellfish are more useful than ever imagined

There are more and more every day uses for waste shells often destined for landfills

Lignin can make building materials less toxic, replaces petroleum

MSU research showing the 100 percent successful substitution of phenol with lignin

Corbion signs agreement to bid for substantially all of the assets of innovative microalgae specialist TerraVia

TerraVia leverages its microalgae platform to deliver high-value ingredients with clear benefits, such as Omega-3 for animal nutrition and tailored oils

Max-Planck-Institut für Dynamik komplexer technischer Systeme Magdeburg

Wissenschaftler am Max-Planck-Institut haben mittels mathematischer Modelle fünf Mikroorganismen hinsichtlich ihres Potenzials zur zellulären Synthese von Chemikalien untersucht

10 August 2017

China Rediscovers Hemp

Hemp has attracted attention among China's scientific, political and industrial communities

China erfindet den Hanf neu

Die chinesische Provinz Heilongjiang investiert massiv in Forschung und Entwicklung

Sugar can be sweet after all as it could be the “promising” future for bioplastics

University of Bath researchers developed polycarbonate made from sugar, carbon dioxide and water

Die Gras-Papierschale für Bioäpfel

Papier ist umweltfreundlicher als Kunststoff, verbraucht für die Herstellung aber viel Wasser und Energie. Der Unternehmer Uwe D’Agnone hat ein Verpackungsmaterial aus Gras entwickelt

Der Weg zu einer nachhaltigeren Welt

Kieler Forschungsteam untersucht die gesellschaftliche Balance zwischen Ökonomie und Ökologie

Nitin Gadkari pushes for large-scale introduction of biofuel vehicles

Nitin Gadkari directs NITI Aayog to study automobile standards developed by China for various methanol-powered vessels like cars and ships, and prepare a report

Feedstock for the Advanced Bioeconomy: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Cellana

Martin Sabarsky gave this illuminating update on the company’s prospects and progress at ABLC 2017 in Washington DC

U.S. court decision may boost biofuels, hit refiners

The EPA had sought to lower the amount of biofuels that needed to be mixed into fuel

9 August 2017

How to dispose of bio-based plastics?

Can bio-based plastics be recycled or be composted at home?

Cyrene, a biosolvent, to end the use of toxic solvents

Australian company Circa partnered with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) at the University of York, UK and company Norske Skog to start industrial production in Europe

Parkside Develops Sustainable Biscuit Pack from Eucalyptus Trees

Bio-film called NatureFlex® is made from wood-pulp from sustainably sourced eucalyptus plantations

Lego wants to solve the world’s plastics problem with a biomaterial that can survive generations of play

Company to testing bricks made from wheat bioplastic

Malaysia To Send 6 MPs To Europe To Seek Support For Palm Oil

Malaysia is sending six lawmakers to Europe in September to meet and seek support from Members of the European Parliament in relation to palm oil

8 August 2017

Adhesives Companies are increasingly focusing on bio-renewal Adhesives

Manufacturers aim is to establish bio-based adhesives as an equivalent replacement for mineral oil-based solutions

Water soluble film by Mondi reduces packaging waste and improves end consumer safety

Beside to reducing overall packaging waste, the films are also considered to be biodegradable, non-toxic and non-inhibitory

BMBF: Biomasse statt Erdöl

"Technologie-Initiative Bioraffinerien" des BMBF geht an den Start - Wanka: "Bioraffinerien sind Innovationstreiber einer zukünftigen biobasierten Wirtschaft"

PURCELL – cellulose to replace plastics

Scientists developed an innovative material made from pure cellulose for a huge range of applications

PURCELL – Cellulose ersetzt Kunststoff

Wissenschaftler entwickeln neuartigen Werkstoff aus reiner Cellulose für zahlreiche Anwendungen